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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Sand is a blinding thing, and something that, when swept up in large quantities, can lead to death. It may be direct or indirect, but the sand is a killer, just as the desert is an unforgiving, desolate wilderness, Earth's answer to the abyss.

The most dangerous thing about the desert is not the sand, but what the sand can do. The sand can bury, the sand can choke, the sand can blind. When a sandstorm begins no one can tell friend from foe: all are blind when the desert has its way, all are dead when the desert has its way.

That is the true power of the desert, that it can lead you to miss the most crucial of details, but it can also convince you that illusions are real. All your fake hopes and dreams are real. There is no need for such things in the desert; what need are hopes and dreams for one that will always be alone, isolated in darkness under a scorching black sun?

No one can escape the sandstorms caused by the desert's wrath, and once the sand has fully blinded you, there is no way to turn back.