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A/N: Hello there again! I'm coming out with a new fanfiction! Yay! So yeah…first I like to thank azarethsgem, wishiwasbeastgirl, foreversilence, metrionzintos, juju92, Animay and addy of the bbrshine! I, thank you guys so much for role playing with me on this story. Okay enough of that…here is what the teen titans look like.

BB: age 18. His hair grew out and hangs around his face. Sometimes it covers his eyes. His face and his body have matured. Also, his body has more muscles. His voice is deeper and has lost the squeakiness of it. He is 5'6'' now making him the second tallest in the group.

Robin: age 19. He still has his spiky hair style but it's starting to grow out more. Just like Beastboy, his face and body have matured. And he ties with Beastboy in height.

Cyborg: age 21. Still looks the same but the human side of his face looks like it matured. He is 6' 3''.

Starfire: age 19. Her body has developed more and her face has matured. Her hair is still at the same length. She is 5'4''

Raven: age 19. She let her hair grow out, so now it's as long as Starfire's. She puts it in a long French braid and lets two locks of hair fall in front of her face. Just as all the others, her face and body has matured. She has more of an hour glass figure than ever before. She is 5'3'' making her the shortest member of the team.

Well that's it…on with the story.


It was a cold winter's afternoon in Jump City. The air was fresh and crisp. All was quiet (at least as quiet as a city during the holiday season can be) Until…


"MY GAMESTATION! Aaaah no, not my gamestation!"

Cyborg and Beastboy started to play video games right after breakfast and they didn't stop until it overloaded it causing it to explode. Starfire and Raven were in the common room when the console exploded. Starfire was quietly humming to herself as she made yet another Tameranian dish while Raven sat at the dining room table reading a book and sipping her tea with an ever occasional nibble on her croissant. They were quite shocked when the game system blew up. Both of them jumping several feet into the air. Just as the two had calmed down, another loud noise burst through causing the two girls to jump yet again. Robin ran into the common room ready and alert for anything and everything.

"What?!" he shouted as he surveyed the room from impending danger, "What was that?"

Placing a hand over her heart, Raven said, "Those two over there blew up their video game."

Putting his arms down out of defense mode, he simply said "oh" in response. He was somewhat looking forward to the danger.

Cyborg plopped on the couch, slightly depressed, "Now what are we going to do?"

Beastboy shrugged, "Any ideas?"

Everyone stayed silent for a moment, thinking. Or in Raven's case, just refusing to acknowledge the question.

Soon, Beastboy's ears perked up, "Hey, I've got one!"

Turning a page in her book, Raven said, "Beastboy has an idea? Never thought I'd live to see the day."

He gave her an angry glare and entertained the thought of replying to her comment. Deciding against it and continued on with his idea, "How about we go ice skating?"

"Beastboy that is a …"Cyborg started harshly, but then quickly letting the idea sink in his head, "good idea."

Robin looked at Starfire who was nodding her head enthusiastically. "Yes please! I would like to participate in the skating of the ice. Would you like to go Robin?"

Robin nodded his head, "Sure, Star."

Raven however said, "I'm not going."

They all turned to her and chimed out, "What? Why not? Come on, Raven, it'll be fun."

"No," she said, not even looking away from her book.

"Come on, Raven. Look, you don't even have to skate… you can watch or read on the bench and drink hot chocolate or something," Beastboy suggested, almost begging her. The others agreed and encouraged him on.

Starfire, as if on cue, walked up to Raven and said, "Please come with us. Because if we leave you here alone, I will not have a fun time knowing you are here alone… not having a good time."

She said it so innocently, to make Raven feel guilty. A few years ago, Starfire learned that she had that affect on people. 'I hate it when she makes me feel so guilty,' Raven thought. She sighed, "Fine, I'll go."

Everyone let a 'yes' through their teeth except Starfire who threw her hand up and cheered, "Glorious!" Soon they all scattered off to get their winter clothing on. Except Cyborg, of course. He just called the gamestation company and argued with them until they said that they'd get him a new one. After that was done, he got his coat, hat, scarf, and gloves from the coat closet and put them on. As soon as he was done, the others were dressed and ready.

Not long were they off.

Chapter 1:

Ice Skating

Soon, they arrived at the ice rink. The very private, not really known to tourists and most of the locals, ice rink. It was an actual lake most of the year. But when it started to get cold, it would freeze over and get hard enough to skate on. There was snow all around the rink, reflecting the lights that hung above it. There were two stands there. One stand was where people rent their skates and the other was where you got food and drinks. Even though, it wasn't well known, it did pretty well in the money area, much to everyone's surprise.

The Titans, except Raven and Cyborg (due to the fact that it's built in his feet), all rented their skates and laced them on. Once that was done, they got on the ice, except Raven. She simply sat on the bench, read her book, and drank her hot tea from her thermos. On the ice, Starfire was holding Robin's hand and was slowly going around the rink while talking, as most couples do. Cyborg was skating around the rink by himself along with Beastboy. However, Beastboy kept on looking at Raven.

'Ask her to skate,' a voice said in his head.

'What?' Beastboy asked.

'I said "ask her to skate,' it replied.

'She'll say no.'

'She says "no" many times. But about 65 of the time she does it, anyway. So go ask her!'


He skated over to her and sat down on the bench. Not even looking up, she said, "What do you want?"

He grinned, "I just wanted to find out if you wanted to give skating a try."

"Well, you just wasted 60 seconds of your life because no…I don't want to."

"Come on Raven…you look so bored over here alone."

"No, Beastboy."

"Oh, I get it…you can't skate, can you?"

This finally made her look at him, "You don't know what I can do."

Beastboy's grin grew wider, "Then, prove it. Show me, that you can skate."

"I don't need to prove you anything."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."






"Yes, and that's final!"

Beastboy shrugged, "Suit yourself."

He quickly got up as she realized what she said, "Wait- I mean-!"

He interrupted her and said, "I'll go get you some skates." And with that he walked off…wobbling a little due to the skates on his feet. Raven groaned inwardly and sputtered out a few curse words for falling for his trick.

He soon came back with a pair of white skates in his hands. He sat down and handed them to her. She grumbled a little but she put them on her feet.

"Here let me lace them up for you," Beastboy said, trying to reach for her foot. Notice the word: "trying."

She swiped his hand away and said, "I can do it myself."

He put his hands up in quick defeat, not wanting to push her any further.

She finished lacing up her skates, quickly.

"You ready?" Beastboy asked. She just looked at him in a sly way and said, "Are you?"

She got up and made her way to the rink, leaving Beastboy sitting there, slightly shocked by her reaction. The others saw her get on the ice and quickly skated over to Beastboy.

"Uh BB… what did you say to her?" Cyborg asked, still watching Raven's every move.

"I pulled a 'bugs bunny' on her but I thought she was going to slap instead of this." They all nodded and turned their attention back to Raven.

'Wow…it's been awhile since I did this last. I wonder…' she thought as all of the memories of her childhood flooded back to her.

She started to skate faster, getting enough speed to glide. She swerved from side to side, before turning so she can skate backwards. She went around the curve of the ice rink, just before she jumped into the air and did a triple axel. She stuck it and began to skate forward, passing her still shocked friends.

She skated to the middle of the rink and turned, swerved backwards for a moment. She soon stopped and skated forward, while picking up speed. When she got enough, she jumped in the air a little, quickly switching to just one skate and span. She put the other skate to the ground as she brought her arms up above her head, causing her spin faster. She crotched down, grabbing one skate and bringing it up off the ground a little.

Then, she grabbed her leg with her hand and stood, bringing her leg up straight above her head, causing her to slow down a bit. She soon let go of her leg and let it go back down to the ice. She span around little while longer before she turned to skate backwards again. She soon jumped up and did another triple axle. But this time, when she landed…the ice broke!

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