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I just thought this up one day at school.

This can be set from any Superman movie but when i thought of this story i was thinking of post superman returns.


My Only Son

(BOOM, WHOOSH) Was the sound that was heard when he broke the sound barrior. Superman just stopped flying just as he was out of earths atmosphere, floating in the vacume of space.

His hands were shakeing as he pulled out of his pocket a single, clear crytal.

(Flashback...Minutes earlier)

"Kal-El" said the monotome voice of the Fortress of Solitude's computer accompanied by a hologram of Jor-El's head in one of the crystal pillers.
"Why did you call for me Jor-El" yelled Clark angerly in his Superman suit.

"WHy do you hate me, my son" replied the voice in the same way it always did, like a machine.

"Your not my dad" Clark called out.

"Your right, Kal-El. I'm not your father"

For once, clark way lost for words.

Jor-El continued on "I am only the voice of your Kryptonian father, inprinted on my programming. A program to ensure that you become the man you are now. That is why i have called you here"

"I don't understand" replied the confused superhero.

Suddernly out of nowhere appeared a Kryptonian crystal, hovering in mid air "This is the a recording that your real father made before he sent you to earth, i think you should listen to it"

Clark stared at the crystal for over a minute before he made his choice.

He superspeeded over to the crystal, grabbed it and ran out of the fortress and flew off.

(End Flashback)

Clark heald out the crystal that he recieved in the fortress of solitude and shot out his arm like he was punching blackness of the universe and the Crystal started glowing.

And out came the voice of his father but unlike the fortress's computer this voice sounded more...human.

"Kal-El, my son. I am very disapionted that i didn't get to see the man you grew into with my own eyes, but i trust that the descendants of Harem Kent have treated you well over the years. Son, you are truely important to the planet earth.
Even though you've been Raised as a Human being you not one of them. You are a saviour for their race.

They kill and start wars for no reason at all, some lie and cheat like theives. But they have potential, for there are other people on earth like Harem Kent. They can be a great people Kal-El, if they wish to be, they only lack the light to show the way. You are that light. An icon for what they can achieve in time.

They need you my son. Most have a capacity for good, all they need is a symbol of Truth and Justic and the Kryptonian way"

The Voice paused, as if trying to say the right words and not let his emotiones be heard. But he way not succeeding.
Jor-Els voice wavered and became more than a wisper.
Clark knew by this time his father would have tears stinging his eyes. "For this reason above all, I have sent them you...my only son. I love you Kal-El, and hope that the Fortress program didn't make you hate me"

Then the crystal dissapeared back to Clark's fortress. Clark had tears running down his face as he entered earths atmosphere.

Suddernly he heard a scream. Superman used his super sight and saw Metallo and his robot henchmen standing in front of the bank.

Clark smiled and said "I Love you too dad, and This is for you" and he flew at Metallo's henchmen at the speed of sound and smashed them to peaces, them started advancing on metallo.

The End


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