Chatroom 21

Double Date Day

Ok, so in this one, Hinata gets a date with someone and Sakura….too! Naruto also gets a date and Sasuke…too!

RamenLover and IMALonely has signed on

RamenLover: No! I'm with a lonely person. My teacher told me that I had to be more social.

IMALonely: What teacher?

RamenLover: Gai and Rock Lee! They're awesome people. I mean, they wear spandexes which are popular these days. Don't you want to be like them?

IMALonely: Never!

RamenLover: Why? They're cool people.

IMALonely: No, they're not. They are….oh whatever!

RamenLover: Are you a girl?

IMALonely: Yes, why?

RamenLover: It's a long story. See, I used to have a crush on Ino. But then she said that she didn't like me indirectly, so I fell in love with Temari. But then they fought over and it freaked me out. So now, I'm trying to find a girl. I know that Sakura doesn't like me because she likes Sasuke. Tenten is interested in Neji. Hinata is interested in no one so I'm using dating sites.

IMALonely: And what does that have to do with me?

RamenLover: You're a girl, so would you?

IMALonely: If I'm older then you, then it's going to be weird. But then I already know you………..I don't care if even Chouji asks me out. I really don't care anymore. But, RamenLover (Naruto), I would like to tell you that Hinata IS interested in someone.

RamenLover: She doesn't like me though. So you would give a chance with me?

IMALonely: Ok, what could happen?

RamenLover: Nothing! Ichiraku Ramen at 6 today. Is that ok?

IMALonely: Yep!

RamenLover and IMALonely has signéd out

FatsySoda and Flaming Red has signed on

FlamingRed: Hi!

FatsySoda: Aw…where's IMALonely?

FlamingRed: You like her?

FatsySoda: Kinda…yeah.

FlamingRed: What's the L word?

FatsySoda: There's a L word? Um, I don't know.

FlamingRed: Love! You like her! You like her! You like her!

FatsySoda: I've figured out everyone except you two. Who are you?

FlamingRed: Not telling!

FatsySoda: Grrrr……………..oh well! Can't we at least meet each other once?

FlamingRed: Ok fine, guess it won't hurt.

FatsySoda: Yay, I get to find out! Where do you want to go?

FlamingRed: Ichiraku Ramen at six today. Is that fine?

FatsySoda: That's ok. I just feel like someone is going to be there.

FlamingRed: Yeah, it seems like déjà vu or something like that.

FatsySoda: Oh well, I like soda!

FlamingRed: You said that already.

FatsySoda: I'm just stalling time because I'm bored. I got nothing to do.

FlamingRed: Hey! Me too!

FatsySoda: I feel like signing out and going to sleep. Sleep is good.

FlamingRed: Meh, me go read Goosebumps.

FatsySoda: Those are for little kids.

FlamingRed: I AM a little kid. I'm only twelve.

FatsySoda: -.-

FatsySoda and FlamingRed has signed out

Naruto was there at five. He was really eager to date someone. He couldn't believe that she was from Konoha too. That was freaky because there's millions of people that use Addicting Chatrooms that are not in Konoha. Hinata was too fidgety so she went at 5:45. Hinata saw Naruto and got confused. She got really happy though, because it was Naruto. She was confused because there was RamenLover so how could he be FatsySoda? She didn't understand, but they ate together. Naruto soon figured out that Hinata liked him so they planned another date. They ate together in exactly fifteen minutes then Naruto walked her home. O.o To me, eating a meal in fifteen minutes normally is too fast unless it's at school

Sakura went exactly at six and she saw Naruto and Hinata walk out together. She walked inside Ichiraku Ramen for no reason. She started thinking why they were together. Sakura knew that Naruto and her planned to eat together. She smiled. FatsySoda and FlamingRed probably planned a date. So that means Hinata is FlamingRed. So who's FatsySoda? She decided to wait for him.

"Sakura?" She turned around. It was Sasuke.

"Hi, you're FatsySoda?"

"Yep, and you're FlamingRed."

"No, Hinata is. I'm just IMALonely."

"You are?" He looked surprised.

"Yep! Want a fresh start?"


"I like pie!"

"I like soda!"

Lclsurfer: No! Next week, I'm having a math program next week! And story's also over! Read my other stories, maybe…………………..I'm planning on writing a story with the couple, Sasori and Sakura. See? I don't know how to end this. Whatever. Um, I like the Akatsuki! Bye!