A/N: I've waffled about the direction of this story so many times that I can't even begin to tell you how different this is than what I was going to write. The basic idea isn't even the same. That and I'm horrible at writing fluff. I suffered over this tiny thing. You better enjoy it!

Plooshkinza requested some Takagi x Satou fluff. It's only a drabble, but here it is.

She couldn't dance, but then, neither could he.

It was a pair of facts that had become painfully clear when they had finally managed to step out onto the dance floor. But at least they were dancing, albeit badly, a considerable step up from what they had been doing previously, which had consisted mostly of Takagi blushing and attempting to ask her to dance only to be interrupted by one or another of their 'well meaning' co-workers.

An off-hand bit of grumbling to Yumi had done wonders for that situation, resulting in about half the female members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department playing interference with about half the male members of said department.

Satou smiled a little at the thought.

"Something funny?" Takagi asked, a contented grin playing on his lips. He had loosened up considerably now that there were no death glares being aimed at him.

"Nothing important," she replied, just as the music changed into a western style slow dance.

Neither of them thought to switch partners, or leave the dance floor, no matter that they weren't winning any prizes for dancing. Instead Takagi moved one hand to Satou's waist while the other gripped her right hand. It was a little old fashioned, but who cared?

His hands are warm, Satou noted idly.

Takagi glanced around at the red, pink and white decorations, bemused, "Whose idea was this anyway?"

"What, the 'Tokyo MPD Valentine's day dance?'" Satou asked, laughing, "Guess."

Her dance partner chuckled, "I'll have to remember to thank Yumi-chan."


"Well, I get to dance with you, don't I?" Takagi went beat red the moment he said it, "Ah . . . That is . . . I mean . . ."

Satou was also blushing, "Well, then maybe I should thank her too."

The two lapsed into an embarrassed silence, allowing the dance to make up for the lull in conversation.

"Teenager," Takagi muttered.


"It's like being a teenager again. I'm a full grown man, but I can't seem to act like one around you."

Something inside of Satou warmed at the admission. "Well," she said, moving his left hand to her waist and putting her arms around his neck, "that would make two of us."

Satou let her check rest on Takagi's shoulder, "Would you like to come over to my place after?"

"Uh . . ." Takagi replied incoherently.

"Not like that!" Satou teased, looking up somewhat awkwardly at his expression. "We can have some coffee, stay up way too late and make wise cracks about the horrible late night television. Besides, I have chocolate for you."

"Sure," he replied. "But, for the moment, let's just enjoy the dance."