Disclaimer: Here at the end of my story, I say once again that I don't own the story of LOTR or the characters of SW portrayed here. They belong to JRR Tolkien and George Lucas. I just wrote this for fun, not profit.

Hello there faithful readers,

I've received quite a few complaints on the way my story ended, which have made me feel like I owe some of you a good explanation, as well as a sincere, heart-felt apology.

This story was born out of an idea that crossed my mind during the summer of '02. I had just watched AOTC for the first time and during the same week I rented FOTR, which had just come out on DVD.

While I was watching FOTR, I began to wonder what would it be like to have a Jedi Knight as part of the Fellowship. From that point on, my imagination just took off and 6 months later, I found myself writing, writing and writing even more. I was inspired, to say the least.

Now, for obvious reasons, the story has changed quite a lot since then. The major change came with the Jedi himself. At first, he was an OC named Lai-Gonns (sort of my alter ego), who just turned out to be a lot like Obi-Wan in several aspects.

The beginning and ending of the story were quite different actually. Lai-Gonns found the portal to the Middle-earth, while conducting a top-secret, undercover mission for the Republic, deep within separatist territory (ROTS had not come out yet, so I placed the story about 6 months after the events of AOTC, which was pretty much the time gone by since the release of the film and the moment I began writing).

For obvious reasons, the ending was completely different. Since I was using an OC, this gave me all the creative leeway I wanted, in order to have him come back to the Galaxy at any given point in time. Now, while I really didn't want to use Jedi Master Lai-Gonns anymore, soon a few ideas for a prequel and a sequel came to my mind.

On the prequel (set about 6 months before AOTC), Lai-Gonns falls in love with a very dangerous girl, despite being a Jedi; a femme fatale of sorts who was possessed by the ancient spirit of a very twisted and evil Sith Witch and he was forced to use all of his resources, training, experience and guile to make it out of that situation (this story was inspired by a certain experience I went through some time ago with a girl I was seriously in love with).

On the sequel, Master Lai-Gonns came back to the Galaxy about 25 years after the battle of Endor. He would help Luke Skywalker rebuild the Jedi Order and fight against the Yuuzhan Vong during their invasion of the Known Galaxy. This story was based in the NJO novel series (pretty much the only EU material that I truly like) and gave me a chance to have my OC interact with the big three (Luke, Han, Leia), the droids and the Solo children, in addition to fighting against the Vong, which were 2 things that I found extremely appealing.

The reason I tell you about these 2 other stories is because I did plan on writing a trilogy featuring Lai-Gonns, with his intervention in LOTR as the middle act, but I never planned for a sequel starring Obi-Wan.

You see, when I decided to publish the LOTR/SW crossover, my ex-girlfriend suggested that I should use an established character from the SW Universe as the lead, since it would be much more appealing to other readers (let's face it, nobody really gives a damn about Jedi Master Lai-Gonns, other than myself, that is).

I followed her advice, began to revise and re-edit my story (using Obi-Wan as the leading character and placing it at the time of Order 66), and it just fit like a glove. But there was a big problem with the ending, which I had to solve, of course.

Actually, I never intended to change the outcome of ROTS. You see, I grew up with the OT and I love it so much, that I just can't possibly imagine anything happening during ROTS that could alter the way I see my beloved SW OT. There's just no way I'd dare alter the duels between Yoda/Palpatine and Obi-Wan/Anakin.

The truth is that the story was meant to concentrate only on the Jedi being transported to the Middle-earth, fighting in the War of the Ring and that was it. In other words, as far as I'm concerned the story ends like this:

Obi-Wan maims Anakin and leaves him to die on Mustafar, then he's reunited with Yoda in Bail Organa's ship and takes baby Luke off with him to Tatooine, until the time is right for him to train the boy in ANH. Yoda is unable to kill the Emperor, ends up being rescued by Bail and living in exile on Dagobah for the rest of his days, training Luke 20 some years later in TESB. Anakin survives the duel and is rescued by the Emperor, who has the boy operated on and turns him into a killing machine called Darth Vader, until he's redeemed by his son and kills the Emperor in ROTJ. I'm sorry, but that just could never change for me. I hope you understand.

Now, I know it's just impossible to please every single person out there and I sincerely apologize to any of you who feel cheated in any way. Once again, if anyone would like to write a sequel to my story and pick up where I left off, you're more than welcome to do it and I'd be more than happy to contribute in any way.

Thank you very much!