Hey guys. It's been a really long time since I've updated this story, but no worries, I've started writing again, and hopefully in a day or two, the new chapter for this story will be up. I'd like to thank everyone who has waited so patiently for the update of this story.

Also I've changed quite a few things when it comes to this story. The guy that Peyton kissed in the second last chapter has been changed to Julian. Since it's been so long since I've updated, I wanted to bring something new to the story. It won't be the same character as Julian is on the show, because this is an AU story and the characterizations have been changed a lot, but I just wanted you guys to have a mental image of the guy Peyton is going to interact with, so that's why I've changed that part.

I've changed a lot of other things as well, but it isn't necessary for you guys to go back and read the whole story to know the changes, but if there will be anything important then I'll let you know in the beginning of a new chapter.

I really hope there are people out there that still want to read this story, and I hope you guys like it. Thank you once again for liking this story so much, when there is so much amazing stuff out there already. Thanks, and do be looking for a new update soon.