Can you believe it? It's the last chapter of 'See to Believe'. Firstly and most importantly, I want to thank everyone who's stuck with me so far—and special thanks to those who have stuck with me since the prequel 'Invisible'. Honestly this story would be nothing without you, and I would not enjoy writing so much if it wasn't for you guys, so thank you so very much for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

Story: See to Believe

Author: hugsxkisses

Summary: 3 years ago, Kinomoto Sakura met Li Syaoran…after he died. Now they're married. Everything's been peaceful, until something happens. Sakura must choose between the life she loves and the life she's destined to live.

Pairings: Sakura/Syaoran Tomoyo/Eriol

Disclaimer: This is the last time I am doing this for this story, but unfortunately it is still the same deal. I do not own CCS, it belongs to CLAMP, I am simply borrowing their characters. The prequel to this story, 'Invisible' was inspired by 'The Mediator' series by Meg Cabot.

Chapter 20: Epilogue – The next generation


Fujitaka Kinomoto tried to block out the pained cries that emitted from the closed doors in front of him. The distant sounds of comforting and soothing words from nurses, and the gentle orders and persistence from the doctor inside fell onto deaf ears as Fujitaka struggled not to burst through the closed doors to be by the side of his pained wife.

"Otou-san," a gentle tug on his sleeves, "Otou-san where's Okaa-san?" Fujitaka smiled down at his young son and Touya looked up expecting an answer

"Okaa-san is… well she's…" Fujitaka mulled over what he was trying to say, trying to find words simple enough to tell the little boy what was happening without too many awkward questions, "She's having your baby sister,"

"Baby sister?"

"Remember when I said you would have a baby sister?"

"Oh…but why is Okaa-san in there? Can't the doctor just deliver it to us when she arrives?" Touya asked full of childish innocence, Fujitaka smiled, ruffling Touya's light ebony hair, causing a small complaint out of the child,

"The doctor is delivering her to us, Okaa-san just wanted to be there when it happens," Fujitaka said, Touya nodded slowly,

"I wanted a puppy…" Before Fujitaka could chuckle at his son's response, the door swung opened, and the doctor came out in green doctors outfit, removing the mask from his face, Fujitaka stood anxiously at the doctor,

"Mister did you give Okaa-san my baby sister already?" Asked Touya, the doctor's face split into an amused grin,

"Yes I did, your baby sister and you Okaa-san is just inside the room, once we get them in a room you can see her," the doctor said, smiling nicely at Touya, but knew his words calmed the new father of a daughter. Fujitaka let out a sigh of relief, his shoulder slumping, unknowingly tense from the past few hours of stress. Thanking the doctor, Fujitaka held onto Touya's hand as they rolled Kinomoto Nadeshiko out, her face pale and sweaty from exhaustion, and her arms gently holding a bundle of pink. It was a few minutes later, when a nurse came out of one of the private rooms, and allowed the Kinomoto males to enter.

The room was silent save for the distant bustling from the halls and corridors outside in the hospital. Nadeshiko sat up right on the bed, her wavy light ebony hair now brushed and tied into a light pony tail—courtesy of the nurses. Though her face was still slightly pale (which was saying something, considering many considered Nadeshiko was pale already), and her eyes were drooping slightly from her previous exertion, the new mother of the infant daughter could not take her eyes off the newly made life.

"Nadeshiko," Fujitaka said in an equally soft voice so that his voice blended to the comfortable silence. Nadeshiko looked up, and her emerald eyes lit up, her face splitting into a beautiful smile,

"Fujitaka, come look at our daughter, she's beautiful," Nadeshiko said breathlessly, beckoning for he husband to join her side. Fujitaka didn't hesitate, and joined his wife, sitting next to her in one of those uncomfortable plastic chairs. In Nadeshiko's arm was a sleeping, wriggling young infant, only few minutes old. Although just born, there were already light fuzzed on top of her head, and seeing how it was different from Touya's when he was born, Fujitaka safely assumed that his daughter would be taking after his own auburn tresses. Her little eyes were closed, and her little lips moved silently, but she was the most beautiful thing Fujitaka had ever seen.

"Hai, she is beautiful," Fujitaka agreed softly, he gingerly held a finger up to the baby's body, taking one of her tiny hands that stuck out of the blanket. The baby girl unconsciously tugged on the unknown object, and held it softly in her tiny grasp. From behind Fujitaka's legs, little Touya popped out,


"Touya, come see your sister!" Nadeshiko said, waving for Touya to come, Touya stepped out of his father's legs, and cautiously approached the bed not knowing what to expect. His mom was holding a tiny bundle; that can't be his little sister! After all he was already this big, and he wouldn't be able to fit into a bundle like that! Maybe the doctor delivered the wrong baby; Touya didn't hesitate to voice out his idea. Nadeshiko laughed, and Fujitaka chuckled,

"No, this is how everyone starts out, you were this small too Touya," Fujitaka said,

"Was not!!" Touya exclaimed loudly. The little bundle wiggled,

"Touya, not so loud or you'll wake up her sister," Nadeshiko said gently, rocking the bundle in her arms, the wriggling stopped, and the baby fell back asleep. Touya climbed onto the bed his mother was lying on, and peeked underneath the blanket. He really couldn't see anything special about it. Why were his parents looking so happy over a tiny little thing? She had eyes and mouth and nose just like he did, except everything was smaller, and she didn't do anything but yawn or move around. He could do that! But when the tiny little hands struck out and grabbed his finger, Touya gasped,

"She's holding me!" Touya said astounded, looking at the tiny bundle with new light. "Sakura,"

"Nani?" both Fujitaka and Nadeshiko looked at their son,

"Her hands are really soft, and they're pink too, it's like the sakura tree outside our house," Touya said with child like simplicity. Nadeshiko's eyes were shining when she met Fujitaka, and her husband seemed to know exactly what she was thinking,

"Kinomoto Sakura," Fujitaka nodded in approval.

Hours after Fujitaka and Touya had left to let Nadeshiko sleep, a nurse had gently pried the sleeping Sakura out of her arms, and into an incubator among the other babies. When Nadeshiko awoke, she silently padded through the empty corridors of the hospital, entering the newborn department, seeing incubators lined up side by side, filled with newborn babies. Nadeshiko smiled as her eyes landed on the cradle closest to her, where her little Sakura slept.

"Beautiful," Nadeshiko whispered, running her hands down the glass that separated them. A nurse walked by and stopped on the other side of the window, noticing Nadeshiko, and the new mother jumped slightly in shock,

"Is she your daughter?" asked the elderly looking nurse holding a clipboard. Nadeshiko nodded softly, "She's beautiful,"

"Arigatou," Nadeshiko said softly,

"She looks healthy, she will grow into one beautiful young lady, your husband will have a hard time chasing all those boys away," said the nurse playfully, Nadeshiko giggled softly,

"That I have no doubt, though it will probably be her brother who will be doing most of the beating,"

"Her brother? You have a son too, you must be very happy," the elderly nurse said kindly,

"Very much, I'm very blessed," Nadeshiko answered honestly,

"Well I offer my congratulations," the nurse said, Nadeshiko only smiled, and nodded, before another nurse, this time younger with flowing brunette hair, walked past the window…and walked right through the older nurse Nadeshiko had been speaking to. The older nurse only smiled, before she disappeared from beside Sakura's cradle. Nadeshiko let out a soft sigh of relief, before her eyes returned to Sakura. She was surprised to see her little eyes opened, having awoken during her conversation with the old nurse, revealing the glimmering emerald eyes the baby had inherited from her mother. Nadeshiko smiled softly, giving a tiny wave to her young baby. Suddenly, her playful smile dropped, and Kinomoto Nadeshiko looked in shock as her new born baby was not staring at her, but at the place in which the older-dead-nurse had stood moments before.


"Sakura, Syaoran!"

The cry startled the mediators out of their reverie. Syaoran-having it been his first time transporting himself from the alternate dimension back to the real world-felt disoriented. For a while he couldn't figure out where he was until Eriol's face popped up in front of him,

"Not the first person I want to see," Syaoran groaned, his headache subsiding.

"I take it you're ok if you can insult me," Eriol said with a hint of amusement. He helped his friend onto his feet,

"Kami-sama Sakura, Naomi!" Gladys's cries alerted the entire company, directing their attention to the newly revealed Mrs. Li and Naomi, lying unconscious on the floor with Tomoyo hovering above them, eyes filled with fear. All disorientation forgotten, Syaoran rushed to his unconscious wife,

"Sakura, Sakura wake up," Syaoran said urgently, lifting her limp body up, and placing her head gently on his lap. Somewhere in the corner of his eyes, he saw someone lift Naomi up and place her onto a chair.

"Li-sama, should we call the ambulance?" Sharon asked anxiously, holding a folded piece of paper, fanning Naomi. Syaoran didn't bat an eyelash,

"Call one for Naomi,"


"She's got a private doctor," Eriol filled in, "We'll be taking her home,"

"Okaa-san…" came a mumble from Sakura's slacked lips and immediately all attention turned to her. Slowly, with every anxious breath, Syaoran watched the emerald orbs he loved so much begin to flicker and open and Sakura blinked, trying to get things into focus, "Syaoran,"

"Damn it Sakura," Syaoran growled audible enough for those around him to hear, in front of his employees, Syaoran swooped down, and captured Sakura's lips with his, he could still feel the pounding in his chest, his heart not having slowed down once while she was unconscious, and it certainly didn't feel like it was slowing down anytime soon. The fear was still coursing through his body, "Damn it Sakura you're going to kill me one day you know that," Syaoran said, his face still inches away from hers, "A heart attack, I'm telling you it's going to be a heart attack,"

"Isn't that how all rich tycoons go?" Sakura managed a weak smile, sitting up with help, at once she was ambushed by Eriol, Tomoyo, Gladys, Sharon and Cheryl.

"Sakura-chan, kami-sama, thank god you're alright!"

"What happened?" "Why was Naomi with you?" "You look terrible!" "You should sit on a chair—someone get a chair!" somewhere between the questions, the concerned looks and her husband's death glares to all the employees around him, someone gently heaved her by her arm, and placed her on a comfortable chair, and for one, in the past hour or so, Sakura felt her body relax, and the whole truth came crashing down on her,

"It's over…it's done…he's dead…we're safe…I'm safe…I nearly killed my husband…" Sakura's body shiver from the last realization, her heart quivering, her mind never letting her forget that in her blood, there were shifter powers combined with mediator ones…so…which side was she supposed to be on? Syaoran didn't take her silence as a good sign,

"I'm taking you home; actually, everyone can go home."

"Li-sama the money, stocks, company—" said one of his particularly dense-and over paid- accountants,

"I don't give a damn! I know how much damn money I have in my own damn company, we can afford a day not working," Syaoran growled out menacingly, affectively quieting the other man.

"I think we can all use a break," Tomoyo said in her even and serene voice, not at all portraying the worry she felt inside.

"It's settled, Gladys, please take Naomi home—actually take her back to your house so you can take care of her, she'll be indisposed for a while," Syaoran ordered with a voice of hard authority, Gladys didn't dare question why her boss said that, only nodding quietly, and beckoning Sharon and Cheryl to help lift the unconscious young woman towards the elevators, when the elevator doors opened and emitted a tiny ringing sound, Sakura flinched—and it did not go unnoticed by Syaoran.

"Sakura, we're going home, now," Syaoran said softly, he gently scooped her up, his strong arms tight against her small waist, and Sakura's head hit lightly onto his shoulder, her legs walking numbly as if they were robotic. The rest of Li Corp.'s employees watched as their boss lifted his young wife into the elevator. Finding out their co-worker was actually Li Syaoran's wife… and now this…talk about one busy day.

It only took Sakura a couple of seconds to finally drift to sleep while in Syaoran's car, enveloped in his sent. In her dreams, she was restless, a dark, cold, familiar voice whispered in the darkest corner of her mind, "You almost killed him"

Syaoran barely knew what happened as the next couple of days passed by. Sakura no longer appeared in the office and many employees decided that it was because now that Sakura had revealed herself as Mrs. Li, Syaoran did not allow her to work there anymore. Gladys wasn't the only was saddened to see her go. But, the truth was just the opposite. Syaoran sat worriedly at his desk, his desk free of paper to sign…mostly because he was lacking a secretary. For now, Tomoyo was taking Sakura's spot, and maybe it was because the autumn season was usually a slow month of them, or perhaps fate thought it would be fun to let Syaoran do nothing but dwell on his personal problems, but Syaoran just couldn't concentrate at all.

Sakura was acting strange…different…he didn't know what to do with her anymore. He use to be able to read her so perfectly, her emerald gems would shimmer when she was happy, grow hard when she was angry, have a mischevious little glint when she was conspiring against him or soften when she wanted to make him feel better. So far, for the past few days, Syaoran had seen none of those signs, in fact, Sakura's eyes never reached his, no matter how many times he tried to catch her eyes, and she didn't want to look at him. Even at night, when Syaoran came out of the shower, she was already in bed, curled up and on her side, her back facing him, and in the morning when he awoke, she would still be asleep, and he would find his arms empty and cold. Something was wrong.



"Are you alright?"


"Are you sick?"


"Can you even hear me?"


"So anyway, I came to tell you that all your employees were actually ghosts, and they were sent here to try and weed their way into your mind and eventually take over the world,"


"Hey Syaoran, want to sign the company over to me?"


"Of all times to snap out of your pattern," Eriol rolled his eyes, flopping onto the chair in front of him after the 1 minute interrogation, "Ok what's wrong with you?"

"Sakura's…acting different," Syaoran sighed. Something must be wrong if he was willing to go to Eriol and allow him to play shrink for him,

"She's been through a lot Syaoran, you can't blame her for being out of it for a while," Eriol said softly, "It's not easy to have everything thrown at you at once,"

"I got the whole mediator deal and ghost deal thrown at me at once," Syaoran snapped,

"You know it's not the same," Eriol snapped back, "You had me, Tomoyo and Sakura with you when you went through it, granted when you were dead it was mostly Sakura, but you had us with you,"

"And she has me with her now!"

"Syaoran, Sakura nearly killed you down 'there'," Eriol said gravely.


"There's a reason why it's so hard being a mediator, and much harder being a descendent from an ancient group of mediators," Eriol explained, "You and me, you could say we were chosen at random, maybe you were meant to die and meet Sakura, maybe you weren't, the truth still stands that there was a chance that we wouldn't have become mediators…but Sakura's different, she didn't have a choice. She's from a long line of mediators dating back to the originals, their powers grow stronger in every generation, which is why they're always so sought after by enemies…but the thing is, back then, mediators and shifters were the same,"

"The same… how are they the same?" Syaoran asked,

"As in mediators had shifter powers, and shifter have mediator powers," Eriol said, "It was supposed to balance the two out, to work in harmony, but somewhere between one ghost and another ghost, people who branded themselves as shifters saw themselves as superior, and decided they wanted nothing to do with mediators…and so they somehow used a type of dark arts and forced the mediator powers out of them, hence the reason why they're considered weaker than mediators.

"However, the mediators didn't want to resort to using dark powers, and so they chose an ancient form of power sealing. It's not as affective as completely forcing the power out of them, and it has repercussions, like you'll never know when the shield would break, and once the seal breaks, it depends on how powerful the mediator is and whether or not they can overcome the shifter power. If a mediator was stronger than the shifter power, then of course that's preferable, but the only flaw is that the shifter power locked inside grows along with the mediator powers, growing after every generation."

"So when Sakura's got unleashed…" Syaoran placed the puzzle pieces together,

"Chances were she felt the release of centuries of built up energy, and especially since she's pregnant, her mediator powers wouldn't be as focused due to the extra stress added to her body," Eriol explained,

"Kami-sama…if Yakima didn't come when she did and did what she did, then Sakura would've…" Syaoran didn't dare think of the possibilities. Could he even dare to think how close Sakura was to becoming a cold blooded, heartless shifter? Or how close he could've lost the two people (one having not been born yet) he loved at once?

"She would've both fallen to its powers and turned evil, or worse she could've died," Eriol said gently, "But Sakura didn't, she over came it, but it still doesn't wipe her memories of the things she did while she was under the shifter power's control. Sakura remembers Syaoran, and she doesn't know how to deal with it,"

"She knows I don't care," Syaoran argued,

"But she does, it didn't have to be you, it could've been me, or Tomoyo, but it was you, and it only made it worse because you still stood by her even though you probably could've ran away,"

"This gets better and better," Syaoran groaned, and then he stood up, heading for his coat rack,

"Where do you think you're going, you have a meeting in 3 minutes!" Eriol exclaimed, Syaoran smirked,

"You take my place; I need to talk to Sakura," Syaoran said hurriedly, opening the door and marching out, Tomoyo shot up, wondering where he was going, only to see Eriol storming out after him, Tomoyo smiled softly, sat back down, and returned to her typing, ignoring the curious glances from the other employees, "Don't ruin my company Hiirigazawa," Syaoran added, before disappearing into the elevator. Eriol groaned, running his hand through his hair as he walked back and slumped his shoulders, stopping in front of Tomoyo,

"He's getting better ne?" Tomoyo smiled brightly, Eriol sighed,

"I think he's getting worse if he's willing to leave an important meeting in my hands," Eriol said with a sparkle in his eyes, Tomoyo smiled, shaking her head at him, "I'm going to need the files for the meeting,"

"You're going to read through all of that in 1 minute?" Tomoyo asked sceptically, handing him a thick stack of files, Eriol's eyes widened slightly, before chuckling weakly, and loosening the tie around his neck,

"I've had worse…" he attempted, but when Tomoyo raised an eyebrow at him, he amended, "No not really…"

Sakura huddled deeper underneath the comforter that sheltered her entire body save the top half of her head. Even though the bed was warm, and the sunlight that spilled through the open windows drenched her room in a golden glow that would've made any other person jump up and go out, Sakura wasn't that person. The room felt cold… void of the warmth she got use to…the warmth that had filled Syaoran's room.

After they had gotten married and spent a blissful honeymoon month just by themselves, Syaoran had introduced their home to Sakura, and the mansion like house immediately drawing a wide eyed, open mouthed, shell shocked look from a mediator who had kicked ghost butt for more than half her life. A quick tour around the house, Syaoran had shown her into a room. Not nearly as big as the master's bedroom, but it was big enough, with a king sized canopy bed smack dabbed in the middle against the back wall, a large, flat screen TV right across from it. Two closets stood to the right of the bed with enough room to fit all of her clothes plus Tomoyo's designs, and a vanity cabinet to the left. A fully equipped washroom was right next to the TV, and just a glance showed Sakura a whirl pool tub half the size of her old community pool.

"Kami… Syaoran what the heck am I supposed to do with this?" Sakura had gasped, wandering into the room she was sure no one had touched before. Syaoran followed, the smile on his face an indication on how pleased he was Sakura had liked this room,

"Anything you want with it, it's yours," he said simply, "You can sleep in here every night if you want to, or you know alone time, if Tomoyo comes over at least you girls would have some place to go," he shrugged,

"Aw Syaoran you're so considerate," Sakura had giggled; she walked up to him, and cutely cocked her head to the side, and small playful smile on her face, "You really want me to spend every single night here?" Syaoran had replied with his own, wolfish, playful smile,

"No, not really," he had said bluntly, and then had lifted her into his arms, and carried his giggling new wife away from the room and towards the master's bed room which was initially Syaoran's, but after that moment had became theirs. True to his words, Sakura had never stepped foot into the room after that day…until now. Sakura couldn't stand being around everything that reminded her of Syaoran anymore, the mere scent of him already sent her over the edge… that was why she couldn't bare looking at him in the eye; it would be too painful… Sakura just couldn't stand it. It wasn't because she didn't love him anymore, god if only he knew how much she did…but that was the problem.

She loved him. He loved her. She almost killed him… and he had let her.

Sakura clutched a handful of blanket in her clenched hands, trying to stop the tears prickling at the edge of her eyes and threatened to spill themselves over her cheeks and onto her soft downy pillow. She knew Syaoran knew something was wrong… she let out a chocked laugh, he always knew. But she couldn't bare looking at her, or talking to him, because every time she did, she would see flashes of images, of her attacking him, of him blocking her and never once trying to aim anywhere that could cause harm…she could remember the tiny nag inside her that told her 'Yes… she could kill him'.

Every time she thought back to 'that day', she could feel the slight bubbling of power inside her guts, that sent power and shivers down her spine, then it was over come by a soothing warmth that silenced it once more. But lately the soothing warmth was… less soothing and less warm. It still silenced the bubbling of shifter power, but it wasn't as strong any more, and she knew why. Syaoran wasn't with her anymore.

"Be strong Sakura, you survived 17 years without him helping you, you don't need any help now!" her mind said, but the gentle kick in her stomach where her unborn baby was said otherwise.

Syaoran entered his house to find it eerily silent. He knew Wei usually left in the afternoon to go to his mother's house, and his other workers usually worked silently around the house… so silently he didn't even know here they were sometimes; at least he was getting his money worth. He trotted up the stairs, and quietly opened the master bed room door, and the door squeaked opened. Peeking inside, his heart sent a wave of nervousness when he found their bed empty.

"Sakura," Syaoran called through the empty corridors. Walking-more like half running- down the long hallways, Syaoran cursed himself for buying such a big house. He passed by the door that led into the room he had given to Sakura after they had moved in. She had never gone in, and even though his house works kept the room clean and dusted it once in a while, it remained unused, and the door remained closed…except for today. Syaoran slowed his frantic pace, and paused in front of the door opened only by a bit. He could hear the smallest amount of shuffling inside.

Sakura could already feel his presence in the house before he even went up the stairs. Maybe it was because her mediator powers were now doubled thanks to Yakima, but she could feel his familiar warm aura even when she closed her eyes. She knew it would only be a matter of time before he found her here. She had only begun to count down from 10 after hearing the squeak of their room door and knew he had found the bed empty. She was at 5, when she felt the slight dip of the bed from his weight, and it felt like an extremely heavy bolder landed right on her shoulder.

"Sakura," Syaoran gently brushed her stray hair aside, his knuckles grazing against the area between her neck and shoulder. Sakura both flinched and shivered, "Sakura, what's wrong?" She remained silent, "Talk to me, please," She had to be strong; she had to hold back the tears! Sakura squeezed her eyes shut when she felt him leaning in, she could feel his warm breath brush past her cheeks and tickled her ears,

"I don't blame you," he said. The broke the dam and Sakura felt tears falling down her cheeks as she turned around and looked at him. His soft, understanding features broke her heart, and her broken, sad looks broke his. The next thing he knew, Sakura pushed herself out of his arms,

"How can you not blame me? I nearly killed you Syaoran! That's not something that can be undone!" Sakura cried,

"You didn't mean to, you didn't want to," he protested,

"No! No… I… did…" Sakura squeezed her eyes shut, "Kami I wanted to so badly, I could've… if I had just let it control me I could've killed you… I wanted to kill you."

"No, Sakura that wasn't you!"

"Yes it was! I-I could feel myself hitting you… 'Just a bit more to the left, a bit more and I can kill you', I thought that!"

"You did," Syaoran confirmed, and that only acted like salt on her wound, and Sakura winced, "But why didn't you do it?" Sakura's eyes widened as if he had grown a separate head,

"Because I loved you that's why you stupid baka!"

"Exactly," Syaoran said sharply, "Sakura, yes, you did want to kill me, but you didn't see things in my point of view, you were hesitating, you aimed anywhere but the places that could really do me harm, that was you, it's still you. I don't care if you become an out of control killing machine as long as you get rid of all my those damn annoying taxing people first," the latter statement finally drew a small smile on Sakura's rosy-tear streaked-cheeks.

"Syaoran," she lightly scolded,

"Bottom line is, you're not facing this alone. I'm here, Eriol's here, Tomoyo's here," and Syaoran placed an affectionate palm on Sakura's slightly bulging stomach, "And this one, the little one's here, can't forget that," Syaoran grinned. Sakura smiled back, her heart finally calming down,

"And you are never coming into this room again," Syaoran said after a moment of silences,

"Nani? But it's my room!" Sakura whined,

"Not when I'm through with it, it's going to be a nursery now, you'll just have to stick with our room," he smirked,

"Of all the rooms you pick in the house it's this one? What makes you think I won't just find another room?"

"Oh I have my ways," Syaoran replied with his devilish smirk—a smirk, he might add, that was ranked #1 in Hong Kong's most eligible bachelor magazine for quite some time. As if Sakura read his mind, she only giggled and shook her head. Then her face suddenly changed, dropping from her happy smile to one with fire burning in her eyes, "Uh oh…"Syaoran thought to himself,

"Li Syaoran what the hell do you think you're doing sitting here? You have a company to run for god sakes! Running home in the middle of noon, what will your employee think?!" Sakura shouted at him with an angry voice. Syaoran groaned, remembering the brief 'pregnancy' lesson his mother had given him,

"I just wanted to check up on you," he said slowly and carefully, her expressions changed within a second again,

"Aw, Syaoran that's so sweet of you!" Sakura gushed, then paused, "Y-You don't trust me alone?" her lips quivered, Syaoran started quickly, and shook his hands desperately,

"No, no I didn't mean that—I mean I just missed you, yea…I left Eriol in charge of the meeting which I'm sure he's doing fine,"

"Aw I missed you to Syaoran," Sakura smiled sweetly, "You left Eriol in charge? March yourself back there now!" Sakura hissed murderously. Groaning softly, Syaoran quickly walked out before Sakura's mood could change once again, once outside, Li Syaoran faced the wall, and gently thumped his head on the wall, quietly envisioning what was to come for the next several weeks. Syaoran groaned,

Mood swings…

Several Months Later

"I can try to get your message to your family, bring them peace bring you peace so you can move on—Sakura get off that chair right now!" Li Syaoran, who was, before that moment, talking to what seemed like the wall, turned around and aimed a glare at his pregnant wife. Li Sakura, her hair chopped off, reducing it to the length of her shoulder blades in preparation for her upcoming due date, which was basically anytime soon, only had one feet on the wooden chair that was to reach the top of her closet,

"Demo-demo I need to get that!" Sakura whined,

"No Sakura, off, now,"

"You're dealing with someone else first!"

"I can multi task!"

"No you can't!"

"Yes I can, Li Nadeshiko Sakura, get your feet off that chair or I will go over there myself," Syaoran growled With a disgruntled sigh, and dark mumbling, Sakura took her bare foot off the chair, grumbling and stomping back to their bed which she ungracefully and childishly plopped herself on. "Arigatou," Syaoran said warily, before turning his attention back to the dead, mid sixty year old woman standing in front of him with an amused smile, "Sorry… my wife,"

"Understandable, I was just like that when I was with my son, then my daughter," the old woman chuckled, "Actually I believe they may be around your age… perhaps older?" Syaoran blinked, and even Sakura had to stop her glaring at her husband when she caught the information, Sakura, being the woman that she was, quickly scanned over the slightly out of date outfit the ghost was wearing-probably what she had been wearing when she died,

"Um, excuse me for my interruption," Sakura said slowly and calmly, a completely different side from her pregnant self, "But when did you die?"

"I'm not sure… things look different now," the ghost said slowly, she looked no older than sixty, but her clothes looked like they had been worn nearly a decade ago, "It was around the 90s,"

"90s?!" the husband and wife exclaimed in unison, the ghost had be wondering around, on earth, for nearly 20 years!

"W-What kept you here for so long? Surely you've found your children," Syaoran said, shell shocked, but at that point the old woman's serene look dropped,

"Oh I have… I've found my daughter, and I am glad how she turned out," she said,

"What about your son?" Sakura prodded, the woman frowned slightly,

"He died a bit before I did," she said quietly, "Stupid boy… he joined gangs, he was rarely home, he got into his fights… he knew his sister looked up to him, he knew she looked at him like he was her warrior, then he got himself killed from a stupid gun fight," Something in Sakura's mind clicked,

"Is… is your daughter Naomi? Shinn Naomi?" Sakura asked, Syaoran shot her a questioning look and the ghost looked at her with a shocked expression, nodding, "Then you're her mother… you're Minako…"

"Yes, I'm Yoko Minako… well Shinn Minako after I married," she said, "You know my daughter? Have you seen my son? I've been looking for him ever since I…I passed, I wanted to tell him I was sorry, I didn't mean to make it seem like he was unimportant, it just… at the time we were so troubled with our financial problem, we didn't have time to deal with things Kane kept coming up with,"

Sakura had to deal with the inner turmoil that bubble uncomfortably in her stomach, she knew that was a feeling her mediator power couldn't conquer. She had killed her son… and Shinn Minako had strayed amongst the living for a decade… looking for the son Sakura had exorcised and killed,

"He's not with us anymore," Syaoran substituted for Sakura, "He's… somewhere else,"

"Somewhere I will go to?" Minako asked hopefully,

"We… we don't know, we've never been there… maybe… he will be there, one day," Syaoran said as quietly as he could, but Minako was happy, knowing now, at least that her son wasn't roaming alone. Slowly her body began to disappear,

"Thank you, thank you so much!" Minako cried happily, Sakura could only nod, stepping backwards and into Syaoran's arms, with a final shimmer, Minako finally rested in peace after a decade.

"Syao… did we… did we just lie to a ghost?" Sakura whispered, Syaoran shook her head,

"No, we helped her move on… you know she won't unless we told her he's not here anymore," Syaoran said, Sakura nodded, but still didn't feel good about it, "It's something we have to do, she would've been even more miserable staying here forever, assuming Kane was still here, she deserves to be with her family again, just like you belong with me, and little Syaoran Jr."

"Syaoran Jr.?" Sakura giggled, finally turning around to face him, their bodies separated by the warm bump protruding from Sakura's stomach, "We don't know that yet," neither of them wanted to know the sex yet, wanting to keep it a surprise,

"I know it is," Syaoran said proudly,

"And why's that?" Sakura grinned; he had a wolfish smile that made her not want to even know his answer,

"Because I was thinking very, very hard about having a boy on our trip to Rome," he said in a quiet, husky voice, Sakura's eyes widened, and smacked him on his arm for his lack of seriousness, "Not very nice," Syaoran chided, and placed his palm on Sakura's swollen stomach, "Your Okaa-san is prone to hitting people, you shouldn't do that ok, because us Li men are mature and dignified, ne?" Syaoran could feel some stirring beneath his palm, and he grinned, looking for a similar expression on Sakura's face, only to see her face suddenly blanched,

"Oh Kami…"

"Sakura, what's wrong?" Syaoran asked worriedly, he placed his other hand on her cheeks, and felt it clammy and sweaty, "Sakura!"

"Syaoran… Oh kami Syaoran it hurts," Sakura whimpered, sinking onto the floor with her legs apart, her arms around her heavy stomach, it took Syaoran a couple of seconds to actually understand what she meant when the maternity dress-a.k.a. his t-shirt-she was wearing was wet from her waist down,

"The-the baby… he-it-she-it—it's coming?" Syaoran stuttered, his body filled with a mixture of excitement and fear,

"Yes he's coming! Damn it, get me my doctor—something or god forbid you come close enough and I'll wring your neck!" Sakura cried out loud. Syaoran didn't need to be told twice, he dashed out of his room, and didn't bother running down the stairs, he leaned over his stair railings, and shouted into his house 'Call the doctor!', his authoritative voice echoed around his house. Seconds later, Sakura heard the stampeding of feet as the workers in their house scrambled to get everything ready,

"C'mon 'Kura, stand up—hold on to me, there you go—no forget it—" Sakura squeaked as she felt herself being lifted into his arms, "We're going to the hospital,"


Syaoran swirled around, seeing a young woman dash towards him like a bullet, Syaoran barely had time to take a step back, fearing she might bump into him, before she halted to a screeching stop just mere inches away from him,

"Where is Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo demanded, her eyes narrowing with intense ferocity, both her hands perched firmly on her small hips as she glared at the tycoon currently cowering beneath her glare,

"Inside, there," he jerked his thumb to a closed door,

"And why aren't you with her?" Tomoyo screeched

"Because the damned doctors kicked me out!" Syaoran growled, throwing a venomous glare at the closed door which currently blocked him from his wife. Syaoran had half a thought to kick it down if it weren't for the fact that Sakura might kill him for disrupting her.

"They kicked you out?" Eriol chuckled, mirth in his eyes,

"Why?" Tomoyo giggled,

"They said I was distracting them too much… they said I was glaring too much at the nurses, and wouldn't let them do their jobs, and that I wasn't helping Sakura by yelling at everyone… then Sakura told them to kick me out which they did and now I'm here," Syaoran sighed, running his hand through his hair,

"Calm down Syaoran, everyone's like this with their first child, it'll get better," Tomoyo assured him, Syaoran sighed,


Inside the room, Sakura once again cried in pain as her contractions became more and more closer together, she listened to what the nurses were instructing her to do, breathing through her mouth in short, even-or at least she attempted-gasps, her knuckles white form her death grip on the chair.

"Ok she's ready, ok Sakura, deep breaths alright, everything will be fine," Kaho assured Sakura through her mask, Sakura could only grimace, the chair handle wasn't doing any good to relieve the pain…Syaoran's hand would be so much better…he needs to feel the pain…he did this to her!

"Syao-Syaoran!" Sakura cried aloud, outside the door, Syaoran shot up, and banged on the door loudly, demanding to be let in or suffer the consequences.

"I see why they kicked him out," Eriol whispered to Tomoyo, Tomoyo could only smirk but glared at him all the same, at that moment, a nurse opened the door for the irritated husband, and Syaoran shot in like a bullet, taking his position beside Sakura,

"It's alright, it's alright," Syaoran soothed, brushing her sweaty locks off her rosy cheeks, Sakura glared at him, and took his right hand in hers,

"This is your fault too!" Sakura cried, "Next time you're having the baby!" Syaoran tried not to wince when her fingers bit into his,

"Ok Sakura, now give me some strong pushes, and it'll be all over before you know it!" Kaho said encouragingly, Sakura did as she was told, her cries mixing in with Syaoran's groan of pain, both pain deriving from something different; Sakura from labour, Syaoran from the torture Sakura's hand was 'bestowing' on his. Half an hour later, with their ages only 3 minutes apart, the Li Syaoran and Li Sakura welcomed twins into their family,

"Twins…" Sakura gasped weakly as her body slumped; her muscles relaxing instantly, her barely had the energy to keep her eyes opened,

"Hai…twins… a boy and a girl," Syaoran confirmed, his heart swelling with pride, his amber eyes swimming uncommonly with tears. His heart pounded in his chest as he watched the nurses clean, and wrap his wailing son and daughter in a light blue and pink towel. As the team of nurses scrambled to clean both the new mother and new born, one of them brought the children to their parents, handing the tiny daughter to the mother, and the son to the father,

"They're gorgeous," Sakura whispered, brushing her thumb gently down their downy cheeks,

"I told you we'd have a son," Syaoran said though it only came out in a happy whisper, Sakura sighed, laughing softly,

"Did you imagine a girl too?"

"No, but I bet you did, that's why," Syaoran winked at his tired wife, "Got a name yet?" Sakura nodded, she never thought she would have both a daughter and a son at the same time, thank god she thought and picked out two names beforehand just in case,

"She's Li Hikari," Sakura said, "Our little light," Sakura pressed her lips to Hikari's forehead, and passed her to her father, and taking her son, "And he's Li Yakim…" "For Yakima…" Sakura said a silent thanks to her friend. Syaoran knew her train of though, and didn't refuse, only hugging his daughter to him gently, and little Hikari let out a tiny yawn.

"Tomoyo and Eriol are outside…" Syaoran trailed off when he saw his wife drift off to sleep, little Yakim tucked safely in her arms, also asleep with his mother's warmth. Gently, Syaoran pried Yakim out of Sakura's arms, and handed them off to the two waiting nurses who were to take care of them for the time being. He tip toed out of the room, and was met with Tomoyo and Eriol who waited anxiously,

"So, so, who are my godchildren? Girl or boy? Are they healthy? How's Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo's questions shot out one after the other, but Syaoran was in too good of a mood to be annoyed,

"Li Hikari and Li Yakim," Syaoran said proudly, Tomoyo gasped, tears filling her eyes and Eriol's face split into a huge smile,

"Twins!" Tomoyo squealed, "Kami-sama this is so exciting! The clothes, the styles, oh the things I can do!" Tomoyo's eyes turned starry as she thought of the prospect. Eriol could only look down at her sparkling amethyst eyes and chuckled amusedly to himself, now those were something he wouldn't mind seeing everyday. He could even survive through the squeals.

4 years later

"Li Syaoran where did you take my children?" Sakura shouted through the large house, picking up a fire truck along the way, tucking it under her arm along with a Barbie fairy princess doll.

"Darn your Okaa-san is mad," Syaoran whispered from his office doors. The 28 years old father and his two 3 year old twins were crouching—well more like Syaoran was crouching, his twins were standing between his legs, also looking through the tiny slit from the office window,

"'Tou-san, 'Kaa-san angwee (angry)?" Hikari asked softly,

"Kaa-san angwee at 'Tou-san," little Yakim giggled softly at his father's slightly scared face. Oh who wouldn't be scared of a 5 month pregnant Sakura?

"Shh, quiet! Now go tell your Okaa-san you didn't see me, ok?" Syaoran whispered, Hikari and Yakim all looked at their father with inquisitive eyes. At 3 years old, the Li twins could now manage to walk on their own, even though their walk had often been called wobbles. Wobbling or walking, they could very much travel on their own, which led to having every single hard corner of the house taped and protected, and anything harmful placed away and out of reach. Little Li Hikari, who was only 3 minutes older than her twin brother, looked every inch like her mother except for her eyes. Her eyes looked just like her fathers, the same shade of burning amber that penetrated people's soul. Her gorgeous brown locks flowed by her small waist, and Syaoran knew he would have to basically kill every male who dared approach his daughter.

Li Yakim took after his father in terms of physical traits, even though he had inherited his mother's lovely emerald eyes. Yakim was sweet, innocent, and devilish when he wanted to be. Along with his sister, the twins gave enough trouble for the couple.

"Now go, and you never saw me, ne?" Syaoran winked, and gently ushered his twins out the door,

"OKAA-SAN!!" the twins' cries echoed, and Sakura turned around, smiling,

"'Kari, Yakim, where were you?"

"Pwaying," (Playing) Yakim giggled, Hikari made a not so subtle 'Shh' sign, her little fingers over her lips, Syaoran groaned and knew he would be dead,

"Playing where? With who?" Sakura asked as innocently as possible,

"With Otou-san in his office!" Hikari said excitedly, wanting to tell her mother all about their adventures in his office—especially when they were hiding behind the door just now!

"Oh but 'Tou-san told us not to twell (tell) you we was hiding in his office," Yakim said matter of fact-ly. Sakura only smirked an evil smirk, and nodded,

"Alright, I won't tell, now go along to the living room, Wei is waiting for you two!" Sakura said. Hikari and Yakim nodded, and raced off, leaving Sakura to stalk towards the office.

In the living room, Wei waited for young Master Li and Miss Li. Once the twins were sighted and placed in their high chairs for lunch, it took about 2 minutes before they heard Sakura shout her husband's name, heard Syaoran's thump to the floor at being discovered, and his weak attempt to please his pregnant wife.

"Okaa-san pwaying (playing) with Otou-san now," Hikari said, nodding, Yakim giggled,

"Oh! Doggy, doggy!" Yakim gasped, pointing to a white, shaggy dog that appeared outside in their backyard, Hikari turned and laughed seeing it too. Then as Wei approached again, the Li twins watched Wei open the patio door, and walked right through the doggy. The dog barked once, and the Li twins watched it disappear.

At 3 years old, Li Hikari and Li Yakim had no idea what they saw, and only giggled as they continued to eat their lunch, their minds on the dog that had faded away like the wind. A breeze passed through the opened patio door, and ruffled their little hairs, brushing past their skin, and blowing into their ears, as if whispers from centuries ago.

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