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ATTENTION: This doesn't start off a nice fic. It is rated M for a reason, bad stuff happens through out.

Desert Rose

Chapter 1

Cold. Dark and cold. She was shivering, dirty, terrified, and very hungry. It happened a few days ago, at least she thought it was a few days. Hogsmeade weekend was going great, all the students ran around laughing. One might say that happiness in a time of strife attracts the worst circumstances. The Death Eaters shouldn't have been able to get to the town, the wards should have worked, and still they came through some round windows that appeared to float in the air.

She tried to fight back, but she should have run away. If she had then well she wouldn't be here, in a Death Eater dungeon. That's where she woke up; her worst fear had come true.

Only exhaustion brought sleep, the tortured screams coming from all around made it impossible otherwise. All she could do was sit there and listen as the victims were killed, their cries for help never answered.

Two weeks later.

Finally, it was her turn, she thought as her cell door opened. Her only hope was that it would end quickly, she was afraid, with good reason. Quickly, she backed into a corner when the sadistic face of Draco Malfoy appeared at her door. At that very moment when their eyes meet she knew that this wouldn't be the quick end that she was hoping for.

She tried to shrink further away from the blond man as he stalked closer with the promise of pain in his smile. Draco reached down for her and as any person would, she defended herself. His hand was slapped away and she proceeded to kink at him yelling, "GET AWAY!"

Draco snarled, "STUPID BITCH! How DARE you touch me?" Then without any hesitation, he wiped out his wand and said, "Crucio."

When it hit her, she screamed like never before. It was like thousands of knives digging into every inch of her skin. She didn't know that pain could hurt this bad. It felt like hours, but in reality, only a few seconds. Finally, she was released from the spell.

Draco got a fist full of hair and yanked back hard, and hissed in her ear, "You touch me again and you will get more of that." He dragged her sobbing body out into the main area by her hair. When he got to the middle, he kicked her hard in the stomach and dropped her to the floor.

She lay there coughing, trying to get her breath back from Draco's vicious assault. The left side of her chest lit up in pain with every breath, she knew that at least one rib was broken. She whimpered, but soon had caught some of her breath back only to hear that dreaded word once more.

"Crucio!" Draco laughed as she screamed herself hoarse. "That's right bitch, scream for me." To him this was the greatest experience of his life; it always filled him with a pleasurable feeling. The tortured voices were music to his ears.

Though he loved the feelings she was giving him, Draco didn't want this to end too quickly. After ending the pain curse, he waited a few minutes until she started to compose herself once more. Then he kicked her solidly in her hurt side, and was greatly satisfied when he felt more then heard another rib break.

Draco cycled through the torture curse and physical abuse for nearly an hour. Her body had bruises everywhere and multiple bones were broken. At this time his eyes got round with surprise, "I know, I will use a new spell that I read about the other day. I am sure you will like it."

He stepped back and waved his wand, "Multa Brevis Sectus (1)."

All at once, a thousand tiny cuts opened up all over her body. She gave a whimper and a quick sob before stilling her body. She had learned early on that moving too much only made him hurt her more. Now, while the tiny cuts didn't necessarily hurt that much, the dirt and sweat that got into those wounds made it very painful.

The pain came over and over until she couldn't even move at his command. Simply, she lay there hoping for death to come swiftly. Finally, it seemed that her wish had come true.

Draco kicked her once more, and when she didn't do more then just twitch and whimper softly, he grew angry, "I tire of this. It was fun while it lasted though, I will be sure to tell Potter all about it next time I see him." He raised his wand and she couldn't help but smile, knowing that it would end soon, "Avada…"

However, it seemed that fate can be cruel, Draco didn't finished the spell she most wanted to hear. He froze at the sound of the snake like voice behind him; even she grew pale from fear. Draco turned to face the man… thing he called 'Master', who he immediately bowed low to in respect. Or was it fear.

Draco's 'Master' spoke, "Draco, you sseem to particularly hate thiss one. Who is sshe that iss worth all thiss time?"

He bowed deeply once more, "Master Voldemort, she is Potter's girlfriend. Ginny Weasley." Draco straightened but kept his head lowed in submission.

Even Draco shivered at the sight of his masters' smile, but was it of disgust or anticipation? Ginny could not see the Dark Lord's face, but his words would keep her having nightmares for a lifetime.

Voldemort spoke curiously, "Potter's girlfriend?" Draco nodded, then his master continues with a sadistic smile, "I see. Well, Draco, we cannot have her treated so. She is a pure-blood after all." He stepped forward and with a swish of his wand, Ginny was clean and healed, but the pain was still present. She was now more scared of what was going to happen to her.

Voldemort came to stand over her prone form, "You will live Weasley. If only to hurt Potter more." He turned to the blond man nearby, "Draco, take her to a more comfortable room upstairs and welcome her properly. I will give you the honor of being the first to taste her." He then turned back to the now sobbing redhead on the floor and said in a pleasant voice, "Don't worry Miss Weasley, you will be well cared for." He laughed as he exited and it sickened her to the core.

Draco, now very glad he had taken so long to 'play' with her earlier, snatched her hair once more and started to drag her to the door and up the stairs. All the while in tears, she begged him not to do this, to please have mercy. Once she even tried to fight him off only to again be kicked in the mid region. Not even this slowed him down; he continued to pull her by the hair until he got to their destination.

When he entered the room, he throws her onto the very large bed against the far wall. "You know, I was going to make this pleasant for you, but now I don't think I will. Don't worry, I will enjoy this greatly, but I am certain that you won't."

Ginny attempted to back away from him, but she let out a excruciating scream as he slammed her with a, "Crucio." Draco got on the bed and began to rip what was left of her tattered robes off her body. While he was 'admiring' her alabaster skin she struck out at him with her fist. Only it didn't have much behind it so it did little more then move his head to the side.

Draco slapped her hard, "You will pay for that. CRUCIO!" Again she writhed in agony from the torture curse. He kept her under it for several minutes, which combined with the lack of food and water. She couldn't put up the barest of defenses; Ginny knew that Draco would get what he wanted. In the end she closed her eyes and cried as he stole her innocence.

Draco wasn't the only one to entertain themselves with her that day. Many others came to her room and it was apparent that she was a virgin. They tormented and humiliated her with that knowledge. That her hated enemies had been her first. She knew that they would keep her alive, so that they could use her some more.

When she had passed out from exhaustion, she sobbed and cried in her sleep. Ginny would one day be very happy that she did so, because at that very moment the one responsible for her capture would one day be responsible for her escape.

The tanned skin man listened at the door, his heart tearing, because he knew deep down that her cries of anguish were his fault. However, maybe, just maybe, he would be able to help this one. The tall, built man walked away, his face a mask of rage and hate for his 'allies'. He thought, I WILL find a way. This I promise.

(1) Multa Brevis Sectus many small cuts