All We Wish For

"When he takes her, it is dark, almost as if he can't stand the thought of tainting something so pure. Ryuhou X Mimori"

When he takes her, it is dark, almost as if he can't stand the thought of tainting something so pure. He drives into her, claiming her, marking her as his even as he recoils into himself as the full implication of what he is doing hits him. He is making her a part of his world, he knows, yet he cannot stop the dizzying pleasure rushing through he veins. He won't.

Underneath him she is all trembling flesh and erotic moans, her breath coming in short pants against his jaw as she clutches him closer, hoping to keep him there by sheer force of will. She is amazed that he is where he is, sheathed inside her and thrusting against with something just this side of wild abandon. It's been a long time, she knows, since he has given himself this release, and she's only too happy to provide it.

He keeps everything locked within, she knows, refuses to burden the world with his problems. The darkness within his heart is never given the chance to be banished, his demons never exorcised. He has created a shield that at once repels everything, yet also keeps everything in.

They are both reaching the pinnacle, and as he plunges into her one last time, he cries out her name. She gasps in surprise even as her own climax overwhelms her senses, her mind reeling as her name echoes within the sudden silence of the room. His fingers are clutched around her hips, his face buried in the crook of her neck. For long, quiet moments he rests there, his harsh breathing warming her skin and making her dizzy all over again.

When he moves, it is to raise himself onto his arms so that he can lock gazes with her. Emotions flit through the crimson orbs, and she's unable to keep up with them. She catches a fierce joy, followed by an almost overwhelming regret. Soon after she sees a vast contentedness, followed almost immediately by a terrible sorrow. There is everything and nothing within his gaze, and she becomes lost within it.

"Mimori," He finally whispers, her name like a plea on his lips.

She says nothing, and he says nothing, but everything is understood. Theirs is not to be a happy story, full of loving gazes and heart-filled whispers. Theirs is to be a tale of stolen kisses and hurried meetings, of cautiousness and fear. It will not be a happy story, Mimori knows, it won't be like the stories she read as a child about the chivalrous knights and their doting damsels. But somehow, Mimori thinks, she doesn't mind.

So she wraps her arms around Ryuhou's neck and brings her lips to hers, and as she feels his arousal return it is she who moves against him, forcing a harsh gasp from his lips. When he once more begins to thrust against her, she meets him, lifting her hips and crying out. His name pours from her lips as she spirals higher and higher, and as her peak washes over her, she makes sure to whisper the words that he will never forget.

"I love you,"

And as they lay together, as she clutches him closer and he grips her tightly, Mimori turns her head to gaze at the sunlight streaming in through the window and smiles.

.:if you're holding me tight, I can forget that the world outside is not so kind:.

Cataracta's Notes:
A bit less happy than normal, but written off the first line. It popped into my head and I had to write the story. Let me know what you think!