Debt to Be Paid

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Chapter 3: Not coming

Black eyes blinked as they watched the television, sure there was nothing on in the 782 channels, but 2D was still fascinated with the images before him.

It had been so long since his eyes were normal, and with all the pills and all he forgot how much clearer the world seemed. Of course he could see even with his eyes shoved in the back of his head, but now everything was clearer, brighter, and easier to see.

"You like your reward?" The red head asked as he stared at the singer he was sitting next to on the couch. His smile grew when the singer nodded enthusiastically.

"I luv it, and my head doesn't hurt anymore" 2D continued to watch the TV unaware of how close the other man was getting until he felt a hand on his thigh causing him to jump in alarm.

"I want you to sing" The man purred and leaned even closer to the singer causing great discomfort.

"Wat song?"

"El Mañana" 2D nodded and tried his best to ignore the head that rested on his lap as he began to sing. He reminded himself this was part of the deal, and the deal was for Murdoc... So slowly he began the sad sounding song that so many people around the world adored

"Summer don't know me no more

Eager man, that's all

Summer don't know no more

He just let me love my sea

'Cause I do know, Lord,

From you that

Just died, yeah" The mans eyes closed as he listened to the sad sounding voice that came out of the singer throat. 2D continued on though even though there were no instruments playing.

"I saw that day,

Lost my mind

Lord, I'm fine

Maybe in time

You'll want to be mine" 2D remembered recording this song with his band, he remembered how Russel really digged the song, how Noodle told him how he should sound and what his motivation was, and how Murdoc would slap him on the back of the head when he messed up. The bassist wanted the song to come out perfect, and it did in the singer's opinion after all the hard work they put into it.

His thoughts drifted to the day they recorded the music video for El Mañana, he like Russel had been so nervous to let Noodle to such a dangerous video. But Mudoc had told Jamie and them that everything would be fine, and 2D believed the cocky man

"Don't stop the buck when it comes

It's the dawn you'll see" Of course when Noodle couldn't be found after the windmills destruction he nearly died with fright and worry. But Murdoc, he seemed so calm and collected that 2D wished he was as strong as the man was. He himself was close to tears while Murdoc seemed unaffected and made sure everything continued onward even though everything and one was close to hysteria.

"Money won't get you there

Ten years passed tonight

You'll flee

If you do that,

I'll be some

To find you" The blue haired man did cry though when he found out Noodle was safe, and it was all part of Murdoc's plan to get rid of some crazy man who had been out to kill them.

"I saw that day,

Lost my mind

Lord, I'm fine

Maybe in time

You'll want to be mine" Surprisingly enough Murdoc didn't say anything to 2D when he broke down and cried. Nothing at all was said about that day, even to today. Maybe Murdoc did have a soft side to him, maybe not, but the singer was forever grateful that the bassist didn't call him more names because he cried. Normally whenever he cried it was because of pain, due to running out of meds or Murdoc hitting him, but the man always called him a pansy for crying no matter what the reason.

"I saw that day

Lost my mind

Lord, I'm fine

Maybe in time

You'll want to be mine

Maybe in time

You'll want to be mine

Maybe in time

You'll want to be mine" It was that day that the 28 year old realized and saw how much Murdoc cared for the band. It had to be love that caused the man to kill another to keep his own band safe right? Something about that changed how he saw Murdoc, sure he always looked up to the man, but something that 2D couldn't identify appeared that day and no matter how much the singer tried to suppress it or forget it the feeling would not go away

He supposed it was that feeling that made him come to the decision to go with the mystery man. 2D was well aware that what ever that feeling he had would never be returned, since Murdoc loved the band but not the band members. It was Murdoc's love for the band that would allow Gorillaz to survive, the band wouldn't survive if Murdoc lost his most precious thing and his will, but it would survive if 2D was gone.

"You seem sad" Black eyes blinked and looked down at the forgotten man who was staring up with something akin to concern, which seemed kinda funny to the singer. After all why would the man who beat him senseless suddenly care "You shouldn't think about them if they make you upset"

Black eyes looked away, once more 2D was uncomfortable, something that was increasingly happening while in the presence of the red head.

"Stuart" The blue haired man jerked his head down in alarm, no one called him Stuart, maybe Stu-Pot but never Stuart with an exception for his parents. Then again the red head had called him that when they first met.

The red haired man sat up and leaned heavily on the smaller man

"Let me make you forget about them, let me make you happy" Scarlet eyes stared straight into the blue haired mans black ones slowly getting closer. But it wasn't until a pair of warm lips touched the singers own did 2D come out of the trance that seemed to have befallen him.

"I don't like blokes" 2D pushed the man off him using all his strength and got up and away from the couch "And I don't like you"

"Your words hurt me love" The nicely dressed man slowly stood and gave 2D a look that froze his insides and made him break out in a cold sweat. "Here I give you a nice room, nice clothes, nice things, and only nice words and actions, and you still act ungrateful"

"Wat should I be grateful for?" The smaller man took a step back every time the angered man took a step forward. The air had changed as quickly as the mood did, which was not something to be happy about since the mood was negative and scared the thin man.

Scarlet eyes flashed angrily

"You should be grateful that I am trying to seduce you nicely instead of how I normally do with my bed partners" That statement floored the singer; he hadn't realized the red head was trying to sleep with him.

"Well I don't like blokes, so you can stop trying to seduce me" The neck nearly snapped when he looked over his shoulder and at the bed he had managed to back himself against

"But I want to make you happy love" The mans tone was bitter and still angry as he pushed the singer on the bed with almost supernatural strength. "Murdoc would have never made you happy, you know that right?"

"Murdoc?" 2D was confused, what did any of this have to do with Murdoc besides him being there.

"Yes Murdoc, that slut that you look up to, that you would open your legs given the chance"

"W-wat" 2D sputtered looking up with alarm at the man, sure he did look up to Murdoc but he wouldn't sleep with him!

The red head didn't respond but instead climbed on the struggling man, forcefully pinning him down so he could not escaped.

"Do you know how annoying it is to be trying to enjoy your presence when you are off in your own little world thinking about your band and what you feel for Murdoc. It makes the seduction process much harder"

"Let go!" 2D yelled when lips were placed on his neck only to let out a cry of pain when the man on top of him bit down hard.

He didn't like this that was for sure. He also didn't understand what was going on, sure the red head said he was trying to seduce him and thought it was annoying that 2D thought of Murdoc but was that really enough to cause such a drastic change?

Something seemed out of place, but the thin man didn't get to think much about it before another blood drawing bite was done to his abused neck.

"Stop" 2D continued to struggle despite the fact it did nothing but make him tired. There was no way out of this one he thought as the red head held down both his hand above his head with one hand and used the free one to take off his corset, more like rip off actually.

No one would save him; he wasn't part of the band anymore so any hope for Murdoc coming up with a devious plan to destroy the man on top of him was out the window. After all Murdoc only cared about the band, not the individual person…

That thought brought unwanted tears to the singer's eyes, after all who wouldn't cry when they realized there was no hope and their only chance of hope, their hero, wasn't going to rescue them?


The group continued down the stone hallway, everyone but one leading was concerned that the hallway was getting them no where.

"So how do we make sure 2D comes with us" Noodle asked breaking the silence that had fallen since they entered the seemingly endless stone hallway

"Hmm?" The blond looked over her small delicate shoulder at the guitarist "I was just thinking about that. I guess my strategy would be to point out the loopholes in the agreement made between the demon and Murdoc"

"What loopholes?" Murdoc asked slightly interested in what the blond had to say

"Well, for one 2D shouldn't be in hell since he is an innocent soul, that itself is enough to break the deal made between the two of you."

"Then why are you thinking about it so hard if the solution is simple?" Russel asked almost afraid of what the answer was going to be.

"Well" She said slowly annoying the hell out of Murdoc "there might be a problem if the demon messes with 2D's soul"

"How would he do that, I thought a soul wasn't something another but the owner of the soul could mess with" The blond nodded showing that statement was true

"That is true, but this demon in particular is very forceful at getting people to sell there souls which makes the previous statement null and void since he will own their soul. Normally from what I hear about him is that he watches and read the person very carefully for a few hours before going into action using the best method to get the soul"

"What kind of methods does he use?" The Japanese girl asked getting a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach

"Sometimes just the normal 'I will give you anything you want' trick, but for harder humans he'll turn to playing off there fears and making them have no other choice but to give in to what he wants"

"How long till we reach 2D?" Murdoc asked surprising the group, he would never admit it but he was concerned that brain ache might actually be tricked into giving up his soul.

"Not long" Aries grinned and started skipping down the hall and to an ominous stone door that the band was sure had not been there before.

The blond opened the large heavy looking door with ease, revealing a simple bathroom behind the door and another large stone door at the end of the rectangular shaped room.

"Here we are, 2D is right past this door" She breathed and slowly opened the door and like the others quickly walked into the finely decorated room.

At the sound of crying four sets of eyes immediately turned to the figures on the huge bed, all doing something different when they landed on

Aires smirked when she realized the red haired demons strategy, while the other girl in the group green eyes became wide in shock.

Russel eyes went wide like Noodle's did only to become furious a second later unlike Murdoc's miss matched ones that just became furious.

"Get off him!" Murdoc followed by Russel surprised the red headed demon that let go of the crying man, who besides crying made no movement, even when the black man lifted the demon off him and threw him across the room where he hit the wall with a smack.

"Brain ache" Murdoc said roughly at the man who kept his eyes closed and refused to move even with the weight off his small body. Miss matched eyes looked the smaller man over, amazed and slightly something else to see the singer healthy (besides the two bleeding bite marks on his neck) and in leather which was not as appalling as the bassist thought it should be on him.

"Oi numb nuts open you eyes, he's not on you any more" Murdoc received a glare from Russel but ignored it and instead grabbed the singers and pulled him up into a sitting position.

"Murdoc?" 2D opened his eyes not believing what he was seeing, he thought no one was going to save him, but Murdoc saved him?

"D your eyes" The black man gasped and took a step back; Noodle also was amazed as she walked towards the bed but that didn't stop her from giving the singer a rib cracking hug.

"You are okay now" She whispered into his ear "We will go home"

"But I can't"

"Because he gave himself to me" The red haired demon grunted and slowly stood up glaring at everything in sight with his scarlet eyes. "Ask him yourself"

The Gorillaz band members looked down at the blue haired man who was staring down at his hands.

"He was going to take your most precious fing Mud's, so I gave him me so he wouldn't take it" The bassist starred down with shock, 2D gave himself up? The vulgar man couldn't even think of something to say.

"See, so I own him" The red head said with a smirk, it was then that Aries spoke up.

"If you own him then why were you trying to get his soul?" The blond asked with a sweet smile on her lips "Tell the truth now, you don't own him. Not only is it impossible to own a person unless they give up there soul but the entire deal you made with 2D was made under false pretences.

You told him he could give himself to you so that Murdoc could keep his most precious thing, but you knew that 2D was Muddsie's most precious thing and that you could not legally take an innocent soul unless they willingly came with you, and even then you couldn't keep him for long unless you took his soul"

2D stared at the little girl with amazement, the girl looked only ten years old yet she was saying stuff that confused the singer. Yet some how he managed to gain the main idea of what she was saying, this met he could go home right?

"Clever little thing aren't you" The red head said with a wicked smile that was all to familiar to the singer now "You caught me, I cant keep the singer and I was planning on forcing him to give his soul after I found out he would not take anything else I could offer"

"How'd you find that out?" The singer asked confused, he barely knew this man yet he claimed to know so much about him.

"Because love you are one of the easiest most simplest most idiotic humans I have ever met" Murdoc glanced at 2D who was looking the red eyed man in the eyes and holding onto Noodle like his life depended on it.

"But despite the fact you can go home, do you want to?"

"What do you mean, of course he wants to" Russel snapped at the man and stepped in front of him blocking the singer from seeing the man.

"Oh is that so?" 2D couldn't see the red haired man but his voice was enough to tell the thin man what his expression was "Remember what I said, they can never make you happy. Or at least he can't make you happy"

Murdoc sent a sharp look at the singer who was avoiding his gaze and instead choosing to look at Russel's back

"2D!" The singer grabbed his eyes suddenly when the man snapped his slim fingers, Noodle tried to see what was wrong but the man refused to let go of his eyes which seemed to be causing the pain.

"I can give you anything, and if you want," Russel let out a startled cry when the much smaller man pushed him aside "I can become the person you most desire"

Murdoc had to tear his eyes away from 2D whose eyes were now back in the back of his skull, and look at the red head that had caught the singer's attention.

He was furious and slightly disturbed to see the red headed demon had changed his form so he looked just like Murdoc, dirty clothes and all.

"I can be anything you want 2D, anybody you want. I won't beat you, I won't stop you from making music, I will give you everything you want and all you have to do is sell me soul"

A tense silence filled the room, and the band members became worried when 2D didn't say anything.

"Face ache you better not be thinking about his offer" The singer slowly looked at the bassist, something about that sad look made the 40 year old want to scream, maybe then the panicky feeling that filled his insides would disappear

"Why am I your most precious fing?" The dirty man blinked in surprise not having a clue how that question had anything to do with 2D's decision on.

"Don't lie Murdoc" Aries voice echoed through the room, not that anyone even spared a glance at the demon child.

"Because you're the lead singer of the band" Murdoc snapped "I already told Noodle if she was the lead singer she'd be were you are"

The feeling in his gut increased making the bassist feel like he just woke up from a night full of drinking.

"Oh" Murdoc didn't like that 'oh', it only served to make him feel sicker. And when the black holes in 2D's head turned back to the demon the satanic man knew he was going to lose the singer.

"Stuart" 2D's head jerked to Murdoc and away from the red headed man who still was looking like Murdoc.

He was very unprepaired when a pair of grimy hands cupped his face and chapped lips were pressed on his own. It was nothing like the kiss the red haired man gave him that kiss had been soft just like his lips and the man had smelt like cinnamon. Murdoc smelt like alcohol, cigarettes and cheep after shave, and tasted like it to…

But it was the best kiss in the world

"Now tell him you want to go home dullard" Murdoc snarled and smacked the singer on the back of the head after their brief kiss.

The singer nodded and turned to his kidnapper with a stupid grin on his face, he didn't care if the man beat him again because he had Murdoc as corny as that sounded.

The singer wasn't sure what would happen between the two of them, or if the kiss actually meant something to the older man, but he was happy none the less and the feeling he had gotten from that horrible filming day long ago for the older man seemed to have increased tenfold.

"I am going home with my band" The man before him turned back to normal and looked murderous

"Fine go" A deadly glare was sent at Murdoc "You cheated me, I helped you get fame and fortune and this is what I get"

"Not my fault you can't make a proper deal" Murdoc smirked as the demon became as red as his face and stomped out of the room.

"Hehehehe" Aries giggled "That'll show that young whipper snapper"

Noodle didn't comment on the fact that Aries looked younger then the other demon, for all she knew the demon could have been thousands of years older then the red haired man.

The guitarist looked over at 2D who suddenly made a strangled noise and let out a gasp of horror when the bruises and cuts that previously covered his thin frame had now returned.

"I guess that means its time to go" Murdoc nodded and in one quick motion picked the gasping man up and like his band mates followed the golden hair girl.


It had been three days since the singer woke up, not that the band members were really stressing over it.

The doctor who Noodle had found wondering Kong Studios lost had fixed the blue haired man up and prescribed him pain pills that as a side affect made him incredibly drowsy.

It had been two days since Aries left saying she had to tie some loose ends and get herself back to working, when Russel asked her if she was back to being a lawyer she shook her golden head and said she was now the new CEO of some corporation over in America, that apparently they majored in selling cheep goods made by Asian girls in a 3rd world countries and destroyed small towns with just their name. Needless to say Russel was speechless and a bit disturbed, Noodle on the other hand wished her luck in ruining the people who made money off of others blood, sweat, and hope, unless she was the one doing that.

Murdoc had said nothing to the girl who had told him she would be back for that naked autograph.

The bassist in question had since the four days ago had been worried, not about Aries, not about Russel or Noodle, not about his singer's health, but about how to talk to his singer when he woke up.

Murdoc was by no means shy about talking about what he thought or who he wanted to bang, and he was not going to treat the dullard differently just because they kissed. Just like he was not going to change for anyone ether, he would remain vulgar, insensitive, and a normal jackass even if he and 2D did hook up.

But the question was did he really want to be with 2D? Did the singer really want to be with him? Sure plenty of women, and Murdoc was sure a few guys might have, wanted to shag him at this very moment, but they also just wanted his fame and fortune.

The same could be said for 2D

The 40 year old sighed and rested on the end of the singer's bed, he looked over his shoulder as he pulled out a cigarette.

Maybe he was thinking too much? After all what would it hurt to give the younger man a try, he had tasted enough women to last a life time why not one man?

But then again it could end up horribly. Even though Murdoc was close to being heartless, he still had some feelings. He didn't want to get hurt, and he was damn sure neither did 2D.

"When did I start being careful" He smirked when his mind decided to blame it on him getting old.

"Muds?" A familiar voice asked causing the bassist to jump in surprise

"Damn Stu-Pot you nearly scared the shit out of me" Murdoc growled

"Can I have one" The singer asked and gestured to the cigarette as he pulled himself up to a sitting position. Murdoc grunted and tossed the man a cigarette and his lighter, they sat silently and smoked neither sure what to say.

Well until 2D opened his mouth after finally finishing his cigarette

"Are we a pair?"

"I dunno you want to be?" Black eyes that normally seemed empty or completely innocent became thoughtful

"I like you Murdoc" The singer said truthfully, though he wasn't sure it was love, but it was differently a different type of feeling then he got with Noodle and Russel.

"Then why not" Murdoc said simply ignoring all the doubts he had, if it was meant to be it was meant to be. That was that. And what he just thought did not sound gay; it was a fact of life.

When Murdoc looked back over at the singer who had become silent again he was mildly surprised to see the man had fallen back asleep with an idiotic grin on his face that normally the older man who smack him for because it looked so stupid.

But he decided against it, content to just pull out another cigarette and think about how the press was going to eat this up. Not to mention all the fans that would go crazy over this…


Aries looked around the Winnebago alarmed to see no one was in it. Destroying all the sinful corporate bastards in America was fun and all but when she got wind about the 'Gay Gorillaz' in the newspapers she decided to pay her favorite bassist a visit.

She ignored the raven that pecked at her pinstriped suit and walked out of the dirty car that smelt of things she really didn't want to think of or identify.

The demon child froze soon as she stepped out into the cold car park when the sounds of moaning came from her favorite Gorillaz member's bedroom.

'To go see or not to go see, that is the question' A sly smile came over her face 'Lets go see'

The golden haired girl giggled the entire way she skipped to the bedroom, only to let out a squeal of excitement when she opened the bedroom door to see the two figures on the bed doing…things

Thinking quickly a her small hand searched for her picture phone and in less than five seconds the giggling girl had herself a picture forever captured on her slick new phone.

Aries closed the door and eyed closed the door not caring if she was loud or not, since 2D was making enough noise to cover the sound of a bomb dropping.

"This is way better then a naked autograph" She drooled as she looked at the picture; it was a masterpiece in her eyes. And also one of the hottest pictures ever!

"And I know just who to sell this to" Her blue eyes roamed over the arching figures of the sweat covered men; after all she couldn't just keep this picture to herself. Faithful Gorillaz fans like her had to see this picture and get the chance to purchase it since no one else had yet to get of picture of the newest couple.

"God I love yaoi fans, I'll make a fortune off of this"


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