Set during the assault on Pentagulia, in the Goddess Tower (Lunar 2). Massive spoilers for the end of Lunar: Silver Star Story (Complete) and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (Complete). As an obligatory disclaimer, I own neither of the above.

The "something important" Nall wanted to show them turned out to be an ancient recording. Its subject was a distinguished matron of advancing years with a knowing smile and—Lucia's stomach tightened in a most unprecedented way—familiar, albeit faded eyes.

Althena—no, Luna—delivered a message to the ragtag group of heroes. She spoke of love and hope, goodness and the power of humanity.

The humans took comfort in the message, their hearts growing braver. Resolve strengthened. If the goddess—no, ex-goddess—of love believed in them, then maybe there was a chance, after all. They would trust in love.

For the first time since she'd arrived in Althena's world, Lucia wanted to burst into tears.

Love was dead.