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Title: See to Believe

Author: hugsxkisses

Summary: Three years ago, Kinomoto Sakura met Li Syaoran…after he died in a crash. Now, three years later, Sakura and Syaoran are happily married in Hong Kong. It's been peaceful, until something happens…something unnatural. Sakura is going to have to choose between the life she's dreamed of… and the life she's destined to live.

Pairings: Sakura/Syaoran Eriol/Tomoyo

Disclaimer: I do not own CCS, the anime belongs to CLAMP, and the prequel to this was inspired by 'The Mediator Series' by Meg Cabot.

Syaoran: 25

Sakura: 23

Chapter 1: From the beginning

Inside a large building, Li Incorporated continued to have phones ringing around the large building. Workers in crisp grey suits walked around busily, some walking into the office with one or two folders, and walking back out with a pile of new documents with their ominous mutterings of the heavy work load hidden behind the orange and green folders.

On the top most stories was the office where Hong Kong's richest and most powerful man sat, working and surveying his employees outside. Occasionally, several of his employees would walk in; politely ask him to sign on the dotted line, before rushing out, their boss's burning amber eyes following their every move.

25 years old Li Syaoran sat comfortably on his chair, his LCD computer diagonal from him playing its screen saver, small pink and green circles that overlapped one another and kept growing until the entire screen was covered with white. Drumming his hand on the marble desk, he took a glance at the small clock placed next to a picture frame, reading 5:28 in the afternoon. A small smile lifted on his face, running his hand through his chestnut brown hair, just then an employee walked in.

"Mr Li," the mid thirty year old woman said in front of him, Syaoran acknowledged her with a grunt. "I just need you to sign right here," she said hastily, feeling his eyes on her, it was well known in the building that he had the coldest glare. Skimming through the document, Syaoran signed his name in a flourish, handing the folder back to the nervous woman,

"Gladys, wait a minute," Syaoran halted her, Gladys turned around and he handed her a white folder, "Please give this to Sakura," he said, pointing out his secretary outside his door. Gladys nodded, and walked out of the large room. There, Syaoran eyed his glass window, a small smile appearing again as he gazed upon the auburn haired woman working.



Li Sakura stared at the glowing computer screen with concentration. She was 23 and already working at the largest firm in the country. Well… when your husband was the boss, it wasn't really that hard, though Sakura had wanted to keep it secret. Between herself, her husband and several close friends, she was Li Sakura, but here, in the office, she kept her maiden name, Kinomoto Sakura, just so she wouldn't expect any special treatment. She had wanted to work her way up to secretary position, but Syaoran, being the hard headed man he was, wouldn't take that into consideration,

"I know my employees Sakura, and I will not let you work there alone, without me watching you 24/7." He said in a rather possessive tone, "And I don't want you working as a shrink, I do not want another maniac trying to kill us again." he added when Sakura had suggested being a shrink having mentioned she had experience dealing with people with emotional people... albeit those people were mostly dead. Either way, Sakura had only reluctantly agreed to work in secretary position, striking a deal that she would agree to take the position if he allowed her to take online classes. Oh, did she forget to mention he was possessive enough to not even let her attend college, or university alone for that matter? What if people asked her what school she went to and all she had to show was a high school diploma?

Sighing, Sakura released her hair from her half tied pony tail and smoothered out her soft jacket that was covering a soft pink shirt.

"Kinomoto-san." Someone said in front of her, Sakura looked up,

"Hey Gladys, another happy run in with the boss?" Sakura laughed, she could never stop teasing Syaoran how he had the cold persona in his office.

"Yea, I swear he has too much stress," Gladys said, "At least at home, your husband is nothing like him," she added, glancing down at Sakura's soft pink diamond ring resting on her fourth finger, Sakura laughed,

"Oh you don't know half of it," Sakura thought inside, smiling,

"Anyways, he told me to give this to you, I don't know maybe he found a word that wasn't capitalized or something," Gladys rolled her eyes, "Anyways I'll see you around," she said, Sakura waved good bye, and opened the white folder, there was nothing in there, except for a small yellow sticky and a tiny pink cherry blossom petal. Giggling, Sakura gently took the petal off the folder, and placed it into a medium sized jar on her table, currently one quarter of its way to the top. From the very first day she came here, Syaoran had the tendency to place tiny cherry petals when ever he sent her a note that had nothing to do with work in a folder.

"So, feel like going off work?" was what the note read, Sakura shook her head at the ridiculous statement, taking the sticky note and opening a seperate personal pink folder where several sticky notes stuck, and added it to its latest collection, putting the folder back until her office phone rang, pressing the speaker button, if there was one rule Syaoran had enforced, all calls must be taken on speaker, so that he knew no personal businesses was being discussed during work hours, talk about strict.


"See me in my office please," Syaoran's voice came loudly from the speaker, loud enough that several other office workers looked over at her, some looking at her with understanding, some looking at her as if they simply just feared for her job. Briefly rolling her eyes, she stood up, smiled at her workers and walked into her boss's room. Sakura bit back a laugh as Syaoran stared impassively back at her, with a hint of a lazy smile tugging on his face,

"Close the door please," Syaoran addressed her in a professional manner, suppressing her rolling eyes, she gently shut the door, standing in front of the window straight. Syaoran stood as if ready to lash out on someone, and noticed the prying eyes of his employees. "And the blinds," he added, Sakura complied, the window soon blocked off. And two seconds later, Sakura burst out laughing and fell weakly onto the couch by the table.

"You are you going to make me lose my job one day!" Sakura giggled, sitting up back straight,

"What you think I'm going to fire you?" Syaoran smirked; Sakura looked back at him,

"You wouldn't dare," she smirked back, they had been married for about two years now, and if there was one thing Syaoran learned about his 'little wife', was that there was really no arguing with her, at work or out. She was, quite simply put, stubborn.

"I don't get why you're secretary, god you could kick me off my seat and there would be nothing I can do about it," Syaoran said, walking up to her as she sat up, straightening her jacket which had crumpled during her laughing fit, "You know, you could wear other colours than grey-not that you look bad in them," Syaoran said, stopping right in front of her and eyeing her up and down, Sakura giggled,

"And what, lose my professionalism? No thank you Mr Li, besides, if I do then the people out there might think I'm getting special treatment because I'm your secretary," Sakura said, Syaoran raised his arms and rested them on her shoulders,

"Or we can just get rid of all this trouble and just tell them you're married to their boss," Syaoran suggested, Sakura giggled, stood on the tip of her toes-even though she was wearing heels, she was still at least a good half a head shorter than him, something he felt the need to remind her about every single day- and gave him a small kiss on his lips,

"So, I'm starving, where do you want to go?" she asked smiling innocently, Syaoran chuckled,

"Where ever, as long as I don't have to wash the dishes or do laundry," Syaoran said in a mock serious voice, Sakura laughed, remembering the last time he had tried,

"No we can't have any of that, you couldn't even manage it when you were dead I hate to see how you'd manage it alive," she laughed, Syaoran raised an eye brow, ready to retort something back to her when someone knocked on the door, the two immediately separated, Syaoran jumping back into his chair and Sakura standing up straight again, Syaoran looked at her silently asking her if she was ready, chocking back a laugh she nodded,

"Come in," Syaoran said with a voice full of authority, Sakura let out a hasty cough which made him stare at her weirdly. Someone opened the door and Tomoyo hopped in happily,

"Sakura-chan!" she squealed, a helplessly looking worker staring nervously at Syaoran,

"I'm sorry sir, I tried to say you were busy but well she-" the poor girl stuttered, Sakura sent a meaningful look at Syaoran who sighed,

"It's ok, she's… uh my cousin-in-law," he said hastily, letting the girl go back to her desk, closing the door.

"Hello Syaoran, don't you look stressed?" Tomoyo said sweetly, Syaoran groaned,

"Hey Tomoyo, do I want to know why you're here?" Syaoran sighed, Sakura glared at him,

"Syaoran be nice!" she lightly scolded, Tomoyo laughed,

"Can't even be in charge at work, ne Syaoran?" Tomoyo smiled when Syaoran lightly glared at her, before turning to Sakura's sweetly smiling face, "Actually Sakura-chan and I have dinner plans," Tomoyo said, when Syaoran raised a question eye brow at her, Sakura immediately corrected,

"Oh we did!" Sakura gasped, "Oh I'm sorry 'Moyo-chan, well you see… um… Syaoran… forgot to tell me… that he had um… business guests over at our house and um… well as his secretary I need to help him… obviously… so I uh can't go with you today," Sakura feigned quickly,

"Oh really?" Tomoyo said suspiciously, "Sakura I know you long enough to know when you're lying,"

"No I'm not lying! Honest, right Syaoran?" Sakura said pointedly, her big emerald eyes looking at him meaningfully, Syaoran groaned,

"Yea, sorry Tomoyo, you know me, busy man, need Sakura there… to… take notes… because… I never do…?" Syaoran offered help weakly, Sakura glared at him, mouthing a 'Thanks for nothing' at him.

"Gomen-ne, but, a… friend of mine was actually going to come with me anyway, and well he doesn't know yet-which, by the way, reminded me to tell him- so why don't you… go eat with him? I'm sure he won't mind!" Sakura said brightly, before Tomoyo had time to interrupt, Sakura continued, "Well will you look at the time! Tomoyo you better get down to that restaurant, Syaoran we should go… because our guests will be there soon ne?" she beamed,

"Err… right, sorry Tomoyo." Syaoran said, starting to stand up, Tomoyo sighed,

"Fine, but you own me Sakura, you too Syaoran, don't think you can get away with it, I know where you guys live," she said in a eerie tone, Sakura silent swear dropped,

"Hoe… Tomoyo-chan's scary…" she thought silently as Tomoyo left the room, feeling her husband's gaze on her, she grinned sheepishly, "What?" she smiled,

"You are horrible at lying you know," Syaoran smirked, Sakura flicked her hair back, prepared to walk out of the office to pack up her stuff,

"Humph like you're any better," she said before leaving the room. Syaoran shook his head in amusement, smiling, sometimes he just didn't understand her, but they have their whole lives to figure those things out. As he placed several things in his suit case and grabbed his jacket, he straightened the picture of him and Sakura the day of their wedding on his desk beside his clock before closing the office lights, leaving and passing Sakura's desk, knowing that five minutes later, she'd join him in his car.

Syaoran waited for Sakura beside the elevator that went down to the parking lot, and a few seconds later, a chime came and Sakura came out with a leather black suitcase with the insignia of a wolf and a cherry blossom intertwined together. He had given it to her on their first year anniversary, as well as a present for her on the first day of work in his office.

"So, any ideas where to eat," Syaoran smiled, intertwining their fingers as they walked up to their cars parked side to side. As to avoid suspicion, they both arrived in different cars, Syaoran in his black Jaguar Convertible, and Sakura in her silver Mercedes Benz. It was a good thing too, considering how fast Syaoran would drive. As the two walked up to their cars, one of their personal helpers met them, his name was Wei. Wei had watched Syaoran grow up ever since he was a tiny little boy, and had been there when Syaoran 'came out of his coma after his car accident'. Of course, no one knew about Syaoran's death experience except him, Sakura, Eriol, and Tomoyo.

"Syaoran-sama, Sakura-sama," the elderly butler greeted,

"Hey Wei, remember what we agreed on," Sakura lightly scolded, smiling, Wei grinned sheepishly,

"Of course Sakura-san," he corrected himself, making Sakura beam, "If I could have your keys, I'll let you kids on your way then," he said politely, Sakura handing him her keys to the car, "Thank you, enjoy your night," he said politely, before getting into Sakura's silver car, he ignited the engine, and like an adult in their twenties, swiftly drove away, leaving the two of them,

"Sometimes, I think he's younger than me," Syaoran joked, Sakura laughed,

"Well he had to have a lot of energy if he watched you grow up," Sakura teased, making him glare at her,

"So you're saying it's too tiresome to live with me now, are you Mrs Li?" he smirked, Sakura laughed, "Come on, let's go eat before you get any more skinnier, and trust me, you don't," he said, getting into the car, Sakura glared at him, opening the door, and sitting down, pulling down her seat belt. Suddenly freezing half way, Sakura looked back out the window at the empty parking lot, she had just felt a chill, she was sure of it… but, she hadn't felt that in years now…

"Sakura, are you alright?" Syaoran asked worriedly, she had suddenly just frozen, her seat belt half way down and just staring out the window, her emerald eyes were wide and she was staring at… something. Worried, he reached over and touched her hand, surprised that it was going cold, "Sakura!"

"W-What?" Sakura snapped out of her reverie, turning back to Syaoran who was gazing worriedly at her, she suddenly felt the warmth of his hand on her cold ones and felt comforted,

"You were just sitting there, staring at thin air, are you alright? Do you need to see the doctor?" he asked worriedly, Sakura smiled softly,

"Yea, must be paranoid, Eriol's been training me a bit too hard lately," she explained, Eriol had-a while after the marriage-begun to once again train Sakura to hone back into her mediator powers, she had adapt to it quickly-and really there was no point, as for some reason, ghosts in Hong Kong seemed to have lesser desires to take revenge or refused that they were dead compared to the ghosts in Japan.

"Nothing's really happened here," Syaoran commented, yes he was slightly uncomfortable with Sakura practicing her powers, and yes he didn't like the fact that at any given moment of their lives, she could be hauled by some unknown forces and put her life in danger… again!

"Let's hope it stays that way," Sakura said softly as they finally pulled out of the parking lot, with a glance at Syaoran's gaunt face, she knew he wasn't happy with her continuing her practice, but she needed too, it was, of course, a job of hers, and besides, she, as much as anyone else, wished she wouldn't have to use it again. But still, as a comforting move, she placed her hand on the hand he laid on the gear shift, and he automatically intertwined their fingers.

For once, Sakura didn't complain about the speed they were driving.

Tomoyo mumbled annoyed as she sat alone at a Chinese restaurant, in a table of two… currently missing the 'two'. She felt so stupid sitting here alone! With her raven hair half tied and dressed in a soft navy blue spaghetti strapped dress, Tomoyo could only last for five more minutes before finally giving up and leaving.

"Hey," a smooth male voice said, Tomoyo looked up in shock, a familiar navy haired blue eyed man looking back down at her,

"Eriol! I, I didn't know you were here," she said, blushing slightly from her surprised outburst, Eriol smiled nervously,

"Me neither, Sakura cancelled out on me, said she was busy but she made reservations and she didn't want to waste them," he explained,

"Yea, she said something like that," Tomoyo smiled, agreeing, there was a moment of silence, Tomoyo sitting down, Eriol standing awkwardly, "Well… one thing to do in a dinner would be to sit down," Tomoyo suggested jokingly, chuckling, Eriol sat across from her,

"Um you look really nice… today" he coughed out slightly, not meeting her eye, for god sakes he was a mediator mentor; he wasn't supposed to know how to compliment a girl! Tomoyo blushed prettily,

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself," she smiled back, Eriol smiled,

"Well… now that we're here, we might as well order, right?" he suggested, handing her a menu, Tomoyo smiled,

"Said like a true gentleman," she agreed.



A few tables away, two people sat across from each other, a woman who's face was hidden behind a menu, all the way up to her eyes, and a man who starred annoyed at his wife,

"Sakura, I worry about you sometime," Syaoran sighed as he scanned through dim sums he was considering to order,

"Oh come on, it's fun, besides Tomoyo had a lot of fun doing it to me when we were in High School," Sakura commented, not taking her eyes from the pair in the corner, oh if that didn't get Syaoran's attention, nothing would,

"Excuse me? In High School?" he raised an eyebrow, not particularly aware of what she was saying, too preoccupied with her best friend's life happiness, Sakura nodded,

"Yea, she loved playing match maker for me," she said, Syaoran slowly dropped his menu from his face, and crossed his hand on the table,

"Oh really, and did they work?" he asked in a mock calm voice, Sakura shrugged,

"Some of them," she said absent minded, "Tomoyo-chan had the tendency to pair me up with the most outrageous guys, I remember one time, I went to semi-formal with this one guys… god I had to say I needed to go to the washroom so he wouldn't follow me," Sakura smiled silently at the memory, finally tearing her attention away at the pair and staring at her husband… only to find his face only inches away from hers,

"Hoe-Syaoran?" she squeaked, giggling feeling his warm breath on her face, his eyes were serious and it looked as if he was ready to interrogate her. "Aw, Syaoran are you jealous?" she giggled, Syaoran sat back down on his chair,

"No," he said like a little boy, Sakura giggled, and this time she sat up in her seat, and gently kissed him on his cheek,

"Love you," she smiled softly, not even on single day has gone by that they had not said 'I love you' to one another. Syaoran learned from his mistake from the past, and he was not going to miss a chance just because he had a large ego.

"And I you," he said back softly, Sakura smiled, looking down at her menu, "So, did Tomoyo always set you up on blind dates?" he asked a while later after his wife had set eyes on the pair again, Sakura smiled deviously,

"I wouldn't call this a blind date…" Sakura said, "Well is it considered a blind date where one of the dates was set up and the other one knew about it?" Sakura asked, Syaoran had completely lost her after the second sentence,

"I guess?" he offered weakly, Sakura giggled,

"Eriol wanted to set it up… hey I couldn't say no! He kept saying I owed him for finding you again…" she giggled, Syaoran smirked,

"And did that include spying on him?" he asked, Sakura smiled sheepishly,

"Well I did learn a lot from Tomoyo…" she giggled sheepishly, Syaoran rolled his eyes, this was the woman he chose to marry… and day after day he discovers something new about her… boy was this going to be a roller coaster ride.

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