Messenger madness

Chapter 1

Horo's lesson: Never underestimate Ren

A/N: Hello all you Shaman King fans! I know this kind of fics aren't at all original, but I had some funny ideas, and I really wanted to write a HoroxRen fic so I decided to give it a try :). It's not beta-ed so please don't be mad at me if there are any grammatical mistakes. This fic will go on until Horo and Ren go together, but I don't intend to make it mote than 3-4 chapters… Oh, and please don't forget to review after you read it to tell me what you think! You can even give me some suggestions if you want :).

Messenger IDs:

Yoh – SlackerBoy69

Ren – ChineseShaman

Horohoro - ImTheBossDude

Hao – FutureShamanKing

Manta – BookWorm4U

Ryu – JapaneseCasanova

Lyserg – BritishAvenger

Chocolove – No1Comedian

Anna – YourNightmare

Pirika – TheGirlNextDoor

Tamao – SweetTamao

Summary: The Shaman King characters have discovered the magic of Messenger and now they're trying to hook Horo and Ren up! God protect us all of what may happen next! HoroxRen

SlackerBoy69 has joined the chatroom.

ImTheBossDude has joined the chatroom.

SlackerBoy69: Horo?

ImTheBossDude: Yoh!

ImTheBossDude: What a discrete name…

SlackerBoy69: Look who's talking!

ImTheBossDude: Hmph.

ImTheBossDude: Where's Ren?

SlackerBoy69: Dunno. He said He'd be here.

ImTheBossDude: He's probably drinking some more milk. God, please let him choke with it!

SlackerBoy69: Horo!

TheGirlNextDoor has joined the chatroom.

TheGirlNextDoor: Hello!

TheGirlNextDoor: Let me guess: Onii-chan and Yoh?

SlackerBoy69: How did you know?

ChineseShaman has joined the chatroom.

ImTheBossDude: Yoh, shut up, or you'll make yourself look like a baka!

ChineseShaman: Who dares use my phrases in my presence?!

ImTheBossDude: Pirika.

TheGirlNextDoor: Hey!

ChineseShaman: Horohoro, is that you?

ImTheBossDude: No, he's out for lunch.

ChineseShaman: It's morning.

ImTheBossDude: It's healthy to eat early meals.

ChineseShaman: -glares-

ImTheBossDude: Okay, okay, it's me. What are you going to do, kill me?

ChineseShaman: -smirks- Don't underestimate me.

ImTheBossDude: Yeah, sure, like you can harm me while I'm in my house…

ChineseShaman: Was that a challenge?

ImTheBossDude: You becha!

ChineseShaman: Very well then.

ChineseShaman has left the chatroom.

ImTheBossDude: He wasn't serious, was he?

SlackerBoy69: Now you're asking…?

ImTheBossDude: Well I was so caught up in arguing that I didn't think about it…

TheGirlNextDoor: Like you ever do…

ImTheBossDude: Hey, I heard you!

TheGirlNextDoor: I don't think that's quite possible…

ImTheBossDude: Why not?

SlackerBoy69: Why not?

TheGirlNextDoor: Ahhh! You two are so thick! I'm out of here!

TheGirlNextDoor has left the chatroom.

ImTheBossDude: Good riddance!

SlackerBoy69: But what did she mean by that?


ImTheBossDude: And they call me stupid…

SlackerBoy69: Hmph.

SlackerBoy69: Stop teasing me or I'll tell you know who you know what!

ImTheBossDude: No! Anything but that!

ImTheBossDude: Who's you know who and what's you know what?

SlackerBoy69: And you call me stupid…

SlackerBoy69: I'll tell Ren that you like him…

ImTheBossDude: Oh, no, you won't!

ImTheBossDude: Or I'll tell Anna that you found a way to slack off at her trainings!

SlackerBoy69: Horo, my best friend, you know I was just kidding, don't you?

ImTheBossDude: -rolls eyes-

SlackerBoy69: Anyway, why don't you just tell him?

ImTheBossDude: WHAT?

ImTheBossDude: You have to be kidding! I still want to live, thank you very much.

SlackerBoy69: Come on, Horo, he can't be that bad!

ImTheBossDude: Didn't you hear me? He's not bad, he's hell!

YourNightmare has joined the chatroom.

SlackerBoy69: Ah, come on, he can't be worse than Anna!

YourNightmare: What?

SlackerBoy69: Ooops!

YourNightmare: I'll get you for that!

YourNightmare has left the chatroom.

SlackerBoy69: OMG! OMG! She's coming! Help me!

ImTheBossDude: Good luck!

SlackerBoy69: Horoooo!

SlackerBoy69 has left the chatroom.

ImTheBossDude: Good! He left.

ImTheBossDude: But now I'm all alone…

ImTheBossDude: Why am I talking all alone?

BritishAvenger has joined the chatroom.

ImTheBossDude: Lyserg! I'm glad you're here!

BritishAvenger: How did you know it was me?

ImTheBossDude: Um… It's kind of obvious…

BritishAvenger: What?

ImTheBossDude: Your username says it all.

BritishAvenger: Oh, no! Now I have to change it!

BritishAvenger: And it took me two hours to think of it!

ImTheBossDude: Why would you change it? It's not bad, it suits you.

BritishAvenger: That's the problem! I don't want anyone to recognize me!

ImTheBossDude: Um… why?

BritishAvenger: So I can attack Hao when he's not expecting it!

ImTheBossDude: … Hao has internet???

BritishAvenger: Yes…

ImTheBossDude: That's … odd…

BritishAvenger: Never mind that.

BritishAvenger: How are things between you and Ren?

ImTheBossDude: Excuse me?

BritishAvenger: You know, you two being together and all…

ImTheBossDude: WHAT??? We're not together!

BritishAvenger: Really?

BritishAvenger: I could have swore you were.

ImTheBossDude: Why would you think such a thing? It's disgusting!

BritishAvenger: Well the sexual frustration is so thick you could cut it with a knife!

No1Comedian has joined the chatroom.

BritishAvenger: Really, you two need to hook up!

No1Comedian: Who with whom?

ImTheBossDude: Nobody.

BritishAvenger: Horo and Ren.

ImTheBossDude: Lyserg!

No1Comedian: Hahahaha!

No1Comedian: That was soooo funny! Lyserg, you should become a comedian!

BritishAvenger: -glares-

BritishAvenger: Anyway, Horo…

ImTheBossDude: I don't want to hear it…

No1Comedian: Awww, come on, Horo, you two would make a cool couple!

ImTheBossDude: That's disgusting!

BritishAvenger: And I think he likes you.


ImTheBossDude: Really?

No1Comedian: Yeah, I can see the lust in his eyes every time he tries to cut your neck with his Hwan Dao!

ImTheBossDude: I hate you both!

JapaneseCasanova joined the chatroom.

JapaneseCasanova: Hello! Wassp?

BritishAvenger: -raises eyebrows-

ImTheBossDude: -raises eyebrows-

No1Comedian: -dies of laughter-

JapaneseCasanova: What?

BritishAvenger: Ryu?

JapaneseCasanova: Yes?

ImTheBossDude: -erupts in laughter-

ImTheBossDude: Excuse me while I puke…

ImTheBossDude is currently busy.

JapaneseCasanova: What's wrong with him?

BritishAvenger: Nothing.

No1Comedian: -laughing- Nothing.

JapaneseCasanova: So wassup?

BritishAvenger: Not much. Just trying to convince Horo to hook up with Ren.

JapaneseCasanova: Really? I always had the impression that Ren likes Horo…

BritishAvenger: Actually he does.

JapaneseCasanova: Does Horo know?

BritishAvenger: No.

ImTheBossDude is back.

BritishAvenger: It's easier that way, believe me.

ImTheBossDude: What is easier?

No1Comedian: Um…

JapaneseCasanova: Lyserg was telling me about the easiest way to do a cool haircut.

BritishAvenger: -glares-

ImTheBossDude: Really? I never thought of Lyserg as the trendy type…

BritishAvenger: -rolls eyes-

SlackerBoy69 has joined the chatroom.

SlackerBoy69: Hello, guys!

ImTheBossDude: Yoh! Are you still alive?!

SlackerBoy69: Yes, actually Anna went pretty easy on me. She broke only two of my ribs and kept me only half of hour on the electric chair!

JapaneseCasanova: -sweatdrop- Anyway… did any of you see Ren?

SlackerBoy69: Probably plotting Horo's death…

BritishAvenger: Again?

BritishAvenger: Yoh, don't you agree that Horo and Ren make a cute couple?

SlackerBoy69: Actually I do.

ImTheBossDude: What?

No1Comedian: Stop playing dumb, Horo!

JapaneseCasanova: Yeah, we know you want to get in his pants!

No1Comedian: Yeah, and maybe in ten years we'll see you two married, ready for Honeymoon!

BritishAvenger: Okay, that's a little bit too much…

SlackerBoy69: Yeah, and they'll argue if to go to the Ainu tribe or China!

JapaneseCasanova: And Horo would give up in the end and go to China!

No1Comedian: No, Ren would give up!

SlackerBoy69: No, they'd go to Miami!

JapaneseCasanova: China!

No1Comedian: Ainu tribe!

SlackerBoy69: Miami!

BritishAvenger: Why me?

ImTheBossDude: B-boys…

JapaneseCasanova: Yeah?

No1Comedian: What?

SlackerBoy69: Huh?

BritishAvenger: Yes?

ImTheBossDude: Ren called…

ImTheBossDude: He said he's at the electric central…

SlackerBoy69: And?

ImTheBossDude: And he has his Kwan Dao…

No1Comedian: And?

JapaneseCasanova has left the chatroom.

ImTheBossDude: NO!

No1Comedian has left the chatroom.

SlackerBoy69: What's happening?

ImTheBossDude: He cut the electricity!

BritishAvenger has left the chatroom.

ImTheBossDude: He's coming after meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

SlackerBoy69 has left the chatroom.


ImTheBossDude has left the chatroom.