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AN: So after seeing Thursday night's episode I just had to write something. I decided to leave the Meredith thing alone (don't even get me started on that, poor Mer) and I loved the scene with the four attendings and chief, they remind me so much of the interns when they are together. Addison was hilarious when she spoke to the three men, ' perfect 12 year old' was mean but so funny, especially Derek's facial expression and the 'man-whore' thing haha she shouldn't talk though she slept with him oh well. Oh and this takes place after Burke proposed. So this was supposed to be a one shot but I decided to make a few chapters, five at most. Also I was going for the humor but some how it got more angst as I went on. But there will be humor I promise, I mean come on Mark is in the elevator too lol

Summary: The five interns and four attendings get stuck in the elevator. Chaos, drama, anger are let out, and of course Mark's inappropriate comments are ever present. Addex, MerDer, Burktina. Mention of Addek, Maddison…. um just about everything.



6:30 am


Seattle Grace Hospital

"Chief!" Derek called out anxiously trying to catch the elevator doors before they closed.

He stepped onto the elevator about to continue when he looked up at the chief he froze in surprise

But before the chief could even comment, Addison who was also in the elevator, looked up at him over the rim of her glasses, "Don't."

Derek glanced at her briefly but returned his attention to Dr. Webber, "What's different?"

Addison groaned, "Leave it Derek."

Derek frowned about to question her, when the doors opened yet again and both Mark and Burke walked in.

"Chief…." Burke trailed off as his gaze fixed on the chief's head, or more specifically his hair.

"What did you do to your hair?" Mark asked, tact not being one of his strong points.

Addison rolled her eyes, while she watched the three men's amused expressions.

"That's it!" Derek exclaimed, "You dyed your hair?"

"Why?" Burke fired out.

Richard looked at the three men and sighed, "For change."

"Why?" Mark asked.

But before anyone could say anything, Addison's hand shot out slapping both her ex-husband and his ex-best friend with her magazine.

"Ow!" Derek exclaimed as he and the other two attendings were shoved to the back.

"Can't you see he doesn't want to talk about it?" Addison hissed out.

At the same time the chief sighed in relief when the doors opened again to reveal Dr. Bailey. With one look at the four attendings huddled in the back she rolled her eyes.

"Morning Chief." She greeted, as the chief stepped off the elevator and returned the greeting.

As the door closed she turned to face the four attendings, "You four are almost as bad as my suck ups."

Before either of them could protest she continued, "Then again you wouldn't last a day as my interns."

"Miranda…." Derek started but trailed off at the look he was getting.

"Don't even bother Shepherd you'd be the worst of them."

The other three stifled their laughter's; "Although Sloan would give you a run for your money."

Addison and Burke chuckled, when Mark smirked at the shorter women, "Well I do stick to what I am good at."

Bailey glared at him, "Was that some sort of sexual remark?"

"Nooo", Mark stuttered, retreating at her intimidating stature.

The doors opened yet again and all five of Bailey's interns stood outside. All of them wearing various facial expressions at the sight of the five doctors.

"Ah good you are all here." Bailey said gesturing to them to come on, "Let me assign you to these four fools so I can get on with my day."

At the word fools, all five interns eyes opened in surprise, while the four attendings grumbled.

"Are you forgetting we are your bosses?" Addison asked Miranda quietly.

"Not when the four of you have been reduced to interns, sucking up to the chief."

"I would just like to point out…"Mark started but was silenced by both Addison and Derek.

"Shut up Mark."

The five interns bit their lips to hide their amusement, as they all shuffled themselves into elevator, each of them seemed to be surrounding Bailey and standing in front of a respective attending.

"Ok. Yang you're with Burke." Christina glanced behind her to see Burke looking at her pointedly and then gesturing with his head to Meredith's direction, no doubt asking her a silent question.

"Karev. Dr. Montgomery." At the Alex glanced to his left at Addison, the two made brief eye contact but quickly looked away awkwardly, the look did not go pass unnoticed by Mark, who was now looking at Alex curiously.

"Sloan you've got Stevens." Izzie bit her lip to refrain from groaning when Mark spoke, "Isn't it she's working with me?"

"Same difference Mark." Addison muttered rolling her eyes.

"Grey. Shepherd. O'Malley you're with…"

"Callie O'Malley." Alex muttered amused.

George glared at him, but looked at Dr. Bailey, "You can Dr. Torres need to sort out this marriage thing with you working together, so do it."

With that said she walked off leaving the remaining doctors in silence as the doors closed, but before the elevator could move a foot, it shook violently and came to an abrupt halt all the doctors loosing their balance, all the lights going out and then emergency lights illuminated the small enclosed space.

"Well this is fun." Mark commented smirking at both Addison and Meredith who were both squashed against him, as both women were standing in the front of him, and both lost their balance falling on either side of him.

"Shut up Mark." Derek growled angrily yanking Meredith's small frame away from the cocky plastic surgeon.

Addison placed a hand on Mark's chest and pushed her body away from Mark's, "Must you be an ass all the time?"

"This is just great." Christina commented dryly, banging her head lightly against the wall.

"You're going to hurt yourself." Burke said amused.

"There are too much of us in here." George remarked shoving Alex's leg away from him as the two of them had fallen onto the floor.

"The thing is built for 15 people O'Malley. We are fine." Alex commented moving so he was now leaning against the metal wall, he looked to his left to see Izzie with her knees up to her chest and her eyes closed. Her breathing seemed slightly labored.

"Iz you okay?" Alex asked concerned.

At once everyone started to speak as all the interns began to call out to Izzie. After a few seconds of incoherent babbling, Alex held up his hands, "Shut up."

"Iz?" He called out, moving to crouch in front of her and rubbing her knee,

"I think I'm claustrophobic." Izzie muttered out quietly, opened her eyes briefly but only to shut them at the sight of everyone towering over her

"Oh boy." Meredith muttered out peering over George's shoulder to see her.

"Okay everyone sit!" Alex ordered.

At once George shot down his gaze still focused on Izzie, Meredith also crouched down pulling Derek with her, both of them seeming to catch on what Alex was thinking.

"Us standing is making it worse." Addison spoke, she too lowered herself to the floor, she slapped Mark's leg to get his attention, and slowly everyone else began to lower himself or herself onto the floor.

"Okay move back." Alex continued.

"Where to Alex?" Christina snapped as she was pushed by Alex and into Burke's lap, and the two of them were squashed next to Addison and Mark, who were squished next to George, Meredith and Derek.

"O'Malley you're sitting on my leg." Mark muttered.

"Sorry." George stuttered about to move when Addison grabbed his shoulder, "Don't move. Izzie needs the space.

"Iz, breathe." Alex said softly.

Izzie, who eyes were still closed, slowly began to regain her normal breathing pattern, she opened her eyes and sighed deeply, she looked behind Alex and smiled briefly, "You guys look like sardines."

"Some of us are starting to smell like it too." Mark remarked smirking at Derek, who was to busy talking to Meredith to notice any way.

"Shut up Mark." Came the automatic remark from Addison.

Alex smiled as Izzie slowly started to breath normally, "You okay?"

Izzie nodded and with that nod the eight people breathed out in relief and quickly disentangle themselves.

"Iz you okay?" Meredith and George asked at the same time.

" Yea." She replied shifting so that George could sit next to her.

"So what happens now?" Mark asked.

"Now we wait till some one notices that it stopped." Burke informed.

"What no emergency button?" Addison asked.

"Not working." Meredith in formed from her corner as she slammed the red button above her head.

"Just perfect." Christina muttered.


"Do it now." Burke whispered to Christina

Christina glanced back at him incredulously, "No."


"We are stuck in an elevator Burke." Christina muttered, glancing at the others, only too they were all either occupied with their thoughts or speaking amongst themselves not talking either her or Burke.

"Exactly now is the perfect time." Burke insisted, Christina shook her head about to protest more, when Burke spoke loudly over everyone's voices.

"Meredith. Christina has something to tell you."

Everyone looked cross at the two curiously, Christina scowled at her fiancé, "Your name Meredith?"

She snapped at her three friends who were also looking at her, knowing she couldn't say it to the other attendings.

"We're in an elevator Yang there is no way you can keep a secrete in here." Alex commented dryly.

"If you don't tell her I will." Burke insisted.

"Tell me what?" Meredith asked curiously, her gaze focused on Christina.

Christina scowled, "Fine." She looked at Izzie, "You squeal and I slap you."

Izzie looked at her in shock, "Are you pregnant?"

"No!" Both Christina and Burke barked out in shock.

"Well?" Meredith asked seeing the Christina was not moving to say anything else.

Burke rolled his eyes, "Christina and I are getting married." As he said that he grinned broadly, at which Christina looked across at Meredith and smiled at which Meredith chuckled happily.

"Seriously!" Izzie squealed out clapping her hands.

"See this is why she's not my best friend." Christina muttered as congratulations rang out in the small-enclosed space.

Meredith stood up, as did Christina so that the two could hug, "You want this?"

Christina smiled broadly, "Yea."

"Congrats then." Meredith said smiling, she was about to continue when Mark who was seated under the two of them, as they were leaning over him to hug, spoke.

"I can see right up your top." He smirked looking up at the two.

"Can I kick him?" Christina asked as she moved away from Meredith.

"No objections here." Derek remarked.

Meredith rolled her eyes, when Mark turned to face Derek, "Are you kidding me?"

Derek glared at him, "I have nothing to do with you."

"Oh god." Addison groaned out glancing at the two men, "There are seven other people in here could the two of you not start."

"No this is between Derek and I. Addison. Stay out of it."

"Did you not hear what I just said?" Addison remarked glaring at the two men who seemed to be staring down each other from across the room.

"Shut up Addison." Derek remarked standing up and brushing away Meredith hand in attempt to stop him

"No!" Addison said standing to face him, "Derek, you have nothing to say to him."

"Nothing to say to him Addison!" Derek shrieked, making all the other doctors to jump at his tone. But Addison didn't even flinched, Meredith though seemed to be in shock at his tone also, she inched away from him unsure what he was going to do.

Derek turned around and glared at Mark venomously, "He slept with you! You were my wife Addison!"

At that Addison's defensive nature deflated, "It doesn't matter any more Derek." She said quietly very aware of the interns and Burke were looking on.

"How can you say that Addison! You slept with him!" Derek screamed out, he clenched his fist in anger about to move forward but before anyone could react Alex squeezed himself between the two, he glared at Derek.

"I think you should move back." Alex said.

Derek glared at him, "I wasn't going to hit her Karev."

"Yea well I don't know you, so I don't trust you." Alex remarked easily.

"Alex, sit down." Addison ordered.

Alex looked back at her in disbelief, Addison shook her head, "Alex."

Alex sighed and moved back to sit next to Izzie, Derek and Mark both looked at each other and then between Addison and Alex. Addison looked at the two in disgust, "I don't want to hear anything from either of you got it?"

"What!" They both exclaimed angrily.

"Look there are nine people in this elevator, six of which do not need to see the two of you go at each other throats, over something that happened months ago. Something that is irrelevant to our lives now okay?"

Mark grunted but Derek just glared at her, "Its irrelevant?'"

Addison sighed, "Derek are you listening to yourself? You are going to make an ass out of yourself in front of your girlfriend." She gestured to Meredith who seemed to be frozen, "To your colleagues. And to a bunch of interns. Really is that necessary? You want to have it out with Mark after all this time fine, but to it on you own time. And not waste the remaining oxygen we have in this god forsaken elevator."

With that said she sat down breathing deeply, Mark who was sitting next to her nudged her leg, which she had her elbows on, "You're taking all the oxygen Addison."

At that comment a few of the other doctors snickered, Addison though rolled her eyes, "Shut up Mark."

"So anyone have some cards?" Alex asked breaking the silence,

"You have time to play poker in the hospital?" Bruke asked amused.

Alex shrugged, "Just a question."

"I'm bored." Christina remarked a few minutes later.

"I'm hungry." Izzie said.

"I'm tired." George said.

"God do all of you whine like that?" Mark asked exasperated.

"You know if you were to give us some respect maybe we will give you some in return." Izzie remarked darkly.

"Give respect to get it?" Mark asked referring to a conversation the two had earlier.

"So you were listening to me." Izzie said surprised. "Ten points for you."

Mark looked at her in shock, George was shaking his head at Izzie's disrespect but the other interns were amused as well as the three attendings. Mark looked across at Derek, "Doesn't she remind you of someone?"

Derek looked at Izzie then back at Mark and laughed, "Damn its true, I didn't even realize."

Addison looked at the two curiously trying to figure whom they were referring to, "Who are the two of you talking about?"

Derek and Mark looked at her and then laughed again shocking everyone, "Is this normal for them?" Alex asked her curiously

Addison looked up at him questioningly, "What ready to rip each others throats out, then get along? Yea."

"Its scary." George remarked.

Meredith chuckled at George's honest answer as well as Mark and Derek who both scowled when they realized what they were doing.

"So who do I remind you of?" Izzie asked impatiently.

Mark chuckled, "Impatient to boot."

"Fine don't tell me I don't care." Izzie scowled.

Mark laughed, "Of course you do you're just upset that we won't tell you."

Christina laughed at Izzie's expression, "God he read you like a book."

Alex suddenly laughed out loud surprise the other occupants, "What?" Meredith asked curiously.

"I now know who they are talking about." He said amused, "Damn."

Derek and Mark heads both whipped around to look at him each other them wearing similar scowls, "And how do you know?"

Alex smirked, "I have my ways."

Mark growled, when suddenly Addison's head shot up and she slapped both Mark and Derek with her magazine.

"Ow! Addison!" They both exclaimed rubbing their shoulders.

"Stop making fun of Stevens! And me!" Addison exclaimed.

"what?" the four interns said confused.

"Oh I remind them of you?" Izzie asked surprised and slightly embarrassed at the thought.

Christina though snickered earning a glare from Izzie, Izzie looked across at Derek and Mark, "Is that suppose to be a compliment or not? I'm not too sure with the two of you."

Addison grunted, "Damn well be a compliment."

Mark chuckled, "See the same short temper thing."

"Am I short tempered?" Izzie asked her friends.

At which all four of them answered quickly, "Yes."

Izzie huffed, "I am not!"

"Iz." Meredith pointed out.

Izzie grinned sheepishly, "Okay so maybe you're right."

"Even if they didn't mean it as a compliment Iz, It is one." Alex said, he turned red slightly when he realized he said that loudly.

Addison looked across at him and smiled, "Why thank you Karev."

Alex just shrugged sheepishly, Christina snickered yet again, Meredith looked across at her curiously, "What's with you?"

"Nothing." She answered biting her lip to hide her smile.


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