Chapter 5

Pacey walked into the Icehouse and locked the door. He had been back in Capeside for two days now, and this was the first time he had set foot in his place. Too many memories, to much history tied up in this place. Maybe it was time to pack up and move on. He just wasn't sure he was ready to give up on all of those memories yet.

He knew that in the End Joey would pick Dawson. He was her soul-mate, Pacey was just a stepping stone on her way back to Dawson. He knew she loved him in her own way, just not in the way he loved her or the way she loved Dawson. He picks up the phone and dials a number, when another male voice answers.

"Hello Dawson Leery speaking."

"Hey Dawson, how are things going?" Pacey asks.

"Not to bad, finishing up on the first movie's shooting, now comes the editing." Dawson says.

"That's good Dawson congrats man. I know you will put it together well, you always could." Pacey says.

"Thanks Pace. So how are things back in good ole Capeside?" Dawson asks.

"There great, man. Hey Dawson, I know we are a far cry from the friends we use to be. I also know you are a smart business man." Pacey says.

"Ok Pace what is this about?" Dawson asks.

"I was wondering if you wanted to invest in the restaurant business?" Pacey asks.

"Tell me about it?" Dawson says.

As he leans back in his chair, as he realizes this might be a chance for him and Pacey to work on their friendship. Some thing he has regretted not doing till now.

"Well I found this little restaurant in Boston that the guy is trying to sell. It is in a prime location, with plenty of room to expand. The guy owns the property next to it as well. I was thinking we could go in together buy all three lots, tear most of it down and build a new place there." Pacey conveys to him.

"I See and how much would I have to invest?" Dawson asks, already knowing he is in on the project.

"Well I will be putting up about 500,000. Once I mortgage the Ice House. So maybe a little over a million." Pacey replies.

"I see, seems you have done your home work." Dawson says.

"Well I wanted the plan altogether before I brought it up to you. That way if you wanted to see it I could fax it to you." Pacey informs him.

"Ok why don't you do that Pace, it sounds good to me. Let me have my lawyers look it over and do a case study on it. It will give us a better idea of the profit line of the place. One thing though Pace." Dawson says.

"What is that Dawson?" Pacey asks.

"What if she picks me? Will you still be able to work with me after that?" Dawson asks.

"Of course I will, we aren't kids anymore Dawson. What about you will you be able to handle it if she picks me?" Pacey asks.

"Of course Pace I just want her happy. Who ever that is with." Dawson says.

"Dawson, speaking of that. I seem to be getting a little restless. I know the best thing to do is let this all play out, but it is hard, at least for me it is." Pacey says.

"No Pace it isn't just for you. It is hard for me as well. Every time the phone rings I find myself hoping it is word from her, or at least about her." Dawson says.

"Yeah I know that feeling to well. So you haven't heard anything since the last time we talked?" Pacey asks.

"No besides it is your turn to get the phone call, when ever it comes. That is if they keep doing it the way they have been." Dawson says.

"Yeah I know, just not sure when it will come is all. Or if they will keep to the same pattern." Pacey says.

"Some how I think they will Pace, have faith. Besides you never know what the outcome will be, she may well pick you." Dawson says.

"Thanks for trying Dawson, but everyone knows who she is going to pick. To be honest at first I was angry and hurt, but the more time I have to think about it, makes me see it is right. You are the right choice, you always have been. I can except that, since I know you two will be happy." Pacey says.

"Well I am glad you think I can make her happy. Just to let you know Pacey, If it goes the other way, I will be happy

for you as well." Dawson says.

"Thanks Dawson, well I better get off of here, I have to open the place up." Pacey says.

"Sure Pacey, I am coming home this weekend maybe we can do something together for old time sake?" Dawson asks him.

"Sure Dawson I would like that. I will fax those in a couple of minutes. Well talk to you later." Pacey says.

"Ok Pace, I should have an answer when I come back there. Talk to you later."

"Ok Dawson see you then." Pacey says as he hangs up the phone.

Dawson Hangs up the phone and moves some papers on his desk. He hopes what Pacey was saying is right and she does pick him. Only time will tell, even though the waiting might kill him. He also hopes that this business adventure him and Pacey are about to embark on will help heal old wounds.

Joey slowly set up in her bed, she moved her left arm over to the table. She opened her hand and grasped a plastic glass that was setting on the table. As she was moving back toward her mouth it slipped from her hand and landed on the floor.

"Dam it!" She sighs frustrated.

"Joey it is ok, a week ago you couldn't even do that. It is coming back, just slowly." Stephanie tells her.

"I know, it is just taking longer than I thought it would is all." Joey says.

"Sis, you can only go as fast as your body will let you. It takes time." Bessie says with a smile.

"Ok I think that is enough for now. You're doing great Joey, in a little over a month and a half you have made more progress than a lot of people do ever. That is a good sign you will get it all back." Stephanie says.

"Thanks Steph, it is just frustrating. I know I need to learn patience, it is just hard because I have some one waiting." Joey says.

"I know Joey and you will get back to him before much longer." Stephanie says.

"I'm thinking I may have them come here, or at least close to here. Would it be possible for me to take a trip into St.

Louis?" Joey asks.

"Sure Joey you can go anywhere you want. This isn't a prison it is a rehab hospital. Just let us know which day you plan on going and we will make sure not to schedule in sessions for you." Stephanie tells her.

"Well I was thinking about taking a four day weekend. Leaving early Friday morning and returning late Monday night." Joey informs her.

"Joey are you sure you should be away from therapy that long?" Bessie asks.

"Sure she can Bessie, since her arrival, she hasn't left this hospital. I think it will do her good to take some time away. I will reschedule all of your sessions for early next week." Stephanie tells her.

"Thanks Steph. Bessie I have to do this alone too. I will need you to call Pacey and ask him to meet me at the hotel on Friday. Then call Dawson and ask him to meet me on Saturday. That way I can tell them my decision on the whole triangle thing." Joey says.

Stephanie nods her head and then leaves the two sisters

alone to talk. She knows what Joey is about to do and

thinks it is the right think for her. She needs to feel as if she can do this alone.

"Won't you need my help at the hotel?" Bessie asks.

"No I won't, I think you should fly home and spend time with Bodie and Alex. You have been here most of the time

I have. I appreciate you doing that, but I think it is time you

go back to your life. Let me deal with mine, and work this

out on my own. I promise I will let you know how I am doing daily. In fact I bet you will get tired of me calling you all of the time. Seriously Bess it is time you get back to Capeside and your life, you can come visit. I just feel like I need to do the rest on my own. Do you understand what I am trying to say?" Joey informs her.

"Yeah Joey I do, I understand. I will head home, but you better believe I will be back on the weekends. Even if I have to borrow more money from Dawson." Bessie laughs.

"Some how I don't think you will have to do that, we still have a huge chunk of that money he gave us in the beginning left. More than enough for you to fly out here on the weekends while I am still here." Joey laughs.

"Ok well I guess I should go make a couple of phone calls and pack my things up. I will be back the weekend after next to check on you." Bessie says.

"Good I will be glad to see you, if you want bring Bodie and Alex with you. I would love to see them again, as long as they know they can't tell where I am." Joey tells her.

"I might do that, I am sure your nephew would love to see you. That way Bodie can see with his own eyes you are doing better. One thing I want to know though, who did you pick?" Bessie laughs as she gets up to leave.

"There is really only one to pick out of all of this. The one I've know I would be with all along." Joey says.

"Ok that still doesn't answer my question." Bessie says.

"Guess that is the only answer you're going to get for now." Joey smiles at her.

"Ok sis, guess I will find out eventually any way." Bessie smiles at her as she heads for the door.

"Bessie I just want to say thanks for everything you have done for me so far. I'm not sure how I would have done it with out you here." Joey says, getting a little choked up.

"No need to say thanks Joey, I'm your sister it was sisters do for each other. As far what you would have done with out me here, simple. You would have done just as you have. It is the only way you know how to do things. Bye sis, I will see you in a couple of weeks." Bessie says as she walks out of the room.

Joey leans back and contemplates where she is compared to where she was when she first got here. She knows she has made huge strides, but still has a ways to go. She turns and looks out the window and watches as the clouds slide by, a small smile

playing on her lips. This time next week everyone will know what she has decided, and who she picked. She just hopes everyone will be ok with her choice.

Pacey was sitting at the bar when he heard Jon the bar tender yell his name.

"What is it Jon?" Pacey answers.

"Bessie is on the phone for you, said it was urgent." Jon advises him.

"Right I will take it in my office." Pacey says as he rushes to his office.

"Bessie hey how is she doing?" Pacey asks.

"She is doing great. How are you doing Pacey?" Bessie asks.

"I'm doing good actually. I have a chance to buy a second restraint in Boston." Pacey tells her.

"That's good Pacey, look the reason I called was cause. Well Joey wants you to fly to St. Louis and meet her at the Marriott on Friday." Bessie says to him.

"I can do that, did she say why?" Pacey asks.

"Not to me she didn't, but hey she asked me to go back to my life. Let her live her own, so it is safe to say she doesn't tell me everything." Bessie laughs.

"Ok Bessie tell her I will be there early Friday morning." Pacey says.

Bessie hangs up and dials Dawson's number. She knows who she wants Joey to pick, just not sure if she will is all.

"Hello Leery productions may I help you?" A lady answers the phone.

"Yeah I was trying to get in touch with Dawson." Bessie says.

"Oh he is in a meeting with his lawyer, that is why his cell in transferred to us. May I ask who is calling?" The lady asks.

"This is Bessie Potter. I was needing to talk to him about my sister Joey Potter." Bessie informs her.

"Ah Miss Potter, let me page him right away. He told us if you or your sister called we were to page him." The woman says as she puts Bessie on hold.

"Bessie? Is everything ok?" Dawson asks.

"Yeah Dawson everything is fine. I was calling to see if you could maybe fly to St. Louis on Saturday, Joey wants to talk to you." Bessie informs him.

"Sure I was planning on going back to Capeside this weekend any way. I can go Thursday instead. Then meet her on Saturday. Where?" Dawson asks.

"The Marriott, she will have a room there." Bessie says.

"Ok Bess tell her I will be there." Dawson says.

"Ok Dawson I will let you get back to your meeting. Bye." Bessie says.

"Bye Bessie."