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Peace and War
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

She had been born into a time of peace. That was why her parents had given her the name she bore, a name that meant Heaven, a name the signified nothing less than complete tranquility.

They wanted her to live a peaceful life, not a life filled with blooshed and death like they had done. A pity that it was impossible; there is no such thing as absolute peace. That was why she begged to be allowed to train as a ninja, that was why she was led so far away from the life her family would have wished for her.

There was truly no such thing as peace, only wars that went on unnoticed by the masses. That was why she trained so hard, why she mastered all the weapons she possibly could. She had to be able to fight, and if not to defend herself then to defend others.

In the end even angels would have to take up arms. Peace was something that could be kept only through war after all.