Chapter 11- the start of a new day and a new life

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She leaned the iron rake against the freshly turned soil and in turn rested against its handle. She looked lovingly at her mate as he planted vegetables into long single rows down the beds. She took the sunflower plants and carried them off to the flowerbeds she loved sunflowers the best. They had woken extremely early, there was no movement coming from the house thankfully.

Gabriel's hands were thick with dirt by the time he finished planting two rows of vegetables. He had just finished the okra, and his family coming from the south originally, unlike the rest of the pack, he loved fried okra, and got everyone to eat the ribs from last night the proper way, with their hands!

"Guess we're going to get a Fry Daddy soon." Vivian said looking at the vegetable bed.

"You better believe it." He grinned and wrapped his arm around her. Gabriel loved Vivian's size, she came up to about his chest and every time they embraced she would bury her face against said chest and she would breath the essence of him. They finished planting in the garden; Vivian still wanted to grow roses along the brick walls beside the green house though. They collapsed into separate lawn chairs, holding hands and gulping down ice-cold water. Every so often Gabriel would lift her hand to his cheek, rubbing their skin together.

Meanwhile inside Bucky Dideron rose from his sleep. He shifted in his bed before sitting up. Rolling his shoulders and neck he worked the kinks out. Slowly he stood and went into his accompanying bathroom. He had left the windows all open in his room, and even though the night had been cool, the temperature was starting to rise as even only 9:30 was approaching.

He turned on the cool water, stripped and stepped in. his head became wet and he shook away the access water like a dog. He washed himself quickly and exited the stall wrapping a towel around his trim hips.

Bucky Dideron was the beta wolf of the pack, meaning he was Gabriel's second in command. He had been appointed the beta at the Ordeal, when he killed his friend Jean in a mindless act of bloodlust; he had knocked out one of the three remaining competitors. The ones left were Gabriel and the blond. And because the blond was not for Bucky to kill, and only Gabriel's, Bucky one his own title, watching as his friend won the title of pack leader, the Alpha.

He moved around his room, looking through his boxes for his clothes. After dressing he moved out onto the porch right outside his French doors. He braced his hands on the iron railing, breathing deep the forest air. Last nights run had been truly invigorating.

During that run, he had eyes one wolf in particular, his age mate Jenny Garnier. Her pup Maggie was running with her and Bucky would pass by often, running with Jenny. When Jenny and Maggie stopped, the pup would follow Bucky and nip at his heels. Bucky would play back, rolling the pup around, with Jenny's permission of course. And then Bucky would run off to his friends.

He had a continuing crush of Jenny, but had let it slide when she married and mated with Stefan. Bucky had tried to save Stefan in the fire, but couldn't reach him in time. He would have tried anything to continue Jenny's happiness, even if it meant her being with another male.

Only Gabriel knew about Bucky's desire for Jenny, and was constantly pushing him to court Jenny. Bucky straightened and decided once and for all that he would pursue Jenny. He had waited years to have her, and he be damned if another male got in his way.

Jenny's room was down the hallway from his, the balconies were an uninterrupted continuing stretch across the building. Slowly he moved down towards Jenny's room and though he never peeked in windows couldn't resist looking it. She lay on the bed; fast asleep, in a basinet near the doors laid Maggie, sleeping soundly, little coos coming from her.

Jenny stirred awake in her bed, Bucky noticed and moved out of site quickly before she saw him. Bucky quickly walked back to his room, his heart pounding in his chest. He wanted Jenny so bad, he would have to learn to control himself when he talked to her.

Ulf awoke in his room. He dressed himself and headed downstairs to breakfast where the rest of the Four were eating ravenously out of the fridge. Ulf joined their food hunt and they all sat at the small table in the kitchen eating and talking.

Ulf was still mourning the loss of his not so responsible mother. The rest of the Four realized this and often consoled Ulf, encouraging him to speak. The Four were not all rough as they showed themselves to be to the rest of the pack. Since the death of Rafe, they had lost some of their edge, had been forced to look to the fact that they couldn't parade freely. They were still reigning in the desires for blood.

"This place doesn't suck actually." Finn said as he looked about the kitchen before continuing inhaling his Captain Crunch. Willem agreed and poured himself a third bowl. Ulf started his own bowl and conversed with the rest of the boys.

Maybe here in the wilderness, with no humans around and Rafe dead, perhaps the Four would stay out of trouble, if only serious trouble. They had tamed themselves some, and all that was left was to push them through senior year of high school with Vivian.

In Tomas and Esmé's room, which faced the garden Esmé, looked out her window at her daughter and soon to be son-in-law working with the plants. She smiled as she saw them sit side-by-side holding hands. Tomas awoke to see Esmé standing at the window. Tomas called her name from the bed, holding his own hand out to her. She sat beside him and tenderly kissed her mate. They were terribly in love with one another.

Esmé was pleased that Tomas continued to treat Vivian as his own daughter and had been relieved when Vivian hugged him at their arrival.

"Ready for breakfast?" she asked him. Tomas said yes and she pulled him out of bed, he pulled her retreating figure back to him and wrapped his hands around her stomach, and kissed her neck.

Vivian and Gabriel stood in the empty kitchen cooking for the packs breakfast. All pack members were downstairs, some of the women helping set the table and cook. When all had their food, it was a loud table, once again applauding Gabriel and Vivian on how wonderful the house was.

Earlier in the garden Vivian asked Gabriel if they should tell the pack about Kyle just yet. Gabriel said that they should at least wait a day, he knew as well Vivian that telling the pack of a new threat as soon as they walked in would bring tension and darken everyone's dream of a peaceful life. So they just decided to tell a selected few: Bucky, because he was beta; Esmé and Tomas being parents; and Orlando and Persia because they were the elders.

So after breakfast they pulled those five into the living room and closed the doors.

"Everyone, what we're about to tell you, cannot leave this room except if it's from me or Vivian." Gabriel started and sat down in his chair across from the couches were the gathered members sat.

"About a week after we arrived here a rouge showed up. His name is Kyle and I wanted you to know so that if you see him then let me know. Bucky," he turned his attention to his right hand man, "if you do see him, take him down, but leave him alive. He is mine to kill."

"What has he done?" Esmé asked.

"He has insulted us in everyway, when I was gone to the store he cornered Vivian and harassed her."

"Did he touch you?" Bucky asked Vivian, he was loyal to his queen and would take down anyone who harmed her.

"No, but all he said was the worst, I don't know if he has been watching me and Gabriel over these past few weeks, but the things he claims towards Gabriel and I having pups was highly untrue.

"Gabriel." Orlando finally spoke. "By pack law you have the right to mete out justice to this rouge."

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. The worst of this is, is that Kyle attends Vivian's school."

"And I'm not going to change schools for that matter, Gabriel believes that he can take out Kyle before the school year begins."

"I intend too. Bucky I want your help. The sooner we get rid of him the better."

"What does he look like?" asked Tomas.

"He's tall and lanky, and tan, his hair is blond and cropped short."

"Yesterday I chased after him, and there is something about him that's not normal, for our kind anyway. He's faster than any Loup garrou I've ever met. I was about to grab him and when he was just within reach he jumped ten feet in the air, caught a tree limb and then scaled up the tree and jumped to two other ones. Loup garrou should not be able to do that." Gabriel growled.

"This is true." Persia finally spoke, "though I have heard of in ancient times that some Loup's were gifted by the moon to have an extreme super natural strength, perhaps the gift has returned from all those centuries ago. However this only makes him more lethal. Until we know the full extent of his powers then we don't know how to handle him. I suggest that you take time to study this situation before trying to attack him."

Gabriel nodded at the suggestion, and since no one else had anything else to say he dismissed them. Gabriel and Vivian went back to their rooms to take showers and change clothes. There was unpacking to finish for all the members and figuring out what to do with usable objects.

Vivian pulled Gabriel into the shower stall with her. He held her from behind, wrapping his arms around her stomach and kissing her neck, marking her as the cool water washed the dirt from their bodies.

"What are you thinking about?" Vivian asked as he washed her back and she shampooed her hair.

"I want to take you for a run tonight."

"Are you going to hunt for me?" she teased and turned into his embrace.

"Is that what you desire?" he teased, his hand wrapping around her. After their shower they dressed and went to go help unpack.

That night the alphas went by themselves to the woods. Gabriel gave her a head start and "hunted" her down. They ran for miles and cherished every part of land that was theirs. When they returned at midnight and quietly climbed the stairs to their bedroom, the stars peeked through the open windows.

Vivian stood in front of the open French doors, the cool air wrapping around her naked form. Gabriel wrapped himself around her, their skin pressed close.

The sweet moon glowed through the night, they stood absolutely still, listening to the night, and each other's breathing.

"I love you Gabriel." She leaned her head back. The time would soon come for the ceremony when on the full moon they would swear their love for one another. The ceremony would bind them forever as mates; no one could break this permanent act. It was the equivalent of marriage.

After a while they crawled into bed, wrapped together. Over the past three weeks their shaky bond had strengthened and there was absolute trust from Vivian and from Gabriel. They truly knew one another.

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