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Chapter Seven


The girls were in P.E class watching a very preoccupied Nyamo try to struggle through another lesson. It hadn't been a very good week for her, or anyone else in her classes for that matter.

Just in the last few days, Yomi got a very large bruise from a stray soccer ball flying in from nowhere, Osaka's tripping statistics had almost doubled, Tomo's head spent most of it's days on ice and Chiyo-chan almost drowned… again.

Luckily for Sakaki and Kagura their athletic prowess kept them safe… well safer than the rest. After all no one could really be safe if you were in their class, a wildcat was part of your forces and you had Miss Yukari as a homeroom teacher.

The girls knew what was making Nyamo so edgy, and frankly most of them were feeling a little guilty about it.

Most as in all except Osaka who was too busy doing odd things and Tomo… who was Tomo. After all it was pretty much their fault that their Miss Kurosawa had an unavoidable blind date tonight and it was with their acquired foreigner.

The fact that the P.E teacher's mother had made sure she knew the 'importance of making a good impression on such a magnificent human specimen' had made the situation even worse. The result was a very nervous and a little more than slightly nauseous Nyamo.

'Mom certainly knows how to make sure I feel suitably uncomfortable for this whole date scenario thing,' Nyamo thought, with a sigh she thought to call the class to order as the hour was about to end.

"Alright girls, time to… Oww!"

"Oh my God! Coach! Are you ok? Tomo watch where you throw the damn balls!" Kagura said as she ran to the aid of her fallen teacher.

"Head… oww."

"Let's get her over to the bench ok?," said Sakaki taking over as Kagura was now off on a wildcat hunt.

"Tomo stop running!"

"Only if you stop chasing me moron! It was an accident dammit!"

"Kagura, help us out here ok? Let that idiot feel guilty by herself," said Yomi in her usual responsible fashion.

The athlete shot a final glare at her wildcat friend and jogged over to help Sakaki carry Nyamo onto the bench.

The rest of the class crowded over but Tomo flapped her arms about and ensured Nyamo was not bothered.

"Hey give them some room! Give them some room! Don't just crowd around like that! Morons!"

"Geez Tomo, you're the one that smacked her with a ball…"

"What was that Ohyama?!"

"Uh, nothing. Going to next class now, you guys take care of her ok?"


After they had safely delivered their teacher to the nurse's station, the girls wandered into their last class of the day. As their luck would have it, it turned out to be languages with their homeroom teacher.

As soon as they walked in they were promptly hit with Yukari's phrase of the week…

"Right girls, pop-quiz!"

"Again? God Yukari aren't you running out of questions to ask us?"


"Oww… geez, there's just so much violence at this school," said a wildcat who was now rubbing the chalk-shaped red spot on her forehead.

"It's because you go here Tomo, let's just sit down ok?," Yomi said.

During the week, the poor girls not only had to deal with an edgy Nyamo, but also with an out-of-her-mind Yukari.

The language teacher was suffering from a serious lack of good ideas that would deal with the Nyamo situation. She had been taken aback by the previous realisation that solving the little envelope fiasco wouldn't even be denting main problem. And Yukari didn't want the problem dented, she wanted it destroyed.

'I refuse to let that Nyamo get married! But why… why is it that I feel so strongly about this? Damn that Osaka!,' Yukari ceased her thoughts for a moment just to glare at the girl.

'Dammit, why is she smiling at me like that? It's just so unnerving!'


Once the end of the class finally rolled around… Tomo found herself with three more chalk-shaped red marks on her forehead and Osaka found her entire desk turned around so that she was facing the back-wall.

Yukari certainly did not like the feeling of being unnerved.

Calling another meeting, the distraught teacher wanted to run through that night's planned events.

Tomo, still the ICPO enthusiast, provided the squad with walkie talkies and at once demanded they all wear their uniform dark glasses.

Yukari gave the girl a pat on the head as an apology for all the chalk throwing earlier. The wildcat gave her a smirk in return and all the in-class animosity between them vanished.

"Right then, tonight's plan. Is everybody clear on it?"

"Wait, we have a plan?," a confused athlete asked.

Tomo put an arm around the girl.

"Don't worry Yukari, she probably just wasn't listening. Too preoccupied staring at the you know what of a certain you know who."

The wildcat gave a knowing wink and automatically ducked to dodge Kagura's karate chop to the head. Her reflexes were definitely quick enough to miss the first hit… but not the second one that came from Yomi's general direction.

"Thanks Yomi," said Kagura.

"Don't worry about it, it's kind of my job."


"Girls, girls, girls, let's save all our violent energy for tonight ok?," said their 'teacher'.

"Umm, Miss Yukari, you do realise that we planted that foreigner right?," asked Chiyo-chan.

Yukari looked at the girl blankly.

"You understand that he isn't our enemy?," the younger girl offered again.

Another blank look, this time coupled with an 'eyes glazing over' effect.

Chiyo-chan looked at the woman wearily and wondered if it would be wise to alert her parent's lawyers about an impending law suit.

Sakaki gave the girl a supportive pat on the head before clearing her throat.

"Miss Yukari, this plan you mentioned earlier. You do realise that we don't actually have one don't you?"

"We don't? Aww geez."

"See I knew we didn't!"

"Shut up athlete, you just had to agree with Saka… dammit why'd you hit me?"

Sakaki positioned herself between the two more energetic members of her squad before returning her attention to a now thoughtful looking Yukari.

"Right… plan. Need one. So, anyone got one?," asked the teacher.

Tomo put her hand up.

"Anyone? Anyone at all?," said Yomi.

Tomo rolled her eyes and was about to open her mouth when Osaka suddenly decided to speak up.

"The foreigner can't speak Japanese," said the girl who was still sitting in her backwards facing seat.

"Umm Osaka, you don't actually have to stay sitting there," said Yukari.

"Ohhh, ok."

The rest of the girls watched Osaka wander over to them before continuing whatever fragment of speech she had prepared.

"… and Nyamo can't speak any foreign languages."

Yukari looked the girl up and down in the hope of finding a fast-forward button hidden somewhere.

"… But Miss Yukari can speak both."

"Uhh…," started the impatient wildcat.

"So when the date is going horribly wrong… or more likely, not going anywhere at all…"

"Oh!," said the group's youngest member, earning her a smile from Osaka. "Then Miss Kurosawa will call Miss Yukari for help."

"Resulting in a nice Yukari/Nyamo moment at a very expensive, romantic hotel restaurant! Aww," said the wildcat who had finally caught on.

Yukari turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

"Don't look at me like that Yukari, I know you're in love with her. These guys told me so."

Yukari's eyes widened and the rest of girls fought the urge to run away. Well all except for Chiyo, who had run away behind Sakaki.

"I'm so not in love with Nyamo!," their now blushing teacher managed to get out.

Tomo nodded.

"That's exactly it Yukari, except without the 'not'."

Yukari did her version of Kaorin's monster face and Chiyo started doing some deep-breathing exercises.

Before the teacher could explode into a denial filled rant about how she wasn't in love with Nyamo and Tomo was a moron and had she mentioned she wasn't in love with Nyamo, the wildcat did the most unexpected thing anyone had ever seen her do.

She squared up to the now threatening looking teacher, looked her in the eye, placed a hand on her shoulder and said simply…

"Don't worry Yukari, it's ok. Love is good."


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