"It's strange…" Tohru Honda muttered as she eased herself into the steaming bath water. She sighed contentedly as the hot liquid seeped into her tired muscles. "It's really strange." She said to her hands, lowering her body until the water rose to her shoulders. Mulling over your problems in a hot bath was one of the strange habits Tohru had inherited from her ever-wise, recently departed mother. It worked most of the time…

"Mom, I need some help," she continued in an undertone, watching the waters ripple around her. "It's about…" she blushed fiercely. "K-Kyo-kun." The dark-haired girl fidgeted slightly, and then said, "Whenever I'm around him, I… get all flustered. I don't understand it… I mean, he is handsome, but so is Yuki-kun… but, Yuki-kun doesn't make me get butterflies in my stomach like Kyo-kun does…"

She swallowed hard as her thoughts turned to the orange-haired teen. "But, it's not only that… it's the way he stares at me. Sometimes it feels like his look lasts forever, but that's not it. It's hot. It's too heated for a normal look between friends. It gives me goose bumps and my knees get weak… I don't get it. What is this effect he has on me?"

She looked around, as if expecting someone to be overhearing her. "I… like it… I like the thrill I get when I see him, the tingle down my spine, and how I can't breathe if he gets too close… and that's what scares me." She smiled slightly. "But I can't help but wanting to know him better. I want to erase all the shadows that cloud those gorgeous green eyes, and I want…" she blushed scarlet, becoming light-headed. "I… want… him."

Kyo gasped from his perch outside the thin door. Before this, he was walking to his room, minding his own business, his mind wrapped up in the thoughts of the dark-haired girl that was currently in the warm bath water, when he heard the said girl whisper:

"Kyo-kun," from inside the bathroom. He couldn't help but listen as she muttered to herself about him. His face grew steadily warmer while she murmured about his "heated gaze," and he gasped again, the sound dying painfully in his throat, when she reached the last sentence of her monologue…

"I… want… him."

He heard his cue to exit when the sound of draining water could be heard, running to his room, his mind trying to catch up to what he'd just heard… After closing his door softly, he let a small grin slide onto his face. She wants me…he thought happily, wanting to jump around the room. What does this mean…? I know I've loved her for a while now, but... what happens next?

He sighed. "Fine, Tohru," he said to her as she closed her bedroom door. "I'll take action since you're too shy…" He sighed again, heavily this time, letting his body sag against the door. "The only problem is… I am too!"

"What??" Tohru asked, staring at Shigure with wide eyes. "You're going to visit Hatori-san? Are you sick?" She fussed over him and he smiled warmly at the teenager.

"I'm the one getting the check-up, Honda-san." A neutral voice said at her ear. She turned to see Yuki smiling down at her with the same mysterious grin that used to make her heart skip a beat, but now, because she'd been living with him for a few years, she'd long since become immune to his charms that the girls from school find so alluring.

She smiled at him. "Is it your bronchial tubes acting up again?" The silver-haired boy nodded. "Are you going to be okay, Yuki-kun?" She reached up and placed her cool hand on his forehead. He blushed from under her touch and gazed down at her. She seemed oblivious, but she moved away quickly, not wanting to be near Yuki after she'd realized her feelings for Kyo.

After she pulled away, Yuki tried to mask his hurt by turning away from her. "We'll be staying the night at the Main House," Shigure continued, not missing the awkward teenage goings-on. "Haa-san wants Yuki to have an over-night visit, so you and Kyonkichi will be alone tonight."

"What??" Kyo yelled at Shigure from the stairwell. He rushed into the living room and stared at the perverted dog. "What's happening with me and Tohru?"

"That's 'Tohru-kun and I,' Kyon-Kyon," Shigure corrected him sternly. "Yuki and I are going to the Main House to visit Haa-san and to give Yuki his monthly check-up. Is that alright with you?"

All the color drained from Kyo's dace as he looked over to Tohru. Their eyes locked and he stared for a long moment before answering. "Pah! Do what you want, you stupid dog. It's not like I care." He swept out of the room, giving Tohru a heated glance before exiting.

The girl stared after him. There was that look again! She released the breath she didn't realize she was holding, her cheeks on fire.

"Tohru-kun?" She jumped and looked at the other two males in the house. "Did you hear me?" Shigure asked impatiently, she shook her head slowly. "Are you okay with us leaving you alone here with Kyo?"

She cleared her throat, trying to coax her voice from her stomach. "Y-yes. I'm sure Kyo-kun and I will be fine here together. I'll be sure to call you if anything goes wrong, Shigure-san."

He gave her a stern look. "Even if he's being a pervert?"

She swallowed hard. I might not actually mind if he was "Of course, Shigure-san. I'll call you right away!"

"And I shall be here right away, my little flower."

Kyo watched from the roof as Hatori's car drove off from their driveway. Yuki stared out of the window sullenly, Shigure was talking animatedly in the front, and Hatori looked like he wanted to shoot the man in the face. If he knew Tohru, and he liked to think he did, she would wave to the car until it was out of sight, come into the house, and eventually make her way up to where he lay on the cold roof shingles.

He smiled as he heard her making her way up the wooden ladder. "Kyo-kun?" She asked him breathlessly as she hauled herself up the side of the house. His spine tingled at the sound of her voice after she'd climbed that ladder. It was so appealing; it made him want to kiss her each and every time she came up. Then and there.

She moved closer to him, closer than she normally would, and every hair stood on end with the awareness of her. She sighed contentedly as she looked across the landscape, enjoying every minute she was allowed to be this close to the orange-haired teenager.

Now or never… "Kyo-kun, I-"

I need to tell her… "Tohru, I-"

They stared at each other for a long minute, and then Kyo moved towards her. He reached for her, skimming one hand up her shoulder, the other to tip her mouth towards his. He stared down at her long enough to see her eyes glitter and her pupils dilate with the same desire he felt in every vein.

Her lips sighed in hungry agreement as his mouth met hers. The sweet taste of her went straight to his head. He wanted to pull her close and run his hands all over her glorious body, but… that wasn't an option.

He pushed the sad thoughts away as he enjoyed the feel of the girl's lips on his. Tohru pulled away slowly, smiling and flushed, looking up at the boy she'd chosen. Kyo smiled back at her, more than a little disappointed that all he did was peck her on the lips.

But, I guess, we'll need to take it slow… It's a first for both of us.

Tohru opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by an obnoxious gurgle from her stomach. She giggled slightly, her face warming up again. "I knew I forgot something."

He grabbed her hand. "C'mon. We'll go make something to eat." She smiled up at him as they made their way down the ladder and into the kitchen.