Getting to know you Chapter 1: The morning after

Okay, I know I promised a Bucky and Jenny fanfic next, but I wanted to cover what happened right after the end of the book and before "Her Angel, Her Monster." This is basically Gabriel courting Vivian, but I'm sure you'll love it!

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Vivian stretched in her bed, the hot summer air pouring into her open window. She kicked back the covers then curled beside Gabriel. He opened his eyes and scratched his hair. He looked down at her, his eyes half-closed to the sunlight. She looked up at him, and ran her hand along his jaw.

He lowered his mouth to hers, tasting her lips, he moved his head to the side and placed his large hand under her head.

"Morning gorgeous." He breathed, and then kissed her again before laying back on the bed. She rolled to look at him, his shirt and boxers were extremely wrinkled, but he looked adorable.

Last night they had run together for the first time, and spilled their stories in secret. After their run to the creek, they came back to her home, climbed up the stairs in the blanket of the night.

She had wrapped her fingers with his cautiously, but when he returned the squeeze and kissed her hand, she led him to her room.

"Will you lie here tonight?" she asked, noting how Gabriel did not let go of her hand.

"Yes." He ran his fingertips up her forearm.

"I'm not ready to go all the way Gabriel," she cautioned him.

He smiled, and she became a little flustered. He let go of her hand and put on his boxers and tee shirt. He let Vivian get dressed and she walked over to her bed crawling over the covers.

Gabriel moved to the end of the bed, looking at her, his blue eyes piercing every part of her being.

"I won't push you. But I do want you Vivian, but I will wait. You are worth it."

She patted the space beside her. Gabriel crawled to her, lying under the covers. It didn't take them long to get comfortable. She snuggled under the covers and curled against his chest, he wrapped his arm around her back, placing his chin on the top of her head. They fell asleep quickly, nestled together.

And now in the morning she propped herself against his broad chest, looking into his eyes. For her she felt so warm, as in cared for, waking up in his arms gave her a feeling of elation.

He twined his fingers in her hair. "What will your mother say when she finds her daughter sleeping with man?" he chuckled and kissed her again.

"Nothing," she said, calling his bluff. "Especially because all we did was sleep." She smiled and pulled herself off his chest.

She stretched and exited to the bathroom, her heart pounding. Just because she was being close to Gabriel didn't mean she was about to throw herself at him. Oh no. If they were to be mates, then they would be on the same level.

Gabriel watched as she sauntered out of the room, following the flow of her hips, and the swing of her hair. A knowing smile played on his lips and he stroked his chin. He could hear the water running from down the hall. Then her mural caught his eye.

The forest was slowly being blotted out by white paint. Her creation was being smudged out of existence. Last night he had not really looked at it, too busy listening to her and only looking at her.

His heart went out to her and he slowly approached the wall, running his fingers over the trees and coming to Vivian's self-portrait. She seemed distant in the portrait, wanting to become the wolf, but finding it difficult. This mural was a window for Gabriel into her feelings.

He could sense her disconnection. He studied it for the next 40 minutes, not realizing how the time was passing, or how long Vivian was taking in the shower. He followed the subject's gaze into the woods looking at the other wolves. The moon beamed like a white orb on the wall, but it too was soon to be covered.

There where splatters where she must have become angry during painting. His eyes kept going back to Vivian and her longing stare.

Vivian came down the hallway, wondering if Gabriel was still in her room. She opened the door slowly and saw that he was looking at her painting. She pulled her towel closer.

He smelled her soapy scent the moment she entered and looked at her.

"I had no idea how you really felt this time." He brought her under the shelter of his arm.

"You haven't been looking at this the whole time, have you?" she groaned.

"Yeah. It's beautiful, but you look so lost…" he realized this was getting awkward for Vivian and changed the subject.

"Are you busy today?" he laid his head against her wet, cool hair.

"Not really…"

"Well I've been thinking…since your back to yourself, and I know you haven't been out in a while, how about we go out?"

She looked up into his eyes, which melted her…going out would be nice she decided.

"All right then." She smiled then moved away to get some clothes. Gabriel slipped on his jeans and when Vivian came back dressed in a short little dress he picked her up off the ground in a fiery kiss that she responded to immediately then put her down and climbed out the window.

He had rode up on his motorcycle that night, obviously Vivian hadn't heard because the Four where playing their music too loud at her window.

He kicked the motorcycle to life and sped down the driveway onto the street. Vivian leaned against the windowsill watching him leave, her heart fluttering. She remembered her mother suddenly, and decided to surprise her with her fixed form.

Esme sat in the kitchen by herself; Tomas was out looking for moving vans. She held her head in her hand, running her other fingers slowly over the lip of the coffee mug. She sighed in grief thinking of her daughter who wouldn't even speak to her. Like the accident was Esme's fault.

"What am I going to do?" she asked herself sighing. She dumped her coffee into the sink and as it drained she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She placed her hands on the counter. Rudy wasn't in the house, and if Tomas had come home he wouldn't be upstairs. Her hopes rose as she recognized those footsteps.

Vivian appeared around the corner slowly and came into the kitchen. Esme took one look at her daughter and raced to her, grabbing her up in her arms and making a fuss.

"Oh goddess, Vivian you're all right!" Esme clutched her daughter tighter then pulled her back to make sure it wasn't an allusion. "How?"

"Gabriel helped me, he was here last night."

"Really? In your room?"

"Right after the five left…he kissed me."

Esme was a little more excited than Vivian was ready for just yet, but realized how relieved Esme was; Vivian had been a real ass towards her mother.

"And?" Esme egged her on.

"Well he kissed me and then all of a sudden I changed into my loup-garou form. And I tried to change back and it worked. And then we went for a run. And…he's…. well, he spent the night." Vivian added cautiously.

"Spent the night, I didn't hear anything happen last night…did you use protection?"

"Mom! Nothing happened! I told him mi wasn't ready and he said he'd wait." She stated defensively.

"Baby I believe you. I want you to be with Gabriel, but just remember, leader or not, if he does something to hurt I'll personally scratch those blue eyes out. Okay?"

Vivian laughed, the first time in weeks. "All right mom."

"Is he coming back today?" Esme questioned.

"Yes…is it okay if I go out with him?"

"Of course, I doubt you've seen the sunlight in ages. Now eat." Esme put her in a chair and placed some cereal on the table for her to eat, then left her alone.

"I'll be in the shower, so lock up when you leave."

Vivian quickly ate then rushed up to her own bathroom to get ready. As she finished putting on her makeup she heard Gabriel's motorcycle pull up. She ran a brush through her hair and went to find her shoes. As she slipped on her wedges she heard knocking on the door.

"Just a minute!" she shouted. But she continued to get ready and Esme's head popped in her door.

"Girl don't you keep him waiting, get your butt down there, you look good enough."

Vivian went downstairs and opened the front door and screen, tossing her hair back to see Gabriel. In his hands was a bouquet of sunflowers. Her eyes and smile widened at the flowers. Sweet.

"For the princess," and he bowed making her laugh. Before she could stop laughing he had an arm around her waist and swept her off her feet.

He took her to the kitchen and set her down, looking for a tall vase. She found one instead and placed it in the sink filing it with water. Then she put in the huge sunflowers. She put her nose close, inhaling the scent and adjusting them.

"Their beautiful." She breathed starting at them.

"You act like no one's ever brought you flowers before." Gabriel came behind her pressing himself against her back; he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and placed his chin on top of her head.

"That's because you're the first." She turned around in his arms, leaning against the counter, and running her hands up his hard chest. This simple touch softened Gabriel's eyes and he opened his mouth as if to say something, but was interrupted by a gentle kiss.

"Thank you." She smiled and kissed him again. He smiled largely and wrapped her tighter in his arms. He descended upon her mouth and opened it with his mouth, slipping his tongue in. He teased her tongue with his own, and moved his head to the side, to bring their mouths closer.

Vivian went along with the feel of it, letting him guide her. When they pulled away gasping, Gabriel lay his head against hers.

"You're getting better and better at that baby." His voice thick with his passion for Vivian.

"What do you want to do today?" He pulled his face back, but still kept his hands around her.

"I just want to get out, where ever is fine, except I'd rather not go to Tooley's right now, if you don't mind."

"Anything is fine with me darling." Vivian smiled at 'darling' and followed him out of the house, locking the door. Gabriel gave her a helmet, helping her put it on, then put on his own helmet. He swung his leg over his bike, and waited for Vivian to get situated. She put her hands on his waist, and Gabriel reached back once to squeeze her knee before taking off.