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Secret Weakness

'Yes' Tony thought while grabbing his cell and hitting Gibbs speed dial. The team had been working on a case all week with no leads, and he had finally found one.

The case was a murder of 2 marines found in their hotel. They had only found 3 different prints, 2 belonging to the marines and 1 unidentifiable. So far they only had one suspect and he had given a backed up alibi, so he was trying to find a flaw in it. Along with that, they still hadn't been able to get the bodies for Ducky to do a autopsy. They were suppose to get them that day but it had been move a day ahead, yet again.

"Gibbs" Gibbs said as he answered his phone.

"Boss, I found a flaw in Barrison's alibi, he really did go to Georgio's Bar Tuesday night, but he didn't stay there as long as he said."

"When did he leave" Asked Gibbs

"10:45, enough time to get to the apartment."

"Bring him in"

"On it boss" Tony replied before Gibbs could hang up on him, and knowing that when Gibbs said bring him in he really meant '-interrogate him, see if he'll saw something different from last time' Picking up the phone again, he called McGee, "Come on McGee, were going to bring Barrison back in" he said as he grabbed his coat, 'we're finally going get to him, finally' he thought heading toward his car.


Gibbs sat in the interrogation room, staring Barrison down, he wanted to know the truth and he had a gut feeling that Barrison knew what happened.

"Here's what I think happened, you left the bar early, then you went to the apartment and you took a Gun and killed Todd Marcela and Zack Thompson. They were your friends, weren't they? You went through training together, they made it through, and you didn't. You were jealous, so you decided to get pay-back for them being better than you are." Gibbs said, watching the expression of Barrison's face change.

"No, I didn't kill them. I was at the bar when it happened." Barrison said, with his eyes closed. He opened them again, looking straight at Gibbs. "I went through this before."

Gibbs ignored the last statement. "When did you leave?"

"Well, um, around 1:00am" Barrison said, thinking about the answer.

"Really?" Gibbs knew he had caught him in a lie, and he was about to expose it. "3 days ago you said you at 2:00am."

"I did?" Gibbs nodded. "Well it was while ago, I just forgot, it probably was 2:00." Barrison tried to say it as confidently as possible, but Gibbs could tell he knew he had been caught in a lie.

Gibbs took out some photos Tony had found earlier that morning out of a folder in front of him, and slid them over to Barrison. "If you left so late, then tell me what these are."

"I don't know what they are, what are they?"

"Those are photos from a street security camera, showing you leaving the bar at 10:45. A little earlier than 2:00am." When Barrison didn't say anything Gibbs continued. "Where did you go, and why were you hiding it?"

"I want a lawyer" Barrison said, in as strong of voice he could manage.

Gibbs stood up and put his hands on the table, leaning toward Barrison with his face close to the other mans, "Just answer the question, if you're innocent, then you have nothing to worry about"

Barrison looked defeated; it was quite frightening to have someone like Gibbs that close to your face. "I was just... I didn't..." Barrison sighed, lowering his head to his chest, he took a few breathes then raised his head, frowning. "I left the bar early, but I didn't kill Todd and Zack, but I know who might have. I went to a warehouse, to pay a guy so he would get off my back. When I got there, the guy was talking to someone else, I didn't catch everything they said, but I got enough to know that this other guy wanted a couple people dead, and he was paying big to get it. I got the address where the people were, and it was Todd's and Zack's Hotel building."

Gibbs was getting mad, he hated it when people were so stupid to keep something like this to themselves.

"I want name of these people and where the warehouse is, and ANYTHING else you know, NOW"


Gibbs left the interrogation room with the information he needed, he finally had a good lead, and all he had to do now is to find a guy by the name of Joseph Caller. He went down to his desk and sat down at the computer. "McGee, find out what Joseph Caller's address is."

"Already have it boss." Gibbs raised his eyebrow, wondering how they were ahead of him. "We were listening to the interrogation boss, thought we would get a head start."

"Good, get your gear, we're going to go talk to him." Gibbs said, as he grabbed his gear and headed toward the elevator.

"Hey, I'm the one who found it." Tony said, standing by his desk watching everyone.

Gibbs didn't even look back when Tony spoke, "Coming DiNozzo?"

"On your six boss." Tony ran to catch up, hardly making it as the doors closed, he grinned to himself as the elevator started moving. "Are we going to bring him in?"

Gibbs looked over at Tony for a second, then back at the door. "We can't till we have a good enough reason, so keep your cool." He said, as the doors opened again.


Tony looked at the house they pulled in front of; it was a large light blue house with dark blue trim. The blinders on the windows were shut so you couldn't look inside. "His car is in the drive-way, so he should be home."

"Let's hope he is"

The team got out of the car and slowly started up the sidewalk.

"Ziva, DiNozzo, take the back"

Once Tony and Ziva made it to the back Gibbs knocked on the door, when nobody come to the door after a couple minutes Gibbs decided he had enough. Just before he was able to kick it in the door, a man opened the door.

"Sorry about that, I was just getting out of the shower." He looked at McGee, then Gibbs. "Can I help you?"

"Are you Joseph Caller?" Gibbs ask him.


Gibbs held up his badge, "NCIS, we have a few questions to ask you"

Joseph looked back and forth between Gibbs and McGee a few times then back at Gibbs. "Sure come in." Once Gibbs and McGee came into the house Joseph asked "Do you guys want anything to drink?" Joseph walked toward the kitchen on the other side of the room.

"No thank you" Before Gibbs could say anything else, Joseph ran into the other room, closing the door behind him intending to exit the house through the kitchen door. Gibbs ran after him, speaking in his microphone. "DiNozzo, Ziva, he's heading your way!"

As Gibbs was knocking down the door between the living room and the kitchen he heard 3 gunshots. He busted the door down and ran though the other door leading to the outside to see Ziva running toward them. "What happened?"

Ziva looked at Gibbs, "He had a gun in his back pocket, he came out and shot at Tony, I ran after him, but I lost him around the house, he must have a hidden door somewhere."

Gibbs looked back at Tony who looked suddenly pale, "Tony, you were wearing your vest, right."

"Of course," Tony said, looking at Gibbs, he had a pain in his side where he felt a bullet hit his side, his vision was getting fuzzy and he was starting to see dots. "But I think one got me," Tony managed to say, as he collapsed and before darkness consumed him.