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Caller looked at Gibbs, then back at Tony. "Well, Gibbs, I think that's enough talking, let's get on with it shall we?" Caller smiled a wicked smile, then aimed his gun for Tony's Abdomen, "Get your goodbye ready Gibbs, He won't live for long."

Gibbs didn't wait, he jumped at Caller, knocking him off the chair, and causing Caller's shot to go wide. Caller was surprised, not knowing what to do for a few seconds. Gibbs took those seconds to grab Callers gun and take out his cuffs, and cuff Caller to the table, securing him, so that he couldn't go anywhere. All this took a total of seven seconds.

Ziva, McGee, and the backup came running in, having heard the gunshot. Gibbs turned to one of the backup agents, "Watch him," He ordered. He rushed over to Tony, Ziva and McGee in tow. "Go see where that ambulance is." He ordered the remaining agent.

He reached out and felt for a pulse on Tony's neck. It was weak and fast. He looked over Tony's body, assessing his condition. He looked horrible. His body was one big bruise. One eye was slightly swollen shut, and he was bleeding from several of his bruises.

Tony started to stir, woken from Gibbs touch. His eyes fluttering as he struggled to regain consciousness. 'No' Gibbs thought, he should stay unconscious; at least he won't be in pain if he was unconscious.

Tony slowly opened his eyes, searching for whomever, or whatever had woken him. His vision cleared enough to see a face close to his. 'Caller' he thought. He started to struggle to get away from him, causing himself more pain. He heard someone calling his name, it sounded familiar somehow. But it was so gentle, not matching what the voice usually sounded like. He instantly stopped struggling, realizing who it was, "Boss." He rasped, surprised at how weak his voice sounded, but he didn't care, Gibbs was here, he would make everything better.

"Hey Tony, Yeah, it's me. We're getting you out of here."


Gibbs heard the siren in the background. Getting louder as the ambulance pulled up to the warehouse. "Hold on Tony, just a little longer."

Tony's mind wandered, he needed to apologize for getting hurt. He should have paid more attention instead of talking to Ziva at the house. He hoped Gibbs would forgive him.... The pain, it hurt everywhere. Everything was getting bleary again. He knew that he wouldn't stay conscious much longer.

"Sorry." Tony managed to get out, as he lost the battle to stay conscious.

Gibbs looked down at the now unconscious man. The med. team came in, pushing him out of the way. Gibbs watched as the med. team spoke to another, about Tony condition. He phased out, not hearing or seeing everything that was going on around him.

"...breathing..." "...internal bleeding..." "Pulse...weak...."

'Don't you dare die on me Tony, I don't know what I'll do if I lose you.' He said to himself, as they carried Tony out to the back of the ambulance. He told McGee and Ziva that one of them should go with them, so Tony wouldn't be alone.

Everything was still in a blear, as the ambulance drove off with his wounded agent. He noticed that someone was speaking to him, bringing him back into focus with the world.

"...like me to do with Caller?" The agent he assigned to watch Caller was asking him.

"Take him in; he has a lot of charges against him." He walked over and knelt before Caller, staring him in the eyes.

"Why didn't you just kill me? You had the chance." Caller asked, knowing that he was now defeated.

"Because, I'm not going to let you off easy, you are going to pay the price for what you've done." Gibbs answered, keeping his voice neutral, which at the moment was harder than he expected.

"So you're going to do the same as me, and get revenge."

"Who said anything about me doing anything? It will be the law, it's hard enough on people who hurt federal agents and kill marines." Gibbs said, standing up and walking out of the warehouse. McGee followed, leaving the other two to take care of Caller. Right now, they were going to the hospital, to see how Tony was doing.


"Are you agent Gibbs?" A doctor asked when he walked up to the group sitting in the waiting room. He was looking at McGee, who was sitting by Ziva and Abby, Gibbs was pacing back and forth in front of them.

"I am." Gibbs said, stopping in front of the doctor, "How is he?"

"I'm Doctor Wayne; I'll be Tony's doctor during his recovery. Tony is stable for the moment, though we'll keep a close eye on him during the night. He has three broken ribs, his back is thrown out, he has cuts and abrasions all over his chest, back and abdomen, and he has a swollen knee cap. He has an infection in his previous injury, causing him to have a fever. We have him on antibiotics and a nasal cannula to help his breathing. It's just a precaution, and it will help his body so it can focus on healing his other injuries. It will take some time, but he should be able to make a full recovery."

Gibbs gave a sigh of relief. He's going to be OK.

Abby stood up bedside him, looking up at the doctor, "Can we see him?"

"He's resting right now, so only for a few minutes. I'll allow two of you at a time. If one of you wishes to stay with him throughout the night, I guess I can allow that." Doctor Wayne answered. Looking at the expressions held by all four of the people in front of him, he could tell that they really cared about their friend. He had added that one could stay through the night, knowing that it would be greatly appreciated. As long as they didn't get in the way, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Gibbs a nod of thanks to the doctor, before the man turned to go back to his work. "Ziva, McGee you two go in first." Abby looked at Gibbs slightly shocked that he wasn't going to let her in first. "I'm going to let you stay the night Abbs, don't worry." He nodded at Ziva and McGee; they both started walking toward Tony's room to visit their friend.

"Really, I can spend the night? I thought you would want to."

"I do, but I need to finish things with the case on Caller. I'll be back in the morning."

"Oh." Abby went silent, obviously thinking about other things. "I'm glad we got him back Gibbs, I was so worried. But you made everything better. Thanks Gibbs, for getting Tony back for me."

"It wasn't just me Abbs, you know that, and I wanted him back too." Abby just nodded, not wanting to say anything.

McGee and Ziva came back, they're few minutes up. Gibbs wrapped an arm about Abby's shoulders, as both of them headed for Tony's room.

Gibbs gasped the same time as Abby. Seeing Tony in that bed made his heart wrench, for he didn't times in so few days. Tony was so pale, almost as white as the sheets he lay upon. The colorful bruises the only color on his skin. He took the seat beside the bed, Abby taking the one beside him. He took Tony's limp hand in his, careful of the IV and heart monitor.

"Get better Tony, that's an order." He whispered to Tony's still form. Gibbs and Abby sat there, not saying anything. After a few minutes, knowing his time was up he got up. He patted Abby on the shoulder; she looked up, giving him a smile, before he left.

Tony was back and finally safe. He had a lot of healing ahead of him, but he was strong, and Gibbs would help him. He himself had some healing to do. Together, he knew that they would be able to do it.


Gibbs sat in the very uncomfortable chair beside Tony's bed. They had to have made these chairs uncomfortable on purpose. They must not want people to stay for long.

He had come in early his morning to relieve Abby so she could get some rest. He had gone to the office yesterday to clear everything up with Caller. With everything he had done, he was definitely doing to prison for a long time.

Since Abby was going back to the office, she was going to be analyzing the Gun that caller had, though he just knew it would be the gun that killed the marines.

Tony hadn't wakened up yet, though the doctor said it was normal, especially with all he had went through. Looking at Tony now, looking so Vulnerable in that hospital bed seemed so wrong. Tony didn't deserve this. He should be in that hospital bed, not Tony.

He noticed slight movement from the bed, making him turn all his attention to the man lying on the bed. 'He's waking up' he reached over a laid a hand on Tony's arm, as the man was waking up.

"Hey DiNozzo." He said, when he saw the crack of his eyes.

Tony turned his head toward the sound, letting his eyes wander till they stopped on Gibbs. "Boss...you saved me." His voice was raspy; he coughed lightly, from his dry, scratchy throat.

Gibbs reached for the water pitcher beside the hospital bed, pouring a cup for Tony. After a few sips, he placed it back on the table.

"Of course I saved you; I wasn't going to leave you there." Gibbs spoke softly, not wanting to be too loud. "How do you feel?"

"I'm OK."

"No Tony, you're not. Tell the truth, how do you feel?"

Tony looked at Gibbs for a sec, about to say the same lie, and then decided that there was no use in lying. "It hurts a little."

Gibbs got up quickly, and stepped outside the door for a sec, then came back in, to resume his seat beside the bed. "Someone will be in to give you something."

"I'm sorry boss." Tony said, changing the subject.

"Sorry for what?" Usually Gibbs would tell Tony that saying sorry was a sign of weakness, but not today, not after what they had gone through.

"For getting hurt and not paying attention."

"You have NOTHING to say sorry for Tony, you did nothing wrong."


"NO, I told you, you do not have anything that you could be sorry for, if anything, I should be sorry. My past should not have been thrown in your life."

The doctor entering the room interrupted their conversation. "How are you feeling Mr...Agent DiNozzo?" He asked walking up to his bed.

"I've been better." Tony answered looking at the man as he put pain reliever in his IV.

"You'll be feeling better in a few minutes." He looked at Gibbs, who was watching him intently. "I would like to check Tony's bandages; would you step out for a few minutes, so he could have some privacy?"

"Sure." Gibbs reached over and patted Tony on the shoulder. "I'll be back."

After he left the doctor pulled out a penlight, checking Tony's pupils.

"Do you have to do that?"

"Sorry, but yes I do, anyway, it's for your benefit." He put the pen light away, pulling the blanket down to check Tony's bandage on his gun wound. "So, if you don't mind me asking, but your boss, was he a marine at one point?"

"Yeah, he was. How'd you know?"

Doctor Wayne smiled. "I guess it's because I was one too."


"Yep, at one point I was Sgt. Jesse Wayne. I became a doctor after that, as you can see. My second love."

"Yeah, a doctor who enjoys shining lights in their patients eyes." Tony said, grinning slightly. He was getting tired, from being awake so long. His eyes were drooping, getting harder to stay open.

"Get some rest; you have a lot of healing ahead of you." Doctor Wayne said, he finished checking Tony's bandage, and then quietly left. As he closed the door behind him he saw Agent Gibbs down the hall getting a cup of coffee. He smiled, He may be Tony's boss, but he could tell that their relationship was stronger than that.


"TONY! You're awake!" Abby cried when she saw Tony talking softly with Ziva and McGee. She ran over and gave him a hug, followed by a kiss on the forehead, then a small smack on the arm.

"Abby! Don't hit Tony." Gibbs ordered, walking in with a fresh cup of coffee.

"Gibbs, I was just going to tell him that if he ever did this to me again, then I would never speak to him for the rest of his life. He's already done it twice now."

"Sorry Abbs, but technically this only counts as once, since it was from the same person." Tony said, grabbing Abby's hand and pulling her closer.

"Tony! How could you say something like that?" Abby yelled, pulling her hand away, about to smack him again, then thought better of it.

"So," Tony started, looking around at the room of people who cared about him. "Who's going to spring me?"

"You're not going anywhere DiNozzo, until you're a hundred percent."

"But Boss, I feel better already. Give me one more day tops, and I'll be right as rain."



"I said NO DiNozzo."

Tony sulked down in his pillow, defeated in the topic. He grinned, looking up suddenly, "Then can I at least get some decent food? This hospital stuff is grouse. How about a nice pizza with pepperoni, sausage, and extra cheese?"

Everyone smiled, their Tony was defiantly back.

The End-

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