Title: Becoming.

Author: JForward

Summary: Just a little bit of fun, drabbling. The Doctor discovers, dun dun dun… DAVID TENNANT XD

I own Doctor Who? You think so? Well, sorry, I don't. Life ain't fair, is it? And if I did, would you honestly think Rose would've left? Thought not. Moving swiftly on… I don't own Blackpool either.

"ROSE!" Rose ran at the sound of the Doctor's voice, bursting into the TV room. He was sat on the sofa in front of the TV, eyes wide and staring. In front of him, a program was starting. Blackpool. A man appeared on television, DI carlisle. Rose gasped.

"Doctor, who the hell is that?" The Doctor swallowed. "David Tennant. He's an actor." "But he looks exactly like you" The Doctor looked at her, a horrified experession on his face. "Is my nose REALLY that big?"