Disney owns the song "Under the Sea" but I borrowed it for a wonderful flik in honor of Acastus. I hope you all enjoy it!

Zuko, Join Me

You want to restore your honor

And want to capture my hide

So you helped your evil sister

But Zuko, you know she lied

Your father will never love you

He's too evil to ever care

You know in your heart it's true

And that you don't have a prayer

Zuko, join me

Zuko, join me

Your sister is insane

She'll only cause you pain

So you'd better flee

Your dad, he makes you cry

He would just let your uncle die

But here's on Appa

The fun never stops, ya

Zuko, join me

Fire Nation is very scary

Under your daddy's rule

And you gotta be so wary

Cause he's so very cruel

Even princes there aren't lucky

Even though you born high

One day when your dad got angry

You got burned in an Agni Kai

Zuko join me

Zuko join me

You won't be banished

Or friendship famished

Just a life filled with glee

You are your sister's favorite prey

So I'd advise you to get away

We have so much fun

We beg you to just come

Zuko, join me

We're kids on a mission

Don't need no permission

Just an amusement spree

Even though we ain't got a crown

We never feel the need to frown

We're on the right side

So let go of your lost pride

Zuko join me

Katara's my gal

She's a really great pal

She fights and she heals

And sometimes she steals

But she's not dating you

I tell you, it's true!

So don't let it cross your mind !

(Sokka) Yeah

Sokka da boomerang man

He's always got a plan

He really likes to eat

So I suggest you bring meat

But he'll hate your guts

and call you a klutz

But don't take it personally!

What do you need, a silly crown?

We got the mistress of the ground

Toph's really rocking

And she's really mocking


She uses feet instead of eyes

And she really likes the older guys

So why not join me?

We could five together

Best friends forever

That nothing can sever

Come on, it's quite clever

So grab and uncle and run

To the flying bison of fun

Zuko, join me!

Tell me what you guys thought!