Debt To Be Paid

Warning: This is a slash (meaning 2-D and Murdoc getting it on), some swearing, zombie attacks, violence, more zombie attacks, fluff, and of course my least favorite zombie attacks.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Gorillaz, Murdoc does, duh.

Summery: Murdoc had done a lot of bad things in his life, when I say I a lot I mean millions. And now his debt has to be paid with his most precious thing, when I say precious thing I mean 2D. But you can't have a band without a singer right? (Mud/2D Slashy-goodness)

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Chapter 1: Debt and payment

"You've gone to far man" Was the only warning Gorillaz bassist got before a huge black hand picked him up by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall. In the background Murdoc could hear Noodle yelling at Russel to stop and that they needed to hurry up or something like that, but the drummer shrugged the teenager off and kept his white eyes on the man before him.

"I don't say nuthin when 2D gets a new bruise, but damn man you sunk to a whole new level, he can barely walk damnit!" Murdoc blinked in confusion, honestly, which was a new thing for him, not having a clue what the black man was talking about.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He nearly spat, not hiding how angry he was getting. After all he hadn't done anything that could be considered bad by his band member's standers in the last few days.

"I'm talking about you beating the crap out of 2D!" The bigger man raised s fist to strike him "Or were you to drunk to remember that you did it?"

"Russel stop it, 2D is hurt, he needs to go to a hospital!" Noodle cried and continued to pull at the black mans green shirt. Murdoc noticed right away that the girl didn't seem to care what was happening to him, but only about 2D, which was odd since Noodle normally told Russel violence didn't deserve more violence when the drummer seeked revenge for the singer.

"I don't know what your talking about, I haven't touched the dullard in days" White eyes stared into Murdoc's miss matched ones seeking the truth, and the bassist guessed they found it since he was dropped onto the ground.

"Then who the hell beat 2D up if it wasn't you?" Russel asked and looked from him to Noodle who shrugged her small shoulders before speaking.

"We will find out later, 2D needs a hospital" The large man nodded before walking down the hallway to the elevator.

"Oi wait up" Murdoc said after a moment and scrambled to his feet and after the two. He wanted to see what all the fuss was about with brain ache. He would never admit it but he also want to know who touched the pretty boy, since the only one who was actually allowed to hurt the idiot was Murdoc "I'm a coming to"


Shallow breaths could be heard from the normally well lit room that was pitch black except for a single computer screen.

"Hey D you up?" Russel asked as he fumbled to look for a light switch. Murdoc sighed with annoyance and found the light switch easily, after all he had been in the bedroom more then the other two had since someone needed to get the brain dead man up for practice almost every day.

Russel gave a small thankful look, but besides that remained silent as Noodle raced over to the lump on the bed.

"She said she saw 2D crawling inside the house after going out for a small walk" Russel told the man who just pulled out a cigarette "2D refused to tell her what happened so she came to me, and I thought it was you, but you didn't do it?"

"No I didn't do it" He hissed and watched the Japanese girl slowly lift the blankets after the singer ignored her pleas to wake up. The cigarette in his mouth almost fell out at the sight of the damaged singer while Russel took a deep intake of air and let out a single swear word.

Never, not even when Murdoc hit the dullard with his car, did he see 2D so badly hurt. It looked like the thin man lost a fight with a football team only to get beat up by their wrestling cousins.

If the blue haired man had even tried to clean himself up it was hard to tell, blood still oozed out of the cuts and scratches on him. Even the bruises were colors the Satanist had never seen on the younger man before.

"2D wake up" The 15 year old cried and shook the singer gently; Russel pulled her away from the man who was struggling to take each breath after seeing how distressed she was becoming over it.

"Luv, come here" Murdoc said softly surprising Russel; the girl nodded and came to stand behind the men while her fatherly figures went to the singer's side.

"Yo D, can you hear me" A black hole opened slowly and looked at the big man above him with mild surprise in his pain filled eyes

"Wot is it Russ?" 2D asked trying to not to sound too weak at the moment, but god did it hurt. That's why he went straight to his bedroom in the first place, so that when he passed out to escape the pain he wouldn't be awoken to feel the pain for at least a few days.

"Man who did this to you?"

"And don lie, because I will be able tell if you do" Murdoc stated with his arms crossed at the end of the bed. The 28 year old lifted his head slightly to look at him and glance at Noodle before sinking back onto the pillow with a soft sigh.

He didn't want to tell them what happened; he wanted to keep it to himself no matter what would happen to him.

The singer closed his eyes and tried not to remember his walk around Kong Studio or what happened, maybe if he forgot he wouldn't have to tell his band mates who were going to get the answer out of him one way or another.

Then again he should at least warn Murdoc that some crazy guy who seemed to know him had beaten the blue haired man up.


The Gorillaz singer let out a happy sigh after escaping outside. Sure some would consider the scenery around the studio ugly but at times when the sun was setting and the light reflected off the broken trash it could be very pretty if your ignored the smell.

It was times like this when everything was peaceful that the blue haired man liked to escape from Kong Studio and the chaos that went on inside it to just enjoy the serenity of that the land fill offered when not crawling with zombies.

"You look lovely today Stuart" A rich voice stated from behind the singer making him jump and almost fall as he turned around quickly.

The man standing behind him seemed to have come out of no where, but then again 2D could admit to himself that he didn't notice things that quickly since he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

"What's the matter, you seem confused" the elegantly dressed man smiled wickedly and fiddled with his silky red braid that must have been as long as the singers arm.

"Do I know you?" 2D thought hard, and raked through his memory of concerts and all the people he met in his life, but he was sure anyone dressed like a rich business man would be memorable even to him since he would have stuck out more then a mime on fire. (Which 2D had seen many times)

"No, but your friend Murdoc does" A sharp slap was sent knocking the frail man to the ground "And he needs to realize that his debt is going to be paid one way or another"

"What debt?" The singer asked slowly and rubbed his cheek as he looked up at the man who could seriously hurt him despite the fact he looked as thin as 2D himself did.

A feeling of dread filled the pit of the singer's stomach at the smile that was given to him

"He owes me his most precious thing in the world, which I believe is you love"

"M-me?" He stumbled not believing what the man was saying "I don fink your right, Murdoc don like me, and I'm not precious to 'im"

An elegant gloved hand rested on the mysterious mans face, and scarlet red eyes narrowed dangerously

"Really? I suppose I could have been wrong, very doubtful though, but I suppose I can re-check my facts and just send Murdoc a message since you clearly are telling the truth, or what you believe is the truth"

"Wot's the message?" The singer asked ignoring the other stuff the man mentioned only to regret asking when the feeling of dread increased a hundred fold. 2D became more afraid of this man then he was of Murdoc when he was in a pissy mood after waking up to find the lady he spent the night with stole his money and alcohol.

"Now I know I am correct in this answer, the message and the messenger will be you love"

(End Flashback)

"Dullard are you going to answer the damn question?" An annoyed voice asked bringing the small man out of his memory and back to the painful presence.

"Can you hand me my pills Russ?" He asked the black man who nodded only to be stopped by Murdoc's sharp voice.

"Not until you answer the question, who did this to you"

"Come on man, he's in pain" Russel argued only to be silenced by the glare sent his way that even made him think twice about opening his mouth.

"Who. Did. This" The bassist grounded out staring at the zombie looking man who ignored his friends and continued to look at the ceiling. "Tell and you can get your pill face ache"

"Wot's your most precious fing Mud's?" The dirty man blinked in surprise not having a clue how that question had anything to do with 2D's attacker.

"Wat's that got anything to do with who hurt you?" Murdoc asked

"Nofing" The singer said quickly and rolled over on his stomach "I wana sleep"

"You should go see a doctor" Noodle said wisely now that she had calmed down, it disturbed her to see the older man breathing so ragged, and the thought of 2D dieing made her shudder. The 15 year old always worried about the man somewhat since he unlike Russel or Murdoc he had the greatest chance of being killed or seriously hurt.

Not to say she didn't worry about Russel or Murdoc, but they were more like fathers, or in Murdoc's case that drunk uncle who sad he just needed awhile to get on his feet but really stayed for months. The singer was more like a little brother who had a knack for running out in the middle of a busy street.

"Nah, jus sleep" The singer mumbled before closing his eyes, his band mates looked at each other for a second before Murdoc acted

"Oi brain ache wake your arse up" Long green tinted fingers reached out over the bed and grabbed the back of the singers red stained shirt "Unless you want to-"

"Go away!" The singer yelled and smacked the rough hand away from him before burying himself into his pillow again trying to suppress the waves of terror running through his thin body.

He did just smack Murdoc, or at least his hand. That was almost as bad as spitting in the bassist face, 2D was pretty sure he was going to die for that little stunt.

A tense silence filled the room before Murdoc growled and stomped out of the bedroom muttering obscenities as he made sure to step on the singers stuff.

"D he was trying to help"

"Yes 2D why did you do that?" Noodle asked looking from Murdoc to 2D, never had she seen the singer hit the bassist and whenever he stood up for himself that meant a certain beating from Murdoc, which the bassist failed to do.

"Please leave" Was all the singer said before pulling his blankets over his head, he was very confused and with out his pills his head and body gave him nothing but pain.

"We will call a doctor to come here" Russel agreed with that idea and followed Noodle out of the bedroom, not bothering to turn off the light.

Why didn't he tell Murdoc about the man? What if the bassist most precious thing was taken from him? 2D didn't like the guilt that was already forming in his gut. Sure Mud's had acted like a prick to him, but the man made him into who he was today.

"Which is a drug addicted singer with less thoughts then a goldfish" A familiar voice said from the shadows of 2D's room causing the singer to look up and at the speaker with a jerk.

"How sweet of you to be worried about Murdoc and protect him from my message" The red haired man said in a sickly sweet voice "But why you worry about him is beyond me, as it turns out you are not his most precious thing"

If the singer was supposed to be happy he didn't feel it

"I just thought I should tell you before I take his most precious thing" Black holes watched the man slowly make his way towards the door torn about what to do.

Muduroc would be very angry and upset if he found his stuff goneā€¦

"Wait" The word escaped the singer's mouth before he could think things through, but it was becoming increasingly hard to think with his throbbing head and body.

"Yes" The finely dressed man stopped and looked at the smaller man with interest mixed with amusement.

2D stumbled with what he was trying to say, not really knowing what he was trying to say to begin with

"Wot if I give you my precious fing" He said slowly noticing that the amusement on the handsome mans face grew, that was a good sign right?

"Well I don't know love, you have more than one precious thing. But I believe I can come up with a solution"

"Wot?" The singer asked only to let out a startled gasp when the man appeared on his bed and worst of all on his lap

"I think" Slim fingers brushed through the messy blue locks "You could give yourself to me"

"Wat?" 2D was confused, what did the man mean? How could he give himself to a man? Wouldn't that be like slavery or something?

A beautiful laugh erupted from the man's throat causing the singer to feel even more nervous. Sure the laugh was pretty but it had an underlining feeling that caused the 28 year old to be on edge.

"You really are special love. What I mean is that you would come with me to my home and live there forever, so you would forever be mine and all you would have to do is sing for me occasionally"

"But wat about my band? Noodle and Russ would be sad if I left"

"Trust me love, if I took Murdoc's most precious thing this band would collapse anyways and Russel and Noodle would be very sad"

The singer attempted to block out the increasing pain and think about what the mystery man was saying. Ether way everyone would be sad it sounded like, but Murdoc would have his most precious thing so wouldn't they make it with out him?

"I'll go wit you" He finally said after a few moments "But will tey be happy?"

2D was not comforted by the elegant mans assurance, but he had already said yes and the man sitting on him didn't waste time before lifting him up and whisking him away


A slam from the Winnebago's door echoed throughout the car park, not that Murdoc cared as he stomped through his precious car and to the refrigerator for alcohol.

Who did that good for nothing idiot think he was, smacking Murdoc's hand away. The bassist should have smacked him back, but 2D was already badly hurt by some mysterious person who he refused to talk about.

'And wat was with asking what my most precious thing is' Murdoc sat down at the small grungy table absently petting Cortez while drinking his beer 'Anyone who knows me knows it's my Winnebago'

"Are you sure about that?" A girlish voice asked startling Murdoc

"Damnit Aries" Murdoc hissed and attempted to wipe the beer that spilt on his pants off. Aries was one of the many demons Murdoc had the displeasure to meet, she appeared to be a sweet 10 year girl but really was a demon; literally she was a demon.

"Well are you gunna answer my question" the pale blond asked with a pout and dusted off non-existent dirt off her pink frilly dress

"I am sure" Murdoc nearly spat "Now get out"

"Well" Aries huffed "I was going to save you the time and pain, but now never mind. I will just give you a message instead"

"Wat message" Murdoc asked before taking another gulp of beer, today really was turning out pissy

"Your debt has been paid; you no longer owe us anything for helping you find fame and fortune"

"Wat!?" The Bassist stood not caring if he scared his raven away or knocked down his beer "How was it paid when I am standing in my most precious thing-"

Realization struck Murdoc like a lightning bolt, and it hurt just as much. The numbskull didn't ask what was his most precious thing for no reason.

"2D!" The demon child giggled before disappearing into the shadows, not that Mudoc cared as he raced out of his home and towards the dullard's bedroom.

"What is the rush Murdoc?" Noodle asked when she stepped out of the elevator with the doctor and Russel behind her. The bassist didn't grace her with an answer, but instead kicked down the singer's bedroom door.

"Hey man what are you doing" Russel asked quickly following the man who had a crazed look in his miss matched eyes.

"2D" Murdoc nearly yelled as he stomped over to the bed where a lump could be seen, for a moment relief filled the bassist, that was until he pulled off the covers to revealed that nothing was on the bed besides a pillow with a small note attached to it.

"What is going on, where is 2D?" Noodle asked looking from the bed to Murdoc who was reading the note he found on the singers pillow.

'Your debt has been paid' Was what was neatly written on the note in red ink, and those five words alone made Murdoc want to scream with rage and what he would never admit, sadness.

"2D is gone" Was all the bassist said to his fellow band members who were watching him while waiting for an answer to what was going on.