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Syuri handed the room key cards to Jin and he passed them out to the BL boys.

"Thank you." Jin said as he did a slight bow, followed by everyone else.

"N-no problem Matsuoka-sama." Syuri watched them walk off into the direction of the rooms.

"Oh my--" She fainted once they were out of sight. An employee ran to her side trying to make sure she was okay.

In the hallway there were four elevators that could go up, so they each split up so as not to pile up in one elevator. They headed up to their rooms; which was on the third to top floor. The elevator had a soft blue carpet and played even softer music. The elevator rides were quiet. When they got off, each couple entered a room starting from six hundred to six hundred and seven. Keita and Kazuki entered room seven hundred and dropped their bags as soon as they stepped in, eyes wide.

"Oh wow! This is completely beautiful Kazu!" Keita looked around the room. When he walked in a white marble bathroom was to the right of him. Ahead of him was one king size bed that he and Kazuki had to share. The sheets were white and the comforter was a beautiful red and beige design. They walked in further and saw a couch up against the same wall as their bed; there was a mahogany table with a white phone on it between the couch and the bed. There was also a table in front the couch just incase someone wanted to eat in their room. Against the opposite wall was a thirty-two inch television, which sat on top of dresser which they could put their clothes into of they desired. The curtains were a light beige and red as well. Kazuki walked over and opened them and smiled, he over looked almost a whole city; he could see the giant Ferris wheel of Odaiba perfectly.

"Kazuki isn't this incredible."

"Yeah. Its very beautiful too, I wish the academy had rooms like this."

Keita walked over to the bed and sat down, he bounced a little and then laid down with his arms out wide.

"So comfy! Kazu come sit." Keita said smiling. Kazuki did as he was told down and sat down on the bed.

"Wow…hey Keita, I think we should move in here."

"I think so too, Hahaha."

(In Shunsuke and Naruse's room, six hundred and two)

"This is so awesome! Look at this and wow look at that!" Shunsuke was walking around the room in excitement. Naruse stood by the door and watched. He smiled at his small lover; he could tell that he was truly happy to be here and away from the pressures of school.

"Hiko isn't this cool! Come look out the window, you can see Odaiba!"

Naruse walked over with a smile and looked out the window, he had to admit; this was pretty nice hotel. He wished that they could stay a bit longer than just a weekend.

(In Saionji and Omi's room, six hundred and three)

Saionji sat on the on the beige couch and looked around. He nodded in approval.

"Are you alright Kaoru?"

"I'm fine Omi."


"I think that once we graduate, and find a place together, it should look a little like this. This is very beautiful."

"I agree." Omi looked out the window. He couldn't wait to live the rest of his life out with Saionji. Saionji was his relief from everything. Back when he had just moved to Japan, Saionji was the only one who helped him through things and taught him things that he was sure he would've never learned with Saionji's guidance. He really did love the green-eyed beauty.

(In Niwa and Nakajima's room, six hundred and four)

"Hide, I'm hungry, I say we all go out for lunch. What do you think?" Niwa asked flipping through the channels on the TV while sitting on the bed.

"Sounds like a good idea. Should we eat in the hotel or out?"

"I think we should eat in the hotel today and then eat out tomorrow."

"Fine." Nakajima stood from the couch and Niwa cut off the TV. They walked out the room and headed for Keita and Kazuki's room first, going in order seemed easiest. Niwa knocked on the door and Keita and Kazuki both came to it.

"Hi Niwa-san!"

"Hey Keita, I was wondering if you guys wanted to get some grub in this place, I'm starving myself."

"That sounds like a good idea Niwa-san, is everyone else coming?" Kazuki inquired.

"Maybe, I mean, if everyone's hungry then they'll be joining us I'm sure."

"Yay!" Keita cheered. They each went to knock on a room door until everyone said yes and walked to the elevators.

Downstairs everyone stared as the boys walked in a group. They headed for an entrance to a restaurant in the hotel. They walked in chatting and conversating amongst each other. Jin requested for the largest table they had. Now they only got free rooms, they had to pay for everything else which wasn't that bad because they all were on the rich side if they were going to BL Academy, except for Keita. But he had his own money too, just not as much as the others. The waiter escorted them right away to the largest booth they had. Everyone slid in and grabbed a menu off the table. Keita and Shunsuke sat in between Kazuki and Naruse.

"This place is really incredible isn't it Keita?" Shunsuke asked.

"It is, the rooms are very nice; I can't wait to sleep in such a comfy bed."

"Me either." They scanned the menus and put them down once they knew what they wanted to eat. A waiter came and asked for all of their orders and left in hurry to make them, hoping not to make a table full of cute guys wait too long.

"This food is very pricey, I must say, something that we could purchase for cheap at home is expensive here." Saionji said after the menus were taken.

"Well it's a five-star hotel Saionji-kun, what did you expect?" Jin asked.

"I know but this is a little ridiculous."

"Or maybe you're just cheap Saionji-san." Nakajima pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose.

"Nakajima-san, why must you always find it necessary to stir things up with crude remarks." Omi asked with his usual smile.

"Why don't you ever let Saionji-san fight his own battles?"

"I do fight my own battles teddy bear boy!" Nakajima jumped back a little, he didn't expect to be called that, from Saionji no less. He turned a little red, damn Jin for making him expose his secret like that. He knew Saionji would be the one to blow it back up in his face. He heard a snicker from someone but didn't actually know who it was; his guess was Niwa.

"So you've stooped to name calling I see, how cute Saionji-san." Nakajima tried to keep his cool; he knew it was his own fault for talking so he had no right to get mad.

"Now now, Hide and Saionji-san, relax, this is a time for fun, not bickering." Niwa interjected.

"Yeah you guys how about we talk about something we can all laugh about instead of what was said on the bus." Kazuki suggested becoming a little worried for what the night had in store for them.

"Endo-kun is right. Let's change the subject."

"Thank you Shinomiya-san."

"Although, if Nakajima-san didn't always find it necessary to be himself, we wouldn't have problems such as these."

"Uh Shinomiya-san." Kazuki wished he hadn't said anything; Shinomiya had quite the temper.

"I was only throwing a little fun at Saionji-san like I always do, I see no problem with that Shinomiya-san."

"Of course you wouldn't see anything wrong with that."

"Wow Shinomiya-san, you seem a bit on the edge, did you miss a nail appointment for this trip?"

Keita, Shunsuke, and the twins gasped at Nakajima's reply.

"Come on you guys, stop this. We didn't come here to get on each other's nerves or bicker or anything like that. How about we talk about the itinerary for tomorrow?"

Keita did his best to calm the bickering teens. Shinomiya glared across the table at Nakajima. On one side sat Kazuki, Keita, Shunsuke, Naruse, Niwa, and Nakajima. Jin and Hiroya sat in the middle of the booth. Leaving Iwai, Shinomiya, Saionji, Kaoru, and the twins.

"Good idea Keita-kun." Hiroya said.

"What time should we head out for Odaiba tomorrow?" Keita asked.

"I say about nine o'clock." Kazuki answered.

"That sounds like a good time. Does everyone agree with that time?" Keita asked, he wasn't good at crowd control which is why he was a little glad that there was only fourteen of them all together, anymore and he wouldn't know what to do.

"I do."

"Thanks Shunsuke."

"But Keita, I'm not an early bird."

"Oh, I'm sorry Niwa-san, then how about…eleven o'clock?"

"No Ito-kun, nine o'clock is fine, Tet-chan will wake up whether he wants to or not."

"Aw come on Hide?" Niwa whined to Nakajima until their food arrived. From then on they all chatted with each other nicely. Everyone laughed and enjoyed their food.

Two hours later they were finished and Jin decided to pay the whole bill seeing as he had such a good time eating with the boys.

"So what do we do now?" Shunsuke asked looking around everyone. Omi was finishing up his chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a strawberry on top. Keita shared an ice cream with Kazuki. Jin and Hiroya finished up their alcoholic beverage, Naruse had cake and he fed some to Shunsuke whenever he asked. Nakajima had some ice cream with Niwa as well. No one else wanted desert.

"Well we've got a big day a head of us tomorrow, so we should do whatever it is we feel like doing, as long as we keep in contact with each other." Hiroya answered.

"Sounds good to me, I feel like catching some shut eye anyway." Niwa yawned making his eyes tear up a little.

"I'd like to get some sleep too." Keita said.

"Takuto would you like to go sightseeing with me?" Shinomiya turned toward Iwai with a smile.

"Sure Koji."

"Sightseeing sounds wonderful, I'd like to accompany you as well Shinomiya-kun. You should come along too Yoshi." Hiroya listened to Jin's suggestion.

"Where ever you go, I will follow Matsuoka." Hiroya said in a low seductive voice.

"Hey hey, we're at a table in a public place Hiroya-san, show some self control."

"I am Nakajima-kun, I was only stating a fact."

Jin blushed at Hiroya's comment, he was such a romantic sometimes and he knew how much Jin loved it.

Everyone finally finished their deserts and left the restaurant leaving their waiter a nice tip. Niwa and Nakajima went back to their rooms to get some rest followed by Keita and Kazuki and the twins. Everyone else headed out for sightseeing and walking on the boardwalk.

"Say Kakeru, this is nice so far isn't?"

"Its really nice Wataru."

"I'm kinda glad that we're friends with Keita now."

"I'm glad too. And to think you disliked him so much when he transferred to the academy."

"I disliked him? It was your idea to lock him in that closet."

"No, that was your idea."

"No, yours." They looked at each other for a second and smiled.

"What did he do to make us like him so much?" Wataru asked.

"What did he do to make everyone like him so much?" They both shrugged and then smiled. Wataru walked over to his bed and laid down above the sheets. He made himself comfy and drifted off to sleep. Kakeru turned on the television and sat on the couch making sure not to disturb his brother.


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