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Summary: She's back, she didn't die after all, and he can tell her everything he ever wanted to say… but there's just one problem; he's the only one that can see her. Daniel/Vala Sequel to 'No Such Thing'

Author's Notes: 'dawn' - love to hate you! 'No Such Thing' was a one shot and I reread it along with several of my other Stargate One Shots the other night and instead of planning the next chapter of Savoir Aimer. (Which, for anyone who cares, is harder than I thought it would be lol) I came up with this as I reread the reviews and your suggestion of 'her coming back to save him' and Delta Goodrem's 'Last Night on Earth' (amazing song!) had me coming up with this idea.

It is rather important that you have read 'No Such Thing' before this.

Pairing: Daniel/Vala

Rating: PG13.

Genre: Romance/Angst/Tragedy

Chapter 1: In A Memory

The locker room was empty except for him, the steam from the shower he'd just taken his only companion in the semi-darkness. Towel around his waist and another round his shoulders he stood in front of his locker, staring at the name on the front unfocusedly. With little consideration to the fact he should not only be dressed but armed and ready for the mission that was due to have set off… oh… ten minutes ago.

For some reason no one was looking for him and for that he was grateful, the silence had been despised at the beginning, a loathsome ghost which shadowed his every movement and smothered him and everything around him in it's sickly blanket but now… now it was a friend.

Now it kept him from remembering; he wasn't neglecting himself, or any of the other stupid things that it seemed most people in grieving seemed to do, he was eating… well as much as he ever had. His work was up to scratch, or, if he were entirely honest, beyond what he had been doing before… before… He still spoke to his friends, still laughed at Cam's stupid jokes, spoke to Teal'c and played little brother to Sam. He was still him.

But there were those times. The times when in the middle of the night for some stupid reason he thought when he opened his eyes she'd be lying there beside him. Her dark hair cascading over a white pillowcase and her hands tucked up beneath her chin, her chest rising and falling with not a care in the world.

Or she would be in the kitchen, or the bathroom, sometimes the dream lead even on into the living room, or even the half-cocked idea that she would be at work waiting in his office. Then he would open his eyes, have a shower and a cup of coffee and once more be reminded of a reality that he hated to admit existed.

Running the towel that was around his neck over his face he sighed heavily, clearing his head as he opened his locker and began getting dressed.

"Colonel Mitchell," Landry called over the microphone as SG1 stood at the bottom of the 'gate ramp, the event horizon of the open wormhole flickering tantalisingly as the blue light it emitted crept up the walls and illuminated the faces of the SG personnel occupying the room.

Cam turned to his CO and shrugged "Jackson's not here yet sir," he said as Sam turned also, her hands resting on the butt of her P-90 as it lay against her body from the clip on her vest.

Landry gave him a look "then find him," the click of the microphone being turned off left no room for discussion and Cam nodded, walking briskly through the blast doors he headed straight for the men's locker room.

This was supposed to be the team's first mission since the battle on P-what-ever-the-hell-it-had-been, Daniel had… Well fine was the word the archaeologist had used but anyone with half a brain cell could see through the ill-erected façade that had sprung to life upon giving the news to the team that the vibrant young brunette had been killed.

The firefight had lasted maybe half an hour if you counted the time since the Ori ship had been spotted orbiting the planet but that thirty minutes was more than enough for him to have lost every member of his team fifty times over. And he hated to acknowledge the sick part of his mind that was glad that it was just Vala who had died.

It wasn't that he was glad that she was dead, he was as torn up as the next guy about her death, no, what he meant was that a tiny part of him was glad that he had only lost one member of his team.

They were loosing, that much was obvious, he thought as he fired another round into the throng of Ori soldiers, glancing at Sam his respect for her reminded him once more that there was a battle to fight and win, or die trying.

In retrospect, that had been a stupid thing to think. Always was, fights like that. So many people had died that day, admittedly Vala had been the only casualty of Earth, but the soldiers of the Ori had been brainwashed. Many could have been brought around to see that their Gods were not Gods but just 'rogue Ancients' hundreds of men had died, hundreds of… people like him, fighting for what they believed in.

The crackling from his shoulder had him ducking down and clutching at his radio "Sam… Mitchell…" it trailed off into roaring static "Jackson!" he yelled over the gunfire into the radio "Jackson, I can't hear you!"

He released the button and grimacing against the shudder of the P-90 against his shoulder he shot blindly into the bellowing crowds as Sam mimicked his movement for a few seconds before she went for her radio as well "Daniel?" static "Daniel, this is Sam, is everything okay?" She shook her head at Cam as she received no reply, trying once more "Daniel, where are you?"

Stepping into the locker room he saw Daniel sat on one of the benches, leaning over to tie his boots.

"Hey Jackson," he greeted him in a half-ordering tone "where've you been? We were due to set off at oh-nine-hundred, and it's now-"

Daniel fiddled with the hem of his pant leg before getting to his feet and retrieving his watch from the locker "twenty past I know," he supplied as he put it on.

Not wanting to press the matter Cam nodded "so you ready to go?"

"Yeah," Daniel pushed his locker shut, the clang of metal on metal was loud in the uncomfortable silence that was barely acknowledged, not waiting to se if he was being followed he headed straight from the room.

"Good of you to grace us with your presence Doctor Jackson," Landry said, half-jokingly, but seeing that, even now, a month after her death, his authoritative jokes were still inappropriate and if he admitted it, cruel. "SG1, when you're ready,"

"Ready?" Cam looked to Daniel as he took his weapon from the airmen who passed it too him, the other man nodded and the team moved up the metal ramp.

No one noticed Daniel's hesitancy as he stood for a second at the event horizon, the last time he'd been through it, he'd lost her… what if… no that was stupid, taking a breath he followed Sam through.

"Ow," Daniel moaned softly as he opened his eyes, to find himself lying flat on his back at the bottom of what looked like to have been, once upon a time, a set of stairs leading up the platform the Stargate now stood.

Similar groans could be heard as the rest of the team got to their feet, a large hand shifted hazily into his periphery and Daniel took it so as he could be hauled to his feet "thanks Teal'c," he said, dusting himself off.

"You are welcome Daniel Jackson," the jaffa nodded and gave him an encouraging smile, which Daniel returned.

His stomach was still performing unnatural acrobatics as he surveyed the lush green landscape, the remains of a civilisation long since died out surrounded the 'gate. This wouldn't be hard, basic recon, no Ori soldiers to rush over the hills like ants on a summer picnic, and the only harm that could come to any of them would be falling from the platform behind him.

"Okay then," Cam's voice broke through the chatter of the birdsong that floated through the air.

"The MALP showed no sign of any life other than plant an animal," Sam said as she glanced down at her UTD "but there are some interesting energy readings I'd like to check out,"

"Well you and Jackson, go do your thing, Teal'c, you and I can check the perimeter,"

Cam and Teal'c headed out as Sam followed the readings on the handheld device and went to take some soil samples on the outskirts of the decrepit village. Daniel forged further into the broken structure, pausing as he reached a tall stone, probably about eight feet tall and just short of three feet wide, text engraved into the stone.

Pushing back the vines that had enveloped the 'wall' he brushed a hand across the writings and stepped a little closer; a completely foreign language to him he recognised no part of it, and would definitely need reference materials in order to translate it. Releasing the clips on his pack he deftly opened it and pulled out his video camera, once certain he had managed to tape the complete text he looked around and saw another stone, similar in size not to far down an overgrown track.

Glancing back in the direction in which he could from he decided against going back to tell Sam where he was going, if he went to far then he'd radio back where he was but for now he was grateful for the lack of intrusion.

The track was sloped he soon discovered and gravelled which made the stepping harder when trying to wade through plants that got deeper and deeper as he walked further towards the third in the trail of engraved stone markers. He had barely gotten half way through recording the text on that one also when his radio sprang to life.

"Sam, Mitchell, this is Daniel, Vala's been hit,"

He shook his head and pushed the radio button "what did you say Mitchell?" he asked, his other hand holding the camera up to the marker.

An audible sigh came through "where are you Jackson?"

"I-" he frowned as he saw something in the corner of his eye, and released the button on the radio.

He turned to face the direction where the movement had come from, and ignored the irritated calls from his radio, he saw nothing and for a brief moment he considered the fact that he was just imagining it "hello?" he tried half-heartedly and promptly jumped when he heard a reply. Whirling around as best he could in the thick plants at his feet. His jaw dropped and his hand holding the camera fell to his side, as it began to slip from his fingers he instinctively took a firmer hold of it.

"You want to close your mouth Daniel? I'm tempted to stick something in it,"

Author's Notes: Clichéd ending to that chapter I think but hey, it doesn't matter, does it? Lol. Review please.