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Parry-to ward off a thrust with a countermove.

Louie winced as Melissa lightly touched the left side of his jaw. The group was in Melissa and Louie's room. The knight Melissa had called Andorig was sitting on one of the chairs favoring his left hand, as Melissa had already tended to his wounds. As he watched her tend to Louie, Genie said, "so let me get this straight, you're Melissa's older brother." Andorig nodded, "Yes, my name is Andorig and I am a knight of Ramilearth." He turned to Melissa, who was focused on examining Louie's bruised jaw. "I'm a little surprised to see thee here. I thought that thou hadst left when our father decided to affiance thee to Conrad." Melissa didn't turn away from her current task, but Louie's sudden yelp hinted at a suppressed irritation. However, her tone was even as she spoke, "I had no intention of returning, but certain circumstances made it necessary for me to." Andorig nodded, "Thou dost know that father will wish to speak with thee about thy engagement, correct? I know that thou hast no intentions of marrying Conrad, but father will be most insistent with thee." Melissa stiffened a bit while casting a healing spell on Louie's jaw, "Well, Father will have to deal with the fact that I am a servant of Myree. He can't force me into anything."

Andorig laughed, "I have missed thee, Melissa. At least thou hast not been forced into something for the sake of the family, as I have." Merrill piped up, "So why did your father engage Melissa to that idiot Conrad?" "You are familiar with him?" Merrill laughed, "Yeah, he came prancing into Ofun and tried to convince Melissa to go through with marry him. Louie pounded his ass though." Andorig looked over at Louie who was squirming under Melissa's ministrations and not paying very much attention to the conversation. "Did he now? I'm pleased that he bested Conrad in a duel. The man is entirely too pompous and his behavior is not in line with that of a knight." Merrill grinned at that, "You're all right, Andorig. But, out of curiosity, why would your father want Melissa to marry a pompous dimwit like Conrad?" "Political gain of course. Much like my marriage, it would have been for the family's benefit." Melissa looked over at her brother startled, "You're married now? To whom?" Andorig smiled deprecatingly, "To Merel, the woman that is cousin to the king. My marriage is not a happy one. That is why thou found me at the tavern." Andorig looked sympathetically over at Louie whose wounds were finally all attended to, "I am sorry that I fought with you. I was drunk but that is no excuse for my belligerence. Forgive me." Louie shook his head, "No, I've been in enough bar fights to have known better than to get involved. It's my fault. I'm sorry about your hand though…" "Andorig laughed, "It's fine, but it's rare that someone can best me…you are quite unusual. I never got your name by the way." "Oh, I'm Louie." Andorig grinned, "You are quite the fearsome opponent Louie. That was the most challenging fist fight I've had in quite some time." Merrill laughed at that, causing Andorig to look at confusedly, "Did I say something amusing?" "Well, not really, but it's funny because fistfights are all this idiot's good for. He's supposed to be a champion of Myree, but he can't use magic or a sword very well." Louie looked over at her, somewhat irked, "You don't have to be so mean about it Merrill." "It's not my fault you're an idiot." Andorig simply looked over at Louie and said, "You are Melissa's valiant Champion? You?" Louie looked a bit sheepish, "Well, yeah, but you don't have to make such a big deal about it." Andorig nodded, "I would have guessed you were a warrior from your build, but I do see that you do possess a mage's staff. I was just a little surprised that Melissa had already found her valiant champion that is all." Melissa looked at her brother, "you don't have to be so formal with these people Andorig. They're my friends." Andorig nodded and stood up, "I should be getting back home. My absence will have been noticed by now. Melissa, It would be best if thou spoke with Father sooner rather then later." Melissa stared at the floor for a minute before looking up at Andorig, "Tell father that I will be by tomorrow. I suppose it'd be better to deal with this as soon as possible." Andorig grinned and walked out the door.

When he had left Genie turned to Melissa and said, "Do all members of the nobility talk like that here?" Melissa nodded, "Yes, most members of the nobility speak that way. I don't because I've been out of Ramiliearth for so long, and I'm sure the same is true for Conrad." Louie leaned back on his elbows and said, "It sounds like you and your father don't have the greatest relationship." Melissa stood up, "THAT is none of your business, Louie!" Louie glared at her for a moment, before shrugging, "Whatever." Melissa looked t him, "Well…I was really hoping that I could avoid him, but it doesn't seem that way." Merrill plopped down in the chair that Andorig had recently vacated," Are you sure about this Melissa? I mean, he might just try to marry you off again." Melissa shrugged, "He might, but it's best not to worry about that for now. I'll deal with him if it comes to that" A rustling caused all three girls to look over to see Louie walk out the door. Merrill glared at Louie's retreating back, "What's with him?" Genie shook her head, " I don't know, but he'll get over it. The situation can only get better." Actually, it was about to get a lot worse.

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