My first Danny Phantom fic.



Kiss the Girl

Danny had no idea what came over him, because he suddenly found himself invisible and intangible in Sam's room. He didn't want her to know he was there, listening to her hum away an old Disney song that was revived in their memories that night.

Yes, he and Tucker had come over earlier that evening and watched The Little Mermaid with Sam. Tucker, admittedly, had to be dragged down into the basement, but they still enjoyed their time together, the first in quite a while that was ghost-free.

He held back a sigh as he watched her from across the room. He had no idea why he had come back.

Something inside him jolted, and he couldn't figure out what happened, but somehow she seemed so much more beautiful than before. Sure, she was always pretty, but something about the way she was humming that song while writing in her diary just intrigued him.

He floated in closer, to see her better and to listen to her sweet voice hum the tune. He reached the edge of her bed, observing her half-lidded, entrancing violet eyes skimming over the words she had just written. Her petite nose wrinkled in disgust at it and her small hands worked with the pen to scratch all of it out. Her lips thinned a bit as if she truly wished those thoughts out of her mind. They returned to their original fullness, and Danny couldn't help but wonder what it was like to really feel those lips. Not just a fake-out-make-out. For real.

He wanted to kiss her. It was that simple. It drove him crazy, almost. He had to feel her lips on his for real.

Danny suddenly thought back to their first fake-out-make-out. It seemed like so long ago. That feeling rushed him again. A sort of euphoria had hit him that moment. Sam had kissed him and it felt great. Until she'd snapped him back to earth by shouting his name.

"Danny," his head jerked up at the sound of his name. She was staring at her diary still. He thought back to Gregor, and felt himself grow hot with envy. He didn't deserve her. And neither did Dash for that matter, as the painful memory of Sam kissing Dash at the Ember concert flashed across his mind. He didn't like the idea of Sam kissing another guy. But what if she never liked the idea of kissing him?

Her eyes were sad. Danny wanted nothing more than to comfort her. Take away her pain. What was wrong? He flew in closer only to watch as her lips quivered and a single, silent tear trickled down her cheek.

Before Danny could even realize what he was doing, he was kissing the tear away. A gasp escaped this beauty before him, breaking him out of his trance. Checking himself, he sighed in relief when he saw that he was still invisible. Again he returned his gaze to the lavender-eyed beauty before him. She had stopped singing a long time ago and was staring through him. "Danny?"

He was startled by this. Did she really know it was him? She didn't look as if she knew he was really there. He sighed, not caring what she thought of him anymore. "You have no idea how kissable you are right now, Sam." And he kissed her before finally revealing himself to her.

She tasted sweet, filling him with euphoria at the soft feel of her lips and he found him wrapping his arms around her, pulling her closer, feeling her addicting warmth. He was surprised when he felt her lips return his initial gesture, her arms wrapping around his neck gently.

Pulling away from her, he stared into her beautiful, glowing face, a confused expression gracing its delicate features. Danny lowered himself to sit in from of her on her bed. "Sam, about the kiss. Well, you seeā€¦"

"You don't have to say anything," she answered. Her eyes glistening with sadness. "I understand."

"I love you," he finished, watching her face as it transformed from shock to bliss, a giant smile forming on his lips.

"I love you, too."


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