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Summary: Haruhi and Hikaru hands are stuck together for one week! What will happen? What will Tamaki do? HxH TxH

Chapter 1: How It Happened

"Welcome," Voices said in unison, while petals twirled out of the door, "To The Host Club."

Tamaki rattled on about the school and the club to no one in particular while everyone else began work.

As Haruhi passed the place were Hikaru and Kaoru were entertaining the guests.

"Yes. It's true!" Hikaru exclaimed.

"Indeed. Just rub this cream onto your hand and the next thing you touch, you will be stuck to for a week!" Kaoru said.

The girls clapped.

"Couldn't that be backfired as well? What if you were stuck to something you didn't want to be stuck to?" Haruhi asked.

"Ah. Haruhi, Haruhi. That, is none of our concern. Whatever sells." Hikaru whispered to her.

How ill-natured…Haruhi thought.

"Let me demonstrate. Hikaru, bring me that broken picture frame." Kaoru ordered.

Hikaru went over to the wall where a large golden picture frame stood propped against the wall. It had fallen just a day ago, the picture inside had been unharmed, but the frame had split into two.

Using a swab, the twins spread the cream the cream on each side of the frame and then connected them. There was a loud pop and then Hikaru picked up one side of the frame.

"Ta Da!" Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison.

The girls cheered and clapped as Haruhi rolled her eyes.

"Oh dear. Haruhi doesn't seem too interested. Here oh great one. A free bottle." Kaoru smiled.

Haruhi took the bottle and inspected it. It read:

Hikaru and Kaoru's Magic

Sticky Cream

Just rub it in and touch!

It's that simple

Side-affects may include: Itchiness, headache, nausea,

Astraphobia, smelly feet, a fear of loud sounds,

Red eyes, near sightness, decreased hearing,

A fear of waffles, The inability to read manga,

The inability to walk in sand,

And feelings enhanced

"…Damn you rich bastards…" Haruhi muttered, "What's with the side-affects? How can one get a fear of waffles from using this cream?"

"Ah." Hikaru replied, "You see, we tested it on Tamaki. After using the cream, whenever he saw a waffle, he would run away screaming bloody murder."

Haruhi sweat blobbed.

She unscrewed the cap and put some on her hand. She wasn't trying to get stuck to anything. She wanted to see what it looked like and then she would go wash it off before rubbing it in. However, sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Hikaru was making his way over to her when he tripped over the frame he had put down. He tumbled into Haruhi and his hand met Haruhi's. Doom.

"Ow…" Hikaru muttered, rubbing his head.

"Hikaru…Get off me…" Haruhi gasped out.

"Oh. Sorry, sorry."

He tried to separate his hand from Haruhi's, but to no avail.

"Oh no…" Haruhi murmured.

They tried twisting and turning, but they were stuck. Stuck. For a week.


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