A/N- This is my first story. AU. It revolves around Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer. Lucas is an arrogant womanizer while Peyton is the kind of girl who doesn't pay attention to guys like Lucas, Its a story revolving around these two characters and how they end up being with each other despite the fact that they completely hate each others guts. It also has Nathan, Haley and Brooke in it. I don't know how important they are to the story, but nevertheless they're a part of it.

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Chapter 1- The Scotts.

Lucas Scott. Lucas Scott was the son of Dan & Karen. They had gotten married as soon as their college had finished. Lucas had an older brother, making him the younger of the two children that Dan & Karen had. Lucas was a very spoiled boy, considering the fact that he was the youngest member in their family of four. Nathan on the other hand, was much more docile and a very kind child

As soon as Lucas started high school, he realized the kind of power he had over people. Everyone looked up to him. Everyone wanted to be him. Every girl wanted him. And he took advantage of that simple fact. He was the kind of person, who never understood the concept of love, because he thought that if any girl was willing to sleep with him only because of his looks and a mere few words that he said to them, they did not deserve his respect. He was the kind of person who moved from one girl to another, and that's the reason why right after his junior year he was considered a womanizer, even though he was just 16 at the time. He had such a charm that girls would just flock around him. He was 6'1, blue-eyed, blonde hair, lean, muscular and a complete charmer. Even if girls had heard about his reputation, they would still want to be with him, because of the way he acted. That's the kind of a person Lucas Scott was.

Nathan Scott. Nathan was the older son of Dan & Karen. Which is why he had always been the responsible one. The one who took care of everyone. The one who always helped people if they asked for it. The one who took his brother out of sticky situations, if he ever came across any. Even though he hated Lucas for being such a womanizer, he still loved his brother more than anything in the world, and could do anything for him. Nathan had always been the quite one. Maybe because he didn't have such charm to him, nonetheless Nathan was a handsome boy. Like his brother he had blue eyes, was as lean and muscular as him but had dark brown hair, and was 6'3.

Unlike Lucas, Nathan had a respect for women. He wanted to make them feel loved. He wasn't the type who went after women for their body, but for their mind and soul. Though women never seemed to flock around him as they did around Lucas, but he was fine with that, because he was waiting for that special someone, who would change his life forever. Someone who he could love. Someone who could see him for who he was. Someone who would love him back for who he was. Lucas always made fun of his theories about 'the perfect one' but nevertheless he held a certain respect for his brother.

Nathan and Lucas were an odd pair. They were polar opposites. But loved each other more then anything else. Both of them knew that if anything bad ever happened to any of the two, the other would have his back. That's how much they loved each other. Both of them had different opinions about anything and everything. But still they stuck together through it all.

A/N - So there you go people, that's the first chapter. Basically I tried to explain how different the two brothers are. The next chapter will tell us about Peyton and Haley, who play sisters in this story. And the chapter after that will deal with the actual story. This chapter and the upcoming one is just to give a brief introduction about the two families.

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