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"I want my bed!" Cristina grumbled, wincing when she realized she ended up hitting Burke. But she then rolled her eyes when she remembered he slept like a log.

"Me too." Meredith spoke, "My back is going to kill me tomorrow."

Cristina grunted, "I can't believe I missed out on an entire day of surgeries, stuck with you people."

"I want a full body massage."

"If I missed a good one, I'm blaming Shepherd too."

"I want…wait what? Why!"

"Cause he's Shepherd and this is an elevator."

"He did not plan this." Meredith said dryly, not even knowing why she even bothered to defend when she knew Cristina was just complaining and wanting to place blame on someone,

"If he planned it, it would be the two of you." Cristina said dryly, "And if you are so horny to go at it with a room stuffed of people, including his ex-wife, I don't even want to think about what the two of you would be doing."

"At least I wouldn't have to listen to you." Meredith remarked.

"Seriously, Mer I got to teach you some come backs."

"Shut up." Meredith said, "I'm going back to sleep."

"Just don't get frisky again."

"You want me to feel you up?"

"You're getting better."

"Shut up."


"George you up?" Izzie called out softly.

"Umm, what?" George asked tiredly.

"Mark has his arms around me." Izzie informed.

"Oh, are you going to hurt him?"


George groaned, "Izzie tell me you don't have a thing for Sloan."

"I don't!" Izzie said defensively.

"And that's why he has his arms around you?"

" I was cold so I didn't bother to do anything, that and he wouldn't wake up." Izzie said, she then sighed, "Okay, so I might have a tiny, microscope, thing for him."

"Izzie." George groaned in disapproval.

"Look its not even worth mentioning."

"Well obviously it was or you wouldn't have said anything, look Sloan is a womaniser he'd only want you for sex."

"You don't know that."

"He was hitting on you since we got in the elevator!"

"He's only talk."

"No Iz all he's going to do is hurt you."


"Look you're obviously very tired, I am too, when we get up maybe you'd come to your senses."


When Addison awoke again, she sighed contently as she felt Alex's arms around her, opening her eyes she groaned when she realized the lights were still out. She was about to go back to sleep when someone spoke.

"Addie you up?" Derek asked quietly.

"Yea." She answered softly, slightly surprised by the use of her nickname, seeing as the two of them had barely spoken in the last couple of weeks.

Neither of the two said anything for a while, until Derek spoke again, "Hey Addie. Are you happy?"

At that question Addison frowned in confusion, but answered him none the less, "Yea, but why…"

"Good." Derek said cutting her off, "Cause I want you to be happy."

"Like you are?" Addison asked softly, making sure not to wake Alex.

"Yea, just because we got divorced doesn't mean I didn't stop caring for you." Derek spoke sincerely, "Hey Addie?"

"Yea Derek?"

"I'm sorry about everything these past couple of months." Derek apologized.

"Yea me too, I'm sorry with Mark…" Addison trailed off not wanting to bring up anything else.

"And Addie, just so you know, I'll always love you."

Addison smiled, as she was thinking the same thing about him, "Me too Derek. Me too."

The lay in silence for a few seconds when Derek spoke again, his tone still soft, in order to not wake the others, but also with a slight tease to it, "So the lights came back on for a while."

Addison froze at that, "Really?"

Derek chuckled, "Don't sound so innocent. I saw Karev's hand in your top."

"So his hand just moved there in his sleep." Addison said defensively, and lying through her teeth.

Derek chuckled, "So that hickey on you neck, just appeared over night?"

"No!" Addison hissed in horror, touching her neck, knowing she wouldn't be able to see it or feel it.

"Relax I wasn't watching the two of you that long." Derek said amused.

"Hey what were you doing up?"

When Derek didn't reply Addison chuckled lightly, "Oh, so you're giving me talk when you and Meredith were going at it, and from what the interns say the two of you are like to horny teenagers. If Yang were to catch you…"

"She did."

Addison laughed loudly at that, waking up Alex in the process, "Add?"

"Sorry go back to sleep." Addison said softly.

"Is it time for my shift?" He mumbled.

Addison grinned, "No, go back to sleep."

When she got no response she knew he'd already fallen asleep, "He talks in his sleep?" Derek asked amused.

"Sometimes." Addison replied fondly, "Scared the hell out of me the first time he did too."

Derek chuckled, when there was suddenly a soft snore coming from Meredith. At that sound Addison giggled, "She snores?"

"Yea." Derek said in the same tone Addison had just used, "Its actually much softer now that it normally is."

"And how do you…"

"Ear plugs." Derek supplied, "I use to sleep on the couch and just get up before her, but then she caught me."

"Really?" Addison said sarcastically.

"I couldn't sleep!" Derek protested.

"I would have kicked you out if you did that."

"She did, when she realized I bunked in O'Malley's bed when he wasn't there."

"Smart girl."

Derek chuckled, "So, who was the girl in collage?"

Addison rolled her eyes, but then realized he wouldn't have been able to see her, "Oh give it up I'm not going to tell you that."

"Why? Come on I missed when you and Mer kissed, least I should get, is to know who it was."

"I'm not going to even try and figure out how you associated those two, to get me to tell you."

Derek was about to protest when there was a grunt on the left side of the elevator, "Are the two of you serious?" Mark asked tiredly.

"Are we disturbing you Mark?" Addison asked dryly.

"Comfortable Mark?" Derek teased.

Mark groaned, "She's going to kill me isn't she?"

Addison and Derek laughed knowing he was referring to Izzie who was sleeping soundly on his chest, "Its safe to say you are never going pee standing up again." Derek in formed completely amused at that aspect.

"She smells good though." Mark said taking a sniff of Izzie's head that was right below his chin.

"Yes Mark smelling Stevens' hair is not going to wake her." Addison said amused.

"Look I didn't do…wait how the hell do you even know that she's practically on top of me?" Mark asked suspiciously.

Addison giggled, "The lights came on when Derek was getting some action, and Yang caught them.'

Derek grunted when Mark laughed, "Man, that sucks Shep. Did she pull any hairs out?"

"Karev's hand was up Addison's top!"

"At least Alex and I didn't get caught." Addison in formed

"She has a point, Derek." Mark said amused at the whole thing, "So Addison who did you kiss?"

Addison grunted, "Why do the two of you want to know this so badly?"

"It's hot Addison." Mark replied, "That and you were so proper in med school…"

Derek scoffed, "She was not Mark, are you forgetting who use to give us the worse dares."

"Ah but Addison was more talk than anything." Mark said.

"I was not!" Addison protested.

"You were." Both men spoke

"Well most of them time. "Derek said chuckling slightly.

Addison grunted, "I always go through with a dare!"

"Yea but that's only because you are very competitive, you'd never do something like that unless it was to win at something." Derek said

Mark spoke again, "Okay, was it anyone we knew?"

Addison rolled her eyes, "I am not telling either of you anything."

"So it is someone we know." Derek smirk, although he knew they couldn't see him, "But who? Was it Savvy?"

Addison snorted, "I admit Sav is a little out there but no, not even she was that daring or competitive."

"Then who do we know, would do something like that?" Mark asked trying to rack his brain to figure it out.

"Oh my god no." Derek said disgusted, "You didn't…Addison."

"What? Who was it?" Mark asked anxiously, wincing when he felt Izzie shift in his arms, he breathed a sigh of relieve when she didn't wake.

"Ask Derek he seems to know." Addison replied lightly, thinking Derek had no clue.

"You kissed my sister!" Derek said disgusted, "My ex-wife kissed my sister and my girlfriend, god that's messed up."

"Which one?" Mark asked, "Wait Nancy!"

Addison chuckled lightly at that, "You're going to wake up Stevens, and as much as I would like to see her beat you up key word there see. Its too late. And can you possibly see Kathleen playing truth or dare? And Tessa and Jamie were too young to be in collage."

"I don't want to even think about it." Derek said disgusted, "Is that why the two of you were so close?"

"No you idiot, your sister is just flaky." Addison said dryly.

"Damn." Mark muttered.

"Oh Mark stop thinking about it." Addison said exasperated.

Mark opened his mouth about to say something when someone's soft snores got a little louder, "Who…" he started but was cut off by Addison's amused voice.


"Ha! And how do you…"

"Ear plugs." Derek spoke, "Don't laugh I find it cute."

"That's why you wear ear plugs to block out the 'cute' sound." Mark said amused.

"I said she's cute, not the sound." Derek corrected.

Mark groaned, "And Derek the hopeless romantic is…."

"Don't the three of you know each other long enough, to run out of things to say to each other?" Cristina snapped suddenly, her voice thick with sleep.

"Sorry." The three attendings muttered apologetically.

"Yea. Yea. Whatever. Just shut the hell up." She grunted out.

"Not a morning person." Mark said amused.

"Sloan, Izzie's going to castrate you." Cristina spoke again, "Shut up."

Addison and Derek chuckled softly at Mark's expense as all three of them went back to sleep.


"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" the chief bellowed.

At the sound of his voice all nine occupants, who were sleeping soundly shot up in a daze, heads colliding, as they scrambled to stand up, limbs flaying as they tried to steady themselves.

"MY OFFICE NOW!" he barked pointing down the corridor.

The other staff members who were around the area stopped what they were doing to look at the nine doctors. All of whom had bed hair, the ladies being the worse, Addison's though was the worst of them as hers was standing up in all direction, from Alex running his hands through it the night before. One of the legs of Meredith's scrub pants was pulled all the way up to her mid thigh, so that her entire right leg was exposed, her hair was equally messy. Everyone else had lines along their faces from the uncomfortable positions they had been it.

"Pants." Derek muttered to Meredith as he picked up his pace to walk next to her.

Meredith groaned as she tried to walk and pull down the pants' leg at the same time, at this balancing at the nurses at the admit desk giggled at the nine doctors passed. She groaned and quickly pulled her hair together trying to tame it, much like what Addison and Izzie were doing in front of her.

"Hickey alert!" Cristina hissed out, but not soft enough as other staff members heard and were giggling again.

Meredith groaned again, her face turning red in embarrassment as she quickly fixed her hair over her neck.

"We're dead." Izzie moaned, "When I was now actually getting some OR time."

"We aren't dead Iz." Alex reassured.

The two froze when the chief turned around to glared at them, "Alright people get back to work!" he barked at his other staff, he ushered the nine doctors into his office.

"Four attendings and five interns!" The chief screeched rubbing his temples as he took a seat at his desk, glaring at the nine doctors in front of him all of whom were trying to straighten out themselves. George though was nervously shifting from one foot to the other.

"Look I get that you were stuck in there for almost 24 hours, I expected you to sleep." He said calmly, "But when I find my four head attendings practically spooning four of my interns!"

He glared at Addison, "Well you were being spooned."

At that some of the interns chuckled but were quickly silenced by the look they got, Addison opened her mouth about to try to rectify the situation, "Richard..."

"Don't!" He snapped cutting her off. "I get that it was a small space, and unfortunate circumstances, but when I fine one of my interns with his hand up my head of neonatal's shirt. Then I have a problem."

"Sir." George called out meekly but was ignored

Addison went to open her mouth again, but thought better of it, "Not only do I see that, but also my head of neurosurgeon with his hand inside another intern's pants!"

"Chief." Derek spoke. As Meredith turned red yet again and her friends bit their lips to hide their amusement

"No Derek!" he barked.

"All of you have no decorum!" He shouted, " I can not believe that you would…"

"Sir." George called out again, he was now bouncing on his feet anxiously.

"What O'Malley!" The chief barked at him

George gulped, "Sorry, but I was wondering…I'm sorry to interrupt but…"

"Out with it O'Malley."

"Sorry, but can I use the bathroom?" George asked in a rush.

The chief stopped at that and looked at him confused, when he glanced at the others he saw that despite Meredith's red face she too seemed to be wringing her hands nervously, Christina and Alex were biting there lips in amusement but they too had a look of anxiousness "Do all of you?"

At once the nine doctors nodded vigorously, he sighed and waved his hand letting them go, "We're not finished here!" he yelled out to them but all of them had already fled the room and towards the bathroom.

He looked outside his office to see Bailey looking on with a look of disgust, her arms folded as she shook her head in disapproval.


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Just Dumb Luck

Summary: Sequel to Stuck. Izzie decides to have an engagement dinner for Burke and Cristina, much to Cristina's disgust. The only problem is Seattle is experiencing the worst thunderstorm in years. What happens when these 10 doctors get stuck together again, in Meredith's house? Addex, MerDer, Burktina George/Callie, Mizzie, everyone's paired up.

Since you guys are the best I'm going to give a little bit more.

It takes place a week after Stuck, so everyone is still awkward around each other, so they get stuck again, this time it's in Meredith's house, that means booze, a bitching Cristina, lost of rooms with closed doors, and some worked up couples, oh the possibilities. Mark continues to hit on Izzie, who is now questioning her feelings for him. Oh and Callie's there.


So what do you guys think? Should I write it?