Natsuki Doggy

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Chapter 1

- "Idiot! I'm such an idiot!" – yelled the girl inside her head while speeding on the road. She couldn't keep the anger rising inside her. – "Why? WHY?"

She kept asking herself, her blood boiling at the mere thought. Really, how could she be so dense?

The sound of the engine filled the clear in the woods near Fuuka High, after a couple of minutes the silence could be heard again. The gorgeous girl climbed down her bike and tossed her helmet onto the floor.

- "Why do I keep doing the same mistake all over again?" – she sighed frustrated – "I thought I knew her but…"

The girl once angry felt depressed in a second, she tilted her head to the right in defeat.

- "I guess I'll have to deal with this after school…"

Changing onto her school uniform she headed to the main school building.

The infamous Fuuka's ice princess was so deep and lost in her inner and chaotic world that she didn't hear the bell rang announcing lunch time and her red head friend yelling at her.


- "Eh?"

- "Gosh, it was about time, I've been calling you."

- "Really? I didn't notice…"

- "Yeah I can tell that…" – sighing – "Anyways, wanna lunch with me and Mikoto?"

- "Sure."

The girls stepped out of the classroom and went to their favorite spot, sitting on the grass Mai suddenly asked.

- "Natsuki, is something wrong? You've been strangely calm and absentminded…"

- "What do you mean with 'strangely calm'?" – she sighed – "anyways…is just that…"

- "Yeah?"

- "I argued with Shizuru…again…"

- "Natsuki…"

- "I don't know what's wrong with me…these past weeks seems that I've been doing just stupid things. And I don't blame her for getting angry…just…maybe I don't know her at all or perhaps I don't know how to love her." – Natsuki said sadly – "I'm quite scared, I don't want to mess things up with her…"

- "Come on, don't be so depressed. You're just discovering your feelings and how to live along with another person, it's something you've never done in your life and you know it. This experience is totally new to you so you should expect this kind of change in your behavior."

- "Well, that's true but…why do I have this feeling that I don't understand her…that I don't know what she truly wants…"

- "Mmmhh...I think that's a problem every couple has to deal with."

- "I wonder." – she kept silent for a moment – "Ah…...I wish I knew her better, understood her better."

- "Wish, uh?" - in that second an idea flashed in Mai's head – "say…"

- "What's up, Mai?"

- "You said: 'you wished', right?" – Natsuki nodded – "Well, it's just a silly idea but, there's a legend that says that in the woods near school lives a fairy that can grant any wish if you can pay for it, to summon it you have to chant a secret spell…"

- "Mai, that's…too stupid."

- "Hehehe, yeah, I suppose it is. "

- "Where did you hear such a lame fairy tale?"

- "Chie once told me about 'the mysteries of Fuuka', and she wasn't talking about the Orphans or Hime for that matter."

- "Who would believe in this kind of stuff?"

- "O.k, sorry. I told you it was a silly idea; I never expected you would actually believe it."

In that moment the bell rang. Even if Natsuki would never admit it, the idea stuck in her head the rest of the classes.

When the last period ended she was about to head back home but decided to pay Shizuru a visit in the council room.

Natsuki knocked the door lightly; a charming voice greeted her from inside, and sliding the door open she entered.

As always, Shizuru was seated behind her desk doing some reports and sipping her ocha from time to time.

- "Ara! Natsuki, how was your day?" – Shizuru said with a warm smile but Natsuki could see some sadness in her eyes. The perfect mask façade failed this time.

- "Fine." – Natsuki said a bit tired – "And yours?"

- "Now that Natsuki has come, it's perfect." – Shizuru said standing up from her spot and walked towards Natsuki wrapping her arms around the biker girl, who was standing aside the window.

- "Shi…Shizuru!" – the girl blushed.

- "Ara, My Natsuki looks so cute with her cheeks all pink and red."

- "I…" – Natsuki was about to start complaining about the teasing but she suddenly whispered – "I'm sorry."

Shizuru was taken aback with such words.

- "Sorry about what happened yesterday." – said the raven girl taking Shizuru's hand giving it a light squeeze.

- "You've done nothing wrong Natsuki." – Shizuru said holding the girl tighter.

They stayed like that for some minutes that seemed endless, none wanting to part from the other. Reluctantly Natsuki released herself from the warm embrace but still holding Shizuru's hand looked at the numerous piles of papers over the desk.

- "Too much work?"

- "Yes, the clubs' festival will be held soon, so there's a lot to do, it'll take a while so, why don't you go back home?"

- "Are you sure? I can keep you company, its fine."

- "I'd love it, but I'm afraid that your green passionate gaze and your wonderful curves will distract me form my work."

- "SHIZURU!" – Natsuki yelled, this time blushing even more than before.

- "Ara, how cute, I didn't know Natsuki could blush with different shades of red."

- "Stop teasing already! I'm going now!"

- "O.k., take care on your way back."

Before Natsuki left the room she said with her back turned.

- "I'll go shop some things before going home, alright? So don't worry."

- "I just hope Natsuki won't be buying another box of imported mayo, there's no more room in the kitchen for that you know?"

- "GAH! I won't O.K? I'm leaving!" – with that last statement, Natsuki left the room, imagining Shizuru with her teasing smile splattered all over her face.

In the room Shizuru sighed and smiled more when the biker girl left, she felt better now. Looking at all her paper work she sighed once more. Why couldn't she say out loud what she really wanted? She hoped that someday Natsuki would read between the lines and see what she truly wanted, to see the true meaning of that longing in her eyes.

She could only wait because she believed that it would happen. She couldn't give up, not now that finally after all what happened they were together; sharing the same place, Natsuki's place; sharing the same bed, sharing the same feelings; however Shizuru understood that Natsuki couldn't grasp her own feelings completely. She had to hope and wait, just like she had done all this time.

Natsuki left the building heading to the woods where she parked her bike. The conversation with Mai popped up in her mind again. While walking in the woods she said in a low voice:

- "Pipirupirupirupipirupi." - it definitely sound ridiculous, she thought.

Before she could walk another step a blinding and powerful light appeared in front of her.

- "WAHH!" - the girl fell on her butt covering her eyes with her arm. What was this light?

It lasted just a few seconds but it was so bright that Natsuki had to blink a couple of times to recover her vision. Fully recovered she looked puzzled, staring at what was in front of her.

It was a young girl with blue eyes, white skin and long silver hair in pony tail, she was short and slim. However, the strangest thing was the fact that she appeared to be wearing a red and black plug-suit.

- "Who dares to call while I'm cosplaying?" – the girl blustered – "This better be good!"

A BIG sweat drop appeared in Natsuki's head. Who the hell was this girl? Was she nuts or on drugs? She couldn't tell.

The young girl who was with her back to Natsuki, turned around and spotted the raven girl still seated on the grass.

- "Oh! There you are! Well?"

- "Well…?" – Natsuki said not sure about what was happening.

- "Tell me your wish and if you can pay for it, I'll grant it."

- "What? !"

- "Hello! Come on girl! I've got more cosplay to do; I just can't wait here 'til you snap out of it."

- "Wait a second, who the hell are you?"

- "D'uh! I'm this forest sorceress, smart girl."

- "But you're just a little girl…"

- "Of course I'm a girl. What do I look like? The powerful OZ?"

- "You're a cosplayer, and a witch nonetheless, that's way too weird."

- "Stop it already! If you're not telling me your wish, then why did you call me?"

- "I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't believe it actually worked and was real."

- "Heh, youngsters, it's quite simple: You chant, I come. NOW that you saw it with your eyes, will you ask your wish?"

- "I think so, but before anything happens, could you please change into another outfit? I'm not used to the image of a witch in a plug-suit."

- "Fufufu, Soooo, you wanna see my HENSHIN? It's an awful request but I'll do it. What type of Henshin do you like? Sailor Type? Sentai type?"

- "I don't care, just do it."

- "How rude! Then…IT'S SHOW TIME! 1! 2! 3!" – suddenly she was rounded with a whole Mahou Shoujo Henshin background, music and special effects. – "Is this better?"

- "Now you're a magician?"

- "Good guess smart girl."

- "Stop calling me that with that sarcastic tone. I'm Kuga Natsuki."

- "O.k. then Natsuki. What's your wish?"

- "I…I…wish, I wish…I could spent more time by Shizuru's side to know her more and better."

- "My…what a cheesy wish…"

- "WHAT?" – yelled Natsuki blushing madly.

- "But, I must admit it's the first time I've heard something like this, not once in all my centuries in this forest. You're a strange one."

. "You're one to talk, witch."

- "GAAHH! I'm no witch! SORCERESS! Sorceress! Is that clear!" – yelled the girl furiously smacking Natsuki in the head with her magic staff.

- "O.k.! Got it! Got it! Stop hitting me!"

- "All right. Now to business." – said the girl in a serious tone – "Let's talk about the price…"

- "I don't have much with me…"

- "Oh…too baaad…'cause it's quite expensive you know? Fufufu…" – the sorceress turned around with a devilish smirk on her face. She glanced to the grass when a small shape caught her attention. Her eyes opened widely.

Natsuki was looking down with a hand in the back of her head rubbing it lightly, thinking of how to pay for the wish when she heard a happy squeal, which sounded just like those ones the fan-girls of Shizuru and Reito made.

- "KYYAAAAAAA! How? This is simply wonderful! Is this…?"

- "Eh?"

- "Is this the collector's platinum first edition release deluxe chibi-cute key chain figures of the GoGo Sentai Boukenger?" – said the girl dreamingly turning to Natsuki while holding Natsuki's bike key-chain.

- "I think so…?"

- "KYYYYAAAAAAA! I've been searching for this for months!"

- "Why didn't you just make one appear?"

- "That's against the rules: 'Thou shall not materialize anime merchandise to satisfy your own crazy mind, but, you can conquer the world'. What a stupid rule, seriously!" – said the girl stamping angrily her foot on the grass.

- "Really? I wonder…"

- "This will do. Agreed?" – said the magic girl showing the item to Natsuki.

- "Are you serious?"

- "Why wouldn't I?"

- "O.k., take it, just give me my key back."

- "Of course. There." – said the girl throwing the key to Natsuki – "Now we have a deal."

- "Thanks." – then Natsuki thought – "Finally! I can get rid off of that stupid keychain Midori gave me."

- "Now, I guess it's time to work." – said the girl – "Are you sure this is your wish?"

- "Yes, I'm sure."

- "All right! IT'S SHOW TIME!"

The sorceress opened a book and began to chant strange words, waving her magic staff up and down in the air, a circle of light appeared at Natsuki's feet.

- "Bibbidi-Babbidi-Boo!" – chanted the sorceress pointing at Natsuki with the staff.

In an instant, Natsuki's body was covered by the light; she couldn't see what was happening.

- "Done!" – said the cosplay sorceress smiling widely, keeping her eyes closed due to the powerful light. Slowly opening her eyes she began to say – "My, my, I'm the…..." – she trailed off; with her eyes fully open now staring at Kuga.

- "This is odd, did you make me shorter? I have to look up at you."

- "Ohmigod…"

- "What? Eh?" – Natsuki sniffed – "I can smell and hear better now…wait a sec…" – Natsuki looked down to her feet only to find a quite unpleasant surprise – "Give me a mirror right this second." – demanded Natsuki totally pissed off – "A MIRROR!"

The silver haired girl materialized a full length body mirror in front of Natsuki, expecting not the best of the reactions from her, she was totally right.

- "You are the most stupid witch I've ever met!" – said Natsuki emphasizing every word – "What the freakin' hell have you done to me!"

- "I don't know what happened…I pronounced the worlds correctly." – said the girl looking at the magic spell in her book – "I clearly said: 'Bibbidi-Babbidi-Boo', see? Here it is." – she showed Kuga the spell.

- "Here it says: 'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo'." – Natsuki said with rage contained and a vein popping in her head.

- "What?" - the girl read it again – "Hehehe, you're right. I knew I should have worn my glasses, but they don't fit with this magnificent outfit you know?"

- "You misspelled it thanks to your 'perfect cosplay looking sense'? See what you turned me into!"

- "Oh, it's not that bad."

- "Not bad? NOT BAD? I'm not even a freakin' human for the goddesses' sake!"

- "I can see that, however it suits you, don't you think?"

- "I don't care what your opinion is dumb-ass! Get this into your little and malfunctioning brain. YOU TURNED ME INTO A DOG!"

- "A cute Akita to be more precise."

- "I'm a dog…" – said Natsuki staring in disbelief at her own reflection on the mirror in front of her.


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