I wasn't ticklish yesterday!

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Dr. Arkham rubbed his temples as he spoke with the newest doctor on the staff who clamed she had the 'cure' for their patients.

"Let's just go other this one more time so we are perfectly clear." Mr. Arkham said slowly. "You're quite sure that this is therapy, not torture?

"Well as the old saying goes, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind."

Dr. Arkham looked at the woman you said that.

Dr. Helga Z was not a pretty sight to look at. A large woman with short hair, she looked like she could possibly be a relative of Bane. She had enormous muscles and an air of malice about her that reminded him somewhat of Lyle Bolton.

"I just don't think tickling the inmates until they beg for mercy is the proper way to rehabilitate them."

"It works." Dr. Z said firmly "I've been to prisons and insane asylums across the nation and result is always the same. They come forth with a whimper and leave with a grin!"

"A grin eh?" Mr. Arkham muttered briefly thinking of the Joker. Thinking of the Joker reminded him of something.

"Ms. Z! I know you claimed to have miraculous results with your 'unique' brand of therapy but since you are new here we can't let you start off with Joker, Two-Face or other more dangerous rouges."

"Then who do you prescribe?" The woman asked stroking a long feather with her finger as if it were a knife.

Dr. Arkham sighed "How about Jervis Tetch, Edward Nygma and Professor Jonathan Crane?"

"Ah!" She said smiling "Mad Hatter, Riddler and Scarecrow! I'll be honored to start with such… noteworthy personalities!"

Then she remembered something. "You did administer the drug like I told you to last night?" She asked firmly. When Dr. Arkham nodded her smile returned "Very good! I'll get my tools ready while you…" she giggled "…get THEM ready!

Author's note All right! When I first thought this idea up I thought I was going to go strait to the tickling scene and I was going to have Riddler tickled first but then I decided to build up some suspense.

OK peeps! Who do you think should I have tickled first? Riddler, Scarecrow or Mad Hatter?

Riddler: Do it to Crane! He appeared in more episodes then I did!

Scarecrow: You're just jealous because I come closer to succeeding in my endeavors then you do!

Me: Sigh…..