Tainted Remembrance of the Blood


Roy could still hear the raw scream as though it were happening right now, not a week ago.

Hear the pain torn from lungs spent almost to the point of exhaustion.

Hear the bullet, shot from a sniper's rifle.

See the bloodied form of Lieutenant Hawkeye leap sideways in front of him.

See the spray of blood from where the bulet connected with her heart.

Feel the next bullet, which barely grazed his uniform.

Acknowledge the sniper's retreat.


The lieutenant had been his most loyal aide, but more than that, she was his friend.


She was more than that.

He loved her.

Not the flippant kind of love he was so famous for.

Not the kind that was a steamy night, and no more.

Not the kind that people whimpered over, the kind that tasted so good at the time, but didn't really come to anything.

The kind of love that ran so deep, it was hard to admit.

Hard to talk about.


She had taken a bullet meant for him.

A bullet that would have taken his life.

She sacrificed herself to save him.

She lay in front of him in a pool of her own blood.


Blood running in a thin stream from the forner of her mouth from where she had been hit earlier.

Her revolver fell from her hand, empty of all ammunition.



"Shh. Don't talk."

Gentle hands pick her up, and hold her.

Heartbeat getting fainter.


Getting fainter.

Strain to hear her.

Mouth by her ear.


Hardly dare to breathe.

"It doesn't matter."

The fragrance of her soft hair is quickly being overpowered by the scent of her blood.

Head turns faster than should.

"Don't say that."


"Riza...you're dying."

Tear courses down his cheek.


Hits her skin.


"But you're safe."

Face her.

"Am I more important than you?"

Honesty in her eyes.

"I always knew...I'd die for you."


"Don't say tha-"

Cut off.

"It's true. I...loved you."

She raised her head just enough to capture his lips in a kiss.

He put on hand behind her head to support it.

Deepen the kiss.

Abruptly stop.

She can't breathe.



Heartbeat fails.

Breath stops.

His uniform is stained with blood, but he doesn't care.




No answer.

Her flesh is warm.

He bent his head to hers again, giving her still-warm lips a soft kiss.


A captain comes up.

"Colonel, we need to get out of this area."

Don't answer.


Flat monotone.

"She died to save me. I am unworthy of her sacrifice."



Comforting hand on his shoulder.

He shrugs it off.

It comes back.

"We have a man down!"

Barked orders.

Medical team comes.

They have to pry him away from her.

He can't move.

"Colonel, we have to go."

Same captain.

Strong hands lift him up.

His heart is as heavy as lead.

His Riza- why had he never thought to tell her before?

He had known.

Oh, god.

She had known.

Why else would she sacrifice herself for him?

Wretched creature that he was.

He was empty now.

None would ever equal his- yes, HIS- Riza.

Authoress's corner:

Different, ne? I was listening to 'Pretty Girl' by Sugarcult, and the idea popped into my head. Okay, so maybe I was actually watching the amv on Youtube where it's an EdxWinry/RoyxRiza tribute, and there was a pitcure of Riza lying in a flame alchemical circle that gave me the idea of her lying in a pool of her own blood...still as morbid as ever. I don't think I got Roy down perfectly, but you can't really blame me. I just wanted to type this out. Then I thought, Better get Heartles-sensei's approval. click post