A/N: These just occurred to Wolffe and me and so voila. We are insane and we know it. We plan on writing 100 versions with the last being the one we REALLY think is going to happen. Disclaimer: All of these ideas are ours, but the characters aren't (sniff). How Harry Potter will end…

Version One: "Trip"

Curses and Jinxes fly through the air as the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix battle it out. In the midst of it all are Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, exchanging spells madly. "Harry!" someone cries. It is Neville, running toward the battle of the two greatest wizards of all time (bar Dumbledore). Suddenly he trips; his wand hand flies out in front of him toward the fray and his chin hits a rock and bounces, making a noise that sounds oddly like "Avada Kedavra." Voldemort is suddenly illuminated with bright, green light. He screams in rage that he has wasted his life chasing after the wrong boy and points his wand at Neville, but it is too late; the most evil wizard in the world falls to the ground dead. With a cry of anguish and confusion, the Dark Lord's minions flee as the ground rumbles and Voldemort's wand explodes with a sonic boom.

Version Two: "Lockhart's Line"

Harry panted, glaring up at Lord Voldemort from where he had been tied to a gravestone. "Just kill me, why don't you?" he spat at the hated dark wizard. "Harry, Harry, Harry…" tutted Voldemort, "I will; don't you worry. But first I would like to introduce you to…me." Harry was astounded; he watched, amazed, as Voldemort began to remove his…mask? It looked so real…Finally the false skin was peeled back and Voldemort turned to face Harry. Harry cried, aghast, for the face before him was none other than that of Albus Dumbledore, his wise mentor and the one man in the world that he trusted. But no…as Harry looked closer, he discovered that it wasn't Dumbledore after all, or, at least, it wasn't Albus Dumbledore…Voldemort must have understood Harry's expression, for he smiled and said, "Yes. Now you finally see me as I truly am; the black sheep of the family: Aberforth Dumbledore!"

Version Three: "Silver Hand"

"Avada Kedavra!!" cried Harry's voice—and two others. One he had expected: Voldemort, who looked just as surprised as he. But the other…A small figure clad in Death Eater robes had made this curse: Peter Pettigrew, demasked and pointing his wand at Voldemort. He looked terrified, but his silver hand, the one Voldemort himself had given him, was steady. All this took place in a matter of seconds; in the end, no one knew quite whose spell hit who, but after the blinding green light cleared, Harry stood alone beside the bodies of the redeemed and the evil one.

Version Four: "Mithrandir"

As Voldemort raised his wand to perform the killing curse, everyone was suddenly blinded by a pure, white light. From the center of this light a voice spoke, saying; "Voldemort, your wand is broken!" With a cry, Voldemort dropped said wand, which burst into a thousand, burning shards. Powerless, he fled away into the night. Harry turned in amazement to the man who stood beside him. The white light had faded and he was looking upon none other than Albus Dumbledore. "Where have you been?" asked Harry. "Where ever I have been, I am back," he said, "Things are in motion which cannot now be undone. I am Dumbledore the White, come to aid in the fight against Voldemort."

Version Five: "What's in the box?"

As Voldemort ran towards Harry, wand upraised, he suddenly fell to the ground, dead. A later autopsy showed that he had suffered a massive heart attack brought on by his years of smoking pot in dark alleys.

Version Six: "Western"

"Time to kill Harry," said Voldemort, happily, to himself. He closed his eyes and disapparated. When he opened his eyes and looked around him, he saw that he wasn't in Godric's Hollow as he had expected, but instead he was in the middle of a field of grass and surrounded by cows. "Ummmmmm," said Voldemort. A tall man in a large brimmed hat came over, flashing a silver star on his shirt front. "I'm the sheriff," he said, "And we don't want people like you in these here parts." Several deputies arrived and Voldemort was quickly hung on the nearest tree.

Version Seven: "Vegetarian"

Voldemort sat in the kitchen of his New York apartment, eating a salad. "Hm!" he said. "A cucumber!" As he was about to bite into this piece of food, the thing suddenly sprouted fangs and bit him! It wasn't a true cucumber, but instead it was Remus Lupin, who becomes a were-cucumber on every green moon, which is when there are three full moons in a month. Voldemort turned into a cucumber as well. All would have been fine for the Dark Lord if Harry Potter hadn't walked in just then. "Oh!" said Harry, "A cucumber!" He picked Voldemort up and ate him.

Version Eight: "The Eagles"

The great last battle between good and evil was in full swing when Luna looked up at the sky. "The Phoenix is coming! The Phoenix is coming1" she cried, pointing. Fawkes swooped down on his scarlet and gold wings, singing his beautiful Phoenix song. The hearts of the good side were strengthened and they fought on to victory. Voldemort, momentarily distracted by Fawkes, didn't get his wand up to block Harry's attack in time. "Avada Kedavra!!" Harry cried, and it was done.

Version Nine: "Oh, nuts!"

As Harry and Voldemort exchanged spells, they were distracted by the sudden appearance of a red-haired blur. Voldemort doubled over in pain and Ginny giggled madly. "Avada Kedavra!" cried Harry, and Voldemort died.

Version Ten: "Retainer"

Unbeknownst to most wizards, Voldemort has for the last few years been wearing braces. Now, however, he has gotten them off and must wear a retainer. Unfortunately, this has caused something of a speech impediment. So, as he raises his wand to administer the killing curse on one Harry Potter, instead of saying the actual words he says, " Afada Kedhafra!" As he looked at the odd, pink piglets now flying around his head, Harry said the worst Unforgivable Curse. Voldemort's last thought was: "I've got to get a new orthodontist."

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