Humans die, for good, just like dad

Humans die, for good, just like dad.

Just like dad.

The phrase hung in the air as those who knew of this fact were reminded and those who did not know were stunned. Takuya had not seemed any different to the legendary warriors: still clumsy, still loud, still hotheaded, still brave, still valiant. Even the stony-faced Baromon seemed shaken.

"Takuya, I'm sor…" Agunimon started to say.

"It's okay," Takuya interjected quickly. "I did not mean to make everybody sad or get anyone's pity. My dad … my dad was a good guy. Really good. He was working later than usually to save up for a trip my family was planning to take soon, but he was pushing himself too hard and got into an accident on the way home because he was tired.

"I don't really want to talk about it, but I can't hide from it either. I know … I know that there was nothing I could do and that nothing would bring him back. For a while, I actually started yelling at my phone … " he stopped to chuckle: a deep slow chuckle. "…Just hoping that maybe I could get the phone to turn into a detector and save him like it saved Kouichi.

"But it didn't. It was then I realized just how different our lives were in the human world, but being the stubborn idiot that I am," he said with a big smile, which was quickly mimicked by everyone. "I couldn't let go of the digital world completely: all the things I had seen, the information I had learned, the maturity that I had gained … I needed that most of all. Even though I could never go back, I realized I could use all I had gained from the past to help me."

"The past is a powerful tool," Baromon added. "It is why this place exists: to remind us of the past and help us continually learn and grow from it."

"It … it has been a while since my dad died," Takuya continued, with a much more cheerful voice. "Eventually, I realized there was nothing I could do to bring him back, but that he would always be a part of my past, another memory to learn from and cherish. Now, I'm not a sappy guy, so let's just be careful not to kill the good guys when we are kicking bad guy butt!! That's all I'm saying, buddy."

"Just when you think there's a brain …" Zoe mumbled as she lowered her head.

Everyone had a good laugh and the tense atmosphere disappeared.

"What are your other questions?" Baromon asked, returning to his ominous manner.

"I really want to know who that creepy Sirenmon is and why she was calling herself a guardian of the digital world," Kouji asked. "And … and whether she really was the one who brought Kouichi here." He paused and looked over at Kouichi. "I am definitely grateful that she saved your life, if she really did, but I don't know why she did it. The enemy would not have wanted you to die either."

"That lady definitely had the creepy factor of a mega level," Agunimon said with a shudder.

After a deep sigh to stop himself from hitting Agunimon … again, Lobomon asked, "What about that sphere … thing in the hidden room?"

"What 'thing'?" Kumamon asked. "I don't remember that."

"Sirenmon infected us right when I was about to tell you guys," Lobomon supplied.

"Apparently, it can somehow see things from across the digital world," Kouji began to explain. "When I looked in to it, I saw Kouichi wandering around the Dark Continent, which is how we knew where to look."

"Very well," Baromon responded. He once again directed the stone platform they were floating on towards the stone cylinders that housed the histories of the digital world.


The cylinder floated through the top of the cylinder without showing anything.

"What happened?" JP asked.

Baromon did not speak. He directed the stone to another cylinder, hoping for a different result, but once again the stone passed through unaffected.

"This is not possible," Baromon muttered.

"What … what does it mean?" Lowemon asked. "This cavern is supposed to possess the entire past of the digital world."

"I. Am. Not. Sure," Baromon enunciated slowly.

"What's the big deal?" Takuya asked. "Yeah, it's annoying that we can't see anything about this lady, but so what? Well just leave her alone and stop her if she tries anything funny!"

The other humans nodded, though reluctantly on the twins' part.

Though Baromon and Lowemon were apprehensive and confused, the others seemed indifferent to the situation. They did not understand the ramifications of this latest event. The humans were especially unfazed because they wrongly equated this place with a library or a history documentary. In the human world, it is not uncommon to find bits and pieces of information missing from such things.

Baromon turned slowly towards them and began to explain, "This place tracks data signatures throughout the entire digital world and stores them for future use. These cylinders are able to piece the data together as it happened in the past and display it. It is … impossible for data to exist in the digital world without being recorded here. It is because of the data saved in this place that digimon can be reborn.

"The digital world was created by humans from your world long ago: decades in your time, but millennia in ours. When this world was created, a limited amount of data was given to the program. Over the years, the digital world has evolved into the complex place of today, but it is all merely modifications of the data that existed from the beginning. Since this place was created by the humans who original created this world, it is aware of all data that exists."

"Meaning," Lowemon added grimly, "that this 'Sirenmon' is not a part of the digital world we know. Someone from your world must have … created her.

There are humans manipulating this war."