Title: Lead Me Upstairs (1/?)

Author: nomad1328

She feels him staring at the back of her head as she walks up the steps towards her door.

Stacy had accepted the date on a whim and out of curiosity, but it hadn't been good. The restaurant was slow; the food was cold, and he was a jerk. But she'd been able to bite back at him every step of the way, throwing insults back as soon as she received them. He talked about idiots. She talked about imbeciles. She drank a cabernet; he drank four beers. . They both had medium rare steak. The only difference was that he insisted on A1 steak sauce from the tuxedo clad waiter. He barked at the waiter while Stacy hid her face in her hand. He left five dollars in tip for an eighty dollar tab. She drove them back to her place because he'd had too much to drink.

When she reaches the door she turns and faces him, a glimmer of a false grin is on her lips. It's the same grin that she wears when greeting a competing attorney and an anxious client. The grin that says 'thanks for playing' but 'I win.'

"So…" She's planning on saying thanks, but no thanks for a second date. And he's definitely not coming upstairs. He cuts her off before she can get the words out.

"You going to invite me in?" He asks, cocksure and serious. A car, its headlights beaming, speeds past on the road in front of her condo, screeching to a stop as the light turns red.

Stacy laughs, turns back to the door. "I don't think…"

"Come on," he urges. "I'm too drunk to drive…" To emphasize the point, his foot slips off it's precarious position on the stair and he stumbles for a moment before regaining his balance.

"I'll call you a cab." She fghts the urge to laugh in his face.

"You know you…."

"They were right about you."

He remains serious, steps up to join her on the top stair and leans into her face. "What do they say about me?"

"That you're a jerk."

"I am a jerk," he repeats it, smug and confident.

"I don't know what I was thinking…"

"You like jerks. Or else you wouldn't be here." He leans in closer and she finds it hard to avoid his gaze so she puts her hands on her hips and looks at the pale orange street lights illuminating the road. The air is summer thick and heavy, laden with insects and ozone. He's leaning in so close that she can see beads of sweat forming on his forehead. "You probably dated the high school drop out when you were a freshman. Or maybe it was the frat boy who got kicked off campus."

She sighs and catches his glance for a moment before turning away again and crossing her arms. "I'm not…"

"Come on. Everyone you know knew about this date and most of them know about me. Hell, Cuddy probably told you the size…"

She gasps, feigned surprise, and slaps his arm. "She did not…" Then she pauses and her eyes narrow. "Wait, how would she…"

He grins through thin lips and leans down again. "But you do want to find out…."

She's considering her options now. And the options are relatively good. She can invite him up the stairs, have a one-night stand, leave it alone after that – because he knows that he isn't her type. She can handle it and she knows (from what they say) that he'd have no problem with it. What does she have to lose?

Her head cocks to the side and she bites her lip while she lifts her hand and fingers his blazer. He is handsome. And she's pretty sure he would be good in bed. He's a doctor. And he's the hospital's bad boy.

"If I invite you up…"


"If I invite you up…. "

"Do you have scotch?"




"At least tell me you have a little Sly…"

"Marvin Gaye?"

His head tilts back and he sighs and rubs a hand across his forehead. And before she can react or back away, his lips are sealed onto hers and she finds herself kissing him back. He tastes like steak and beer, but his lips are firm and persistent. She is responding in all the right ways. He wraps his arms about her waist and she latches her hands behind his neck. They get closer so that the fabrics of their clothing are touching. He pushes a leg in between hers and then she knows: She wants him. Just tonight, she thinks.

When he pauses for a breath, she looks at him through arousal narrowed eyes and says: "Let's go upstairs."

I care little for my body she said
I couldn't care less about my soul
and as she led me upstairs in whispers
my whole summer turned cold

I'll lead you upstairs
I'll lead you upstairs
If you've got no worries
then I've got no cares
I'll lead you upstairs

I told her people had been talking
about how dark she was inside
she said my hopes are buried in the soil
deep in the earth outside
and with one twist of the world
she brought me to her side
she asked me for the truth one time
and I all I did was lie

I'll lead you upstairs
I'll lead you upstairs
If you've got no worries
then I've got no cares
I'll lead you upstairs

-David Gray/Lead Me Upstairs