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The smell of bleach flooded her nose again when she walked through the doors of the hospital. Her heels clapped against the hardened floor as she made her way to the elevator. She gave a mere glance at some of the doctors, some of them looking at her as if they were trying to place her face. She pressed the button for the elevator and sighed while waiting.

She held two books in her hand, both one and the same and a black purse in another. She was dressed in a business sort of classy way. Black knee length pencil skirted dress with a white button up shirt underneath. She wore white and black two inched heels that resembles a style before her time, while her dark brown hair was tied back into a pony tail with a little bit of wave in it. Her chakra was gone. No, more need for it really. And her amethyst eyes were replaced with a deep, deep blue.

She worked for a small newspaper company and I do mean, small. She was working there while she was in college, getting her degrees in Journalism and English Literature, so that she will be able to pay her way through. She was also working on a story and getting it published. The Fine Thin Line Series, it was going to be called.

She breathed in deeply when the elevator opens its doors to her with a ding. She stepped in and pressed the floor that she wished to visit. She headed all the way back and leaned against the far wall. She remembered very vividly the last time she was here. She was sure that she wasn't going to get the same exact greeting again.

She looked up when the doors opened once again, revealing the lobby for the Children's Ward before walking out and heading for the "Special Care" wing. She walked in and saw all the children running around and playing. Barely any of them glanced her way.

'Not that I expected them to in the first place,' she commented. She walked to the front desk and checked in, asking to see a patient by the name of Darlene Shay. She had to fill out some paper work and answer some questions but she got through without revealing who she was, although she had a feeling the nurse knew.

She shrugged it off. She was able to do what she came here to do and she was going to do just that. She walked down the hall to her designated room and peered inside.

There she was. Just like the way she had found her the first time she came here. Reading and book and slowly dying with machines and medicine keeping her alive. Raven breathed in again and exhaled loudly. She knocked on the door for courtesy.

The little girl looked up from her book, to see a familiar yet unfamiliar woman. She looked at her confusedly and leaned back away from the woman.

The woman merely smiled and said, "Hello Darlene."

The little girl knew that voice but was still confused. Skeptically, Darlene said, "Hello…?"

"May I come in?" the woman asked.

Darlene gave a slow nod but uncertainty was still etched on her face.

Woman smiled a little wider as she walked to the chair by the girl's bedside.

"Do I know you?" Darlene asked.

She smiled, "Yes, you do. You are my biggest fan."


The woman sighed, playfully and twiddled with a ring on her finger, "You mustn't tell anyone about this."

And with that she removed the ring.

Her hair and her eyes became a shade of purple. Her skin became paler, almost grayish. Her chakra was still gone but that didn't matter to the girl. She was face to face with Raven of the Teen Titans again!

Darlene's face lit up like a Christmas tree, "Oh my goodness! Raven!"

"Shh," Raven hushed as she slipped the ring back on, looking normal once again, "Yes, it's me."

"Oh my gosh!" Darlene said in a hushed tone, "Hi! What are you doing here? I thought the Titans all left."

"We did but I don't live too far away and I wanted to visit my favorite fan," Raven answered genuinely. She had come to like the girl immensely and decided to visit her until the very end.

"Oh wow," the girl gasped, choking a little bit on her own air. She coughed, "You didn't have to do that, you know?"

Raven chose to ignore her statement, "I brought you something."

"Another toy?"

"No," Raven said, rolling her eyes slightly, "Something better."

"A book?" Darlene's eyes gleamed with mirth.

Raven smiled, "You haven't read Wicked Lovely yet, have you?"


Days turned weeks and weeks became months and soon enough, it was time for Logan to officially move into college. He had been crashing with Cyborg, now known as Victor (or Vic), for a while just waiting to move in. He was getting really tired of Vic asking him to keep his tofu away from his meat. He also, was tired about Vic trying to pep him up.

Ever since that last night of being Titans, Logan has been in quite a slump. He found little to no interest in everything. He didn't really eat. He didn't sleep. He didn't want to talk or play video games. He didn't do anything really. He just sulked around over here and sulked around over there and sulked some more.

Raven rejecting him the way that she did had taken a toll on him. Every day he would just replay that entire month and try to figure out just where he went wrong. Everything had been going great, right? So why or how did it end so wrong? He didn't know.

He tried finding her but nothing came up. It was as if she had never existed in the first place. There wasn't a clue, nor a hint, or a hair, not even a scent. Even her room didn't smell like her! Wherever she was, she didn't want to be found, that much was certain. So as much as he didn't want to, he had to let her go.

But back to the now, he was finally moving into his college dormitory. Away from Vic, away from Jump City –just away.

He had little to unpack since he had grew out of all of his clothes and given it to Good Will, and all his toys were either given away to the children in the hospital or he had tossed them out. He sighed as he finished making the personal touches to his room and looked around.

'A new life,' he thought sadly.

He had already met his roommate; Sky from South Dakota. Friendly enough guy, horny as a masturbating chimp though. Logan rolled his eyes at the naked girls on the wall of his roommate's side of the room.

'Chicks don't dig porno, dude,' he thought. He sighed again, turning to leave his dorm room with a heavy head. 'I really need some pie.'

He walked a little off campus to a nice little diner close by. According to Sky, "The place has some really good pie and hot tits and ass."

Logan just wanted the pie.

He sat himself down at the bar stool and ordered what Sky recommended to him. He thanked the waitress that brought him his pie in a matter of minutes and stuck his fork in it. He sighed at the first bite, not really finding comfort in the food but continued on eating it anyway. He looked up at the mirror hanging against the far side of the wall for a moment and made eye contact with himself.

He was no longer green. He was normal looking. No fangs, no pointy ears. The only green pigmentation he had left on him was his eyes - something Vic did upon Logan's request. He looked completely human. He blinked slowly and looked at the mirror again and noticed a girl next to him.

She had brown almost black hair, deep blue eyes the shone brightly and pale, pale skin. He almost choked on his pie when she smiled. He blinked and blinked and blinked even harder. Was he dreaming? He must've been dreaming. There was no way that could be…

He looked over and saw her looking back at him. She batted her eyes a little as she turned to look at him.

"Hi, I'm Angel."

To be continued…