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Unnumbered Tears
Chapter 2: Randir

He had been aptly named, he mused, a joyless smile on his face. He had been wandering for so long he could scarcely remember when he'd started. How old had he been when he had left his native village? Sixteen. Now he was...he thought for a moment. Twenty two. It had been six years since he had left.

But he couldn't really call it wandering anymore. The longer he kept going, the more speed he picked up. Now, he was almost running. He was tired. He hoped he could stop here for a while before they caught up with him. That would be nice. He found himself dreaming of a warm, comfortable bed, in a real house-with a blazing fire, with bacon sizzling on it, and a beautiful girl curled up beside him, watching every move he made with the pure passion of a first love, and...

He shook his head, trying to clear away the painful memories. He wouldn't let himself think about such things. He knew he wouldn't stay here long, he would not set himself up for another heartbreak again. He was only passing through on his way to join the Elven army. He would rest for a few days, then be on his way again; this war would likely end his life. That was his only hope.

And besides, they were Elves. He was a man, he was safe here.

He shook his head again, trying to free himself from the past. He could still hear her sobbing as she begged him to stay. Why wouldn't she shut up and leave him in peace? Why wouldn't the pain just stop?

Moments later, he realized it was not the memories but something far worse. He stood staring down at the most terrifying thing he had ever seen in his life - a weeping Elleth.