Title: Punishment
Author: Cade
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/Dark
Pairing(s): Oishi/Eiji, Momoshiro/Ryoma, Kaidou/Inui, Eiji/OCs.
Summary: Eiji didn't know why they did what they did. Maybe it was to cleanse him. Maybe it was to punish him. He would never find out. But what they did to him left him without a smile, or even much of his old personality.
Spoilers: None, really.
Warnings: non-con, violence, angst, more angst, man on man, men on man, that's about all I can think of.
: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by people who are not me. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's Note: I started writing this about eight months ago. However, I didn't want to release it until I finished it. It's a good thing too. I left it laying around for about six of those months. It's dark, like many of my fics are, but I like it anyway. Mostly. There are parts I don't, but whatever. Well, enjoy. This has been broken up into eight parts, which will be uploaded at random.

There was nothing around him. Everything was dark. He couldn't move his hands – they were restrained. He didn't really know the exact reason why he was here, but he could draw his own conclusions. Punishment. That could be the only feasible answer. That could be the only reason why he was stuck here.

He could remember the rough hands grabbing him, covering his mouth when he tried to yell as they pulled him into the van. He could still hear the hoarse voice with the rancid breath whisper, "Shut up, and stop struggling. If you resist, we'll just do this to your little partner, faggot."

His brain swam, trying to figure out what the man meant. Partner? He only had one partner in everything, except one thing. But because of that, the only person it could be would be…

He stopped moving around immediately. He definitely didn't want Oishi to get hurt. He couldn't let Oishi get hurt. Not on account of him. Noticing that he had stopped fighting, those hands proceeded to gag and blindfold him. They forced his arms behind his back and handcuffed them together.

During the ride, Kikumaru Eiji could make out snatches of the conversation from the front seat. He didn't care to remember them though, he was too worried to actually think straight, let alone even attempt to remember the words being spoken. Occasionally, the one holding his arm in a vice grip would say something to him, but even that was lost to him because of the loud, fearful thumbing of his heart.

After what felt like an eternity, the car slowed to a stop. The man with the rancid breath grabbed Eiji and hoisted him over his shoulder. He carried his captive like this for a little hike before they reached their destination – a small cabin. Someone opened the door and Eiji was carried inside. The blindfold was removed and the redhead was placed on the single bed in the small one-room cabin. It wasn't long before the gag and handcuffs were taken off as well.

He blinked his eyes for a little while, trying to get used to his surroundings. It was dark here. He couldn't make out the faces of his captors. He knew that all three of them were standing in front of him, though. Through the darkness, he could see their silhouettes.

Eiji gritted his teeth. He hated mysteries and he hated these men, whoever they were. He hated that he couldn't see their faces, or that he didn't know their names. He hated that he couldn't recognize their voices. He hated this situation like he had never felt such rage before.

He stood up. "Oy! You bas-" he began, but couldn't finish. One of the three kicked him in his stomach, making him fall to his knees gasping for breath. A hand grabbed his hair tightly, yanking his head up.

"Looks like we have a feisty one tonight, boys," the leader grunted.

Eiji glared at him. He wouldn't take this without a fight. He had always wanted to be in a brawl anyway. He had been waiting for this chance. Because of Inui's training schedules, he did have muscles and he was an acrobat, so getting out of this situation couldn't be too hard.

He jumped to his feet, ignoring the pain spreading through his stomach as he looked around quickly for some sort of exit. He wouldn't believe that they could just kidnap Oishi. Besides, if… if Oishi would let him, he would warn his doubles partner. That way Oishi could be on the look out. Granted, that was only if the boy would talk to him.

I don't have time to think about that right now, Eiji chided himself. I have to get out of here.

"Out of my way!" he bit out as he shoved through the space inbetween two of the men. He grinned as he reached the door. "Try again next week!" He opened the door and made it several paces before he was tackled from behind.

He let out a small cry of pain as he landed on the ground. The man behind him grabbed both his wrists and twisted them behind his back. Eiji struggled violently. What were they doing? Were they stupid or something?

He was yanked to his feet none too gently. One of the men appeared before him. "You think that was funny, do you?" he spat, smacking Eiji across the face. Eiji didn't answer. He figured that if they were ignored, the bullies would just leave him alone, like most people did when they were ignored. "Answer me, fucking bitch." Eiji bit his tongue to keep from saying anything. The hand was brought up and slapped him again.

"Wonderful," Eiji couldn't help but say. "Three on one. Beautiful odds."

"Is that really what you think, bitch?" the man asked, his hand coming up to stroke Eiji's cheek.

Eiji's eyes hardened. "Yeah, that's really what I think. Otherwise I wouldn't have said it."

The man's hand was raised again and Eiji flinched away, expecting it to strike him. Instead, he felt the fingers caressing his cheek. He opened his eyes, confused at what the man was doing. It was too dark to make out his features, which Eiji was sorely disappointed about. He would have loved to inform the police of exactly what these men looked like once he was out of here.

"You'll be taught to respect me, baby," the man breathed into his face.

Eiji rolled his eyes. "Right, because I always respect the assholes who kidnap me off the fucking street and threaten my doubles partner. Great way to win my respect. Not."

The hand that had been stroking his jaw line suddenly grabbed his neck. "You don't want to piss me off, Kikumaru," the voice hissed through clenched teeth as his hand squeezed Eiji's throat. Eiji choked, renewing his struggles.

"You don't want to piss me off," the man warned. The man that was holding Eiji's wrists cackled with glee, his breath flushing against Eiji's hair.

"Do you think we should see how good he is?" one asked his comrades.

"What do you mean?" another responded.

"Well, he's a faggot, ain't he? We saw him with that partner of his. I want'a see what he knows about doing it, and all. I've heard men give better blowjobs anyway."

Eiji froze at these words. Did they… did they know? They knew of those desires that he held for Oishi? He closed his eyes in resignation as he was bodily dragged by both his wrists and his neck back inside the cabin. If that was what this was about, then let them do whatever they wished. Let them punish him for these urges he had. At those words, the truth spread so blatantly in front of him, he couldn't bring himself to try another escape. He had nothing left anyway. He had absolutely faith that Oishi would be able to protect himself against these thugs, but a small part of him whispered that the odds were still three on one, no matter if it was him, Oishi or even Tezuka. As for Oishi himself, he… well, Oishi was better off without him.

"Look at him." A hand stroked his hair. "He knows he's not supposed to be like this. He knows he's a freak."

Eiji hung his head, trembling slightly. Freak. That's what he was. That's what he had become. That's the term for people who fall in love with their best friends. This was what happened when he kept his hand on Oishi's shoulder for a second longer than necessary, all because he wanted to be close to his doubles partner. This was what he deserved for hugging his friend a little bit tighter than he should have, just because he wanted to be encased in Oishi's warmth. This was his punishment for the kiss he stole from Oishi just the day before, when he couldn't keep everything bottled inside any longer.

He shouldn't have done any of those things. He should have just ignored his feelings. He should have stayed silent.

And so he deserved what these three strangers were about to do to him, for trying to get Oishi.

One of the men came closer, his breath smelling of stale beer. Eiji didn't recoil at all, not even when the man pushed him down to kiss him harshly. There was a voice in his mind that sounded suspiciously like Tezuka, which was telling him how disappointed it was in him. He didn't care. He couldn't deal with losing his best friend. He didn't resist when the man began to unbutton his shirt. He knew he couldn't do anything. This may help redeem him, after all. He stiffened a bit when he felt another's hand begin undoing his pants. Remembering that this was for the greater good, he relaced and allowed them to remove what remained of his clothing.

One of them roughly grabbed him, making him gasp in pain.

"Look at the faggot." Eiji could feel a cold smile coming to his lips. Always "faggot," and never "fag." If one said, "fag" then the person in question could lose what was being said, but the harsh "t" at the end of "faggot" hammered the message in clearly. Eiji hated himself even more with each time he heard that. He should have controlled it, ignored it, used willpower or something.


"He fucking likes it. Fucking faggot."

Eiji grimaced and allowed the tears to fall as the night continued. This was his punishment, he thought to himself. This was his redemption.

Every moment went through his head as he sat naked in a small closet. After using him, the men had given him a bit of food and water and then forced him in here.

He didn't mind the enclosed space. But it was really dark in here. He had nothing to accompany him but his thoughts and the dull pain that rushed through him. He could feel himself falling to sleep, but struggled to stay awake. A vision of Oishi rose in his mind, making the corners of his mouth twitch into a tiny smile.

I'm sorry, Oishi.

He slipped into unconsciousness.