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-Ten-Faced Paladin

Knights of the Silver Millenium

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: Meetings and Sotrytelling

Why can't I ever catch a break?

That was one question that one Ranma Saotome kept asking himself as his day progressed. It started as per usual. His father hurled him straight out the window to begin their morning practice. Now that Ranma was a woman, she had sufficient motivation to pound one Genma Saotome into panda paste. Things had continued on as usual with Kasumi giving her a kettle of hot water so that Ranma could resume her birth gender. Akane lost her temper at some reason and pounded him into the floor yet again. He just called her an uncute tomboy. Frankly, Ranma reasoned she should be geting used to that by now.

After the failed wedding, things between Ranma and Akane seemed pleasant enough. They didn't hurl insults at each other constantly anymore. Of course the fathers took this the wrong way and instantly began trying to force them together despite agreeing that the wedding should wait. This just caused Ranma and Akane to begin disagreeing with them and not wanting the wedding to take place. Things just degenerated back to the way they used to be before Saffron. It was like Jusendo never happened.

I really thought she liked me.

The other fiancees began getting more desperate for Ranma's attention. Ukyo tried to make better and better lunches for him but Ranma wasn't in a forgiving mood for the wedding. Shampoo increased the rate and power of her glomps. Before, Ranma couldn't get out of them unless he put a good portion of his strength into it and hurt Shampoo in the process. Now he would probably break her arms if he really wanted to get out. Kodachi...well, she was as loony as ever.

Can't they ever leave me alone?

On the way to school, Ranma got splashed by that old lady again, turning him into a girl. This only caused the delusional idiot Kuno to try and collect her and Akane in his arms before they sent him flyng into the next district agan. School was actually peaceful for a change. Principal Kuno was off on some kind of teachers meeting (some argued that it was a Hawaiian party) so he managed to not be late for a change. Ms. Hinako apparently found some delinquents already so she was in adult form when class started so she didn't have as sharp of an eye out for troublemakers as she would if she was a kid.

Things are looking up for a change.

Lunch was more or less okay. Hiroshi and Daisuke were somewhat sympathetic to Ranma's troubles. They listened anyway. That is, until Akane stomped over to him and tried to feed him somethign she made. Ranma made one comment that the stuff was actually moving before she bashed him over the head. Daisuke idly mentioned that her temper seemed to be getting shorter. Then things got worse when Ukyo and Shampoo tried to give him their own lunches that they made. That turned into an all-out battle whch ended when Akane came back and called Ranma a pervert for letting the floozies hang over him before malleting him into the sky.

Stupid tomboy. They weren't even touching me ths time!!

He landed in one of his usual spots. The people living there gave him some greetings while a concerned old lady checked his head for bruises. A few of the other boys his age that actually didn't go to Furinkan talked to him and tried to think of ways out of his problems. Ranma actually found out that he was well-liked in the Nerima district because of how he dealt with some of the dangerous guys like Happosai or Ryoga. A lot of people were grateful for his help but they really couldn't thank him because he was always in some fight or knocked out of the district.

At least the normal folks listen to me. Too bad they really can't help.

On his way back to the dojo, Ryoga appeared out of nowhere and attacked by screaming his usual 'PREPARE TO DIE!!' speech. Taking him down was easy enough but Mousse was making a delivery to the area and when he saw the fight he instantly jumped in so he could attempt to get Ranma to' release hs love'. The fight itself was rather the norm for Ranma. His opponents got the lghts beat out of them while massive property damage resulted. Ranma himself got a few bumps and bruises but nothing serious. He would expect another thank-you card from a contracting companies later. Those guys were making a fortune since he came to town.

Can't those dopes see that I don't want their girls?

Ranma finally got back to the dojo and casually stepped inside. While he was taking off his slippers, Kasumi saw him and she stepped over to hm with the usual smile on her face.

"Oh hello Ranma," she smiled. "Did you have a nice trip?"

"I guess you could say that," Ranma sighed. "Wasn't boring."

"That's nice," Kasumi replied. "Do you think you could do me a favor?"

"Uh, sure Kasumi," Ranma nodded. "What is it?"

"Well, you seemed stressed today so I thought you could use some time to yourself," Kasumi explained as she pulled out a small list. "I needed to go to Juuban to pck up some things, but I can't go becuase there are too many things I need to do here. Do you think you could get them for me?"

"Sure Kasumi," Ranma smiled as he took the list. "Shouldn't be too hard."

"Oh wonderful," Kasumi smiled brightly.

After being given some money for the items in question, Ranma set out towards the Juuban district. While he was roofhopping there, he recalled the stories about those Sailor Senshi chcks that most girls went gaga over. He heard about how they fought monsters and rescued people with some pretty wierd attacks. While Ranma had a chauvanistic attiitude towards women, it didn't mean that he didn't respect them nor did he think they were weak. Experiences with the fiancees were enough to pound that nugget of wisdom from his father straight out of his head. No, Ranma just didn't like to hit girls because it just felt wrong to him for some reason. Anyway, Ranma figured if there were girls out there strong enough to take out monsters and stuff then they were okay in his book. If he was lucky he might even be able to spar with on of them.

Gettng to Juuban was easy enough for him. Finding the right stores on the other hand was pretty damn tough. Hs mother may have lived out in the same district, but she was on the outskirts while this was deeper in. After afew minutes of searching, Ranma decided to go to ground level and see if he could ask anyone for directions. He landed just outside a place called the Crown Arcade, deciding that t was as good a place as any to try and get some directions. Now, one would assume that Ranma's pride wouldn't let him admit that he was lost, but after having to deal with the messes on the road caused by his dad being too proud to admit his failings cured him of that little hang-up.

The doors slid open as Ranma stepped inside the arcade and headed to the front counter. There was a blonde guy there who was dealing with the usual transactions that an arcade usually went through on a day to day basis.

"Hi there," the guy at the counter smiled. "How can I help you?"

"Hey," Ranma greeted. "I'm a little lost. I'm not from this district so I can't find where some of the stores are."

Ranma showed the guy at the counter a list of the stores that Kasumi had given him. That girl was incredibly thourough when it came to chores and shopping. The guy at the counter read over the list. While the two males talked over directions, they were being observed by a group of young women. They were none other that the group of friends that were secretly part of the group of heroines called the Sailor Senshi.

"Oooh!" Minako Aino A.K.A. Sailor Venus admired when her eyes landed on the piftailed martial artist. "Who's that guy?"

"He looks like my old sempai!" Makoto Kino A.K.A. Sailor Jupiter gasped. More enthusiastically than normal.

"I don't think I've seen him around here before," observed Ami Mizuno A.K.A. Sailor Mercury.

"Looks like a fighter to me," Rei Hino A.K.A. Sailor Mars said quietly.

"He's a cutie, but my Mamo-chan is way cuter!" giggled Usagi Tsukino A.K.A. Sailor Moon.

It wasn't unnoticed by Ranma the eyes that were trained on him. While listening to Motoki (he introduced himself) and his directions, Ranma slowly let his senses examine the girls who were oogling him. You could never tell f another fiancee/rival was waiting in the wings so it paid to be on guard. One of them was pretty powerful in a spiritual sense. She was probably a priestess or something. The others were significantly weaker. Well, one of them was slightly hgher. She was most likely a martial artist. The other two were about average but the last one was strange. She was packing some serious power, but Ranma couldn't figure out what it was. Her ki was slightly seperate from it but she definitely didn't have any control of her ki so how did that energy get so strong?

Further contemplation on strange ki or directions to the stores was halted by a scream of terror. Ranma immediately turned around at the sound of the scream, his senses going into high alert. Those same senses were already telllng him that some knd of demonic force. After having to deal with Happosai, Herb, and Saffron, feeling ths kind of weird power wasn't anything new. What he didn't know was that the five girls who had been looking at him had also snapped to attention at the sound of the scream. Ranma was already racing outside to deal with whatever was making that dark aura.

What was outside was anything but friendly. It had a basic female shape but it definitely did not look like anything hum. The creature looke dlike it was part car or something. It's shoulders werecovered by tires while armor that looked like a car body covered it's torso. Exhaust pipes stuck out of it's back while it stood on hgh heels made of steel.

"Your energy is mine humans!" it shrieked loudly.

"Oh please," Ranma smirked. "I've faced things way scarier than you!"

"What?!" the youma shrieked, hearing the insult. "How dare you!"

The youma roared in anger before it ran at Ranma. It's arms were raised, ready to pummel him into dust. It swung at the pigtailed martial artist, but it only hit air. Utterly confused, the youma looked around trying to find it's target.

"Up here slowpoke!" was heared from above.

The youma looked straight up to see her target right above her and coming down fast. The youma tried to retalliate but Ranma was already on the attack. His arms were brought up, his ki collecting into his hands and being infused with his confidence.

"Mouko Takabisha!" Ranma called as he sent the orb of ki at the youma.

The youma, thinking this attack would be an easy meal. It reached up to try and catch the attack. Normally, youma could easily absorb the energy emitted by a human being. However, Ranma's energy was refined and given purpose, to attack hs target. A youma could only absorb energy that was raw and unrefined. That way it was easier to absorb. Refined energy like those martial artists use (i.e. Ranma and Ryoga's) attatched to their wielders and was therefore unclaimable. With this in mind, the sphere of energy slammed into the youma and exploded, sending it back into the street. Not a drop of it was absorbed by the youma.

"Is that it?" Ranma smirked. "I thought you youma were supposed to be tough."

"Raaaagh!" the youma roared as it got to it's feeet. "I'll shut that mouth of yours and drain all your energy!"

"Just try it," Ranma grinned, happily anticipating the fight ahead.

The youma bellowed and began it's charge. Ranma took a defensive stance, ready for the beatdown to begin. He could tell that this monster's energy was way lower than even Herb's. This fight was going to be pretty fun rather that some of the deadler ones he had to deal with lately. Unfortunately, fate decided to put one final wrench in the gears.

"Hold it!" a female voice shouted.

Ranma and the youma looked up to the top of the building where the voice had come from. Up top were five girls dressed up in fukus. Each one of them were differently coloured and each of them had a different hairstyle. Ranma could have sworn that he had seen them all before. The ki he was sensing felt familiar but again, he couldn't tell where he had sensed it before.

"Terrorizing innocent people is a true act of evil!" the girl with the twin ponytails said with a frown.

"But the macho martial artist is a real help, not to mention a real piece of eye-food." the blonde girl in orange smiled while winking at Ranma.

"Huh?" Ranma gaped, confused at her choice of words but he still blushed when he caught that he was being called eye-candy. Then he realised where he had seen these girls before. They were on the posters that Kasumi had in her room, hidden in her closet.

"Wow," Ranma stared. "Are you the Sailor Senshi?"

"Oh, youv'e heard of us?" the girl in green smiled, hoping to look cuter than the one in orange.

"Yeah," Ranma nodded. "It would be nice to talk to you girls. Just let me finish with this fume breathing junk heap."

"Junk heap?!" the youma hissed. "Listen boy! My parts are made from the highest quality materials availible!"

"So then you're a shiny junk heap," Ranma laughed.

"Raaaaaaaagh!" the youma bellowed as it charged forward.

Ranma let it come as the youma thre punch after punch at him. The scouts were yelling for him to get out of the way so they could attack but he wasn't listeng. he was too busy concentrating on the Soul of Ice technique. The youma was too angry to notice the air growing colder around Ranma or that his breath was visible. It also didn't notice the spiral pattern that he was leading it through. Sailor Merciury, on the other hand, did notice somethng odd happening when she looked at her computer.

"Hey guys," she called, getting her friends' attention. "Somethng's odd with that boy. He's giving off temperatures that are in the negative!"

"What?" gasped Sailor Mars. "That's impossible!"

"I'm also reading a buildup of energy that's geetting bigger the closer the youma is being led towards the centre of the spiral. it's going to go crtical!" the shy Sailor Senshi warned.

"Oh no!" Sailor Moon gasped. "He'll get caught in the centre!"

Ranma would have smirked even wider if he could hear the scouts worrying about him. He couldn't since his concentration was on what he was doing. He knew that this thing was a threat to the innocent so he really didn't have much choice at this point. He would have to make sure he put this thing down so that it wouldn't be able to get back up for a long time. Finally reaching the centre of the spiral, Ranma clenched his fist before unleashing his attack.


The massve tornado sot into the air and took the youm along wth it. It roared in agony as it's body was battered and broken. Unfortunately for it, the impact form the attack was too great and it was dusted. Ranma watched as the wind died down. Normally he might feel badly about this but a youma was nothing near human and had given up any right to be treated as such when it chose it's path. Ranma held no remorse.

"Whew!" he girnned. "Glad that's over with."

"Wow!' came the amazed voice of one of the Sailor Senshi.

Ranma looked over and saw the colourful girls walkng up to him with amazement in their eyes. Ranma couldn't help but smirk at this. Most people neveer knew what ht them when he used his techniques while witnesses never saw it coming. Now that he could actually look at the scouts, he could easily tell whch one was which. Kasumi's poster was helpful in that manner anyway.

"How did you do that?" asked Sailor Moon. "Who are you?"

"The technique is my little secret," Ranma smiled. "But I can answer your other question. 'My name is Ranma Saotome of the School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Uh...sorry about the mess."

Each of the Sailor Senshi were having their own reactions to hearing the name of Nerima's, if not the world's greatest martial artist. Jupiter had thought her heart had stopped for a moment. Venus had stiffened visibly. Moon looked like she was about to break out in a squeal of happiness. Mars broke into the brghtest smile that anyone had ever seen on her face. Mercury blushed cutely at hearing his name, suddenly scooting a little more behind her teammates so Ranma didn't notice her.

Only Ranma was blind to this little reaction. He just chuckled to himself while sratching the base of his pigtail, "Well, I'd love to stay and chat but I've still got some errands to run so, see ya."

With that, Ranma leaped to the top of the closest buidling and was off like a shot. The scouts were still buisy wth his remembering his name. All five of them were silent for a moment before it was finally too much for them to hold in anymore. In short, each of them exploded in their own special ways.

"Sempai!" Jupiter cheered delight, her arms in the air. "You finally came back! Oh Sempai!"

"Oh my god!" Venus cried with her hands on her cheeks and stars n her eyes. "He's even more handsome than before! I never thought I'd see him again!"

"Ranchan!" Sailor Moon squealed in delight. "You came back! You came back!"

"Oh Ranma," Mars sighed. "I knew I'd see you again."

"Ohhhh," Mercury whispered to herelf as her face heated up. "Ranma saw me in my uniform. I feel so embarrassed. What if he recognises me? He'll think I'm some knd of pervert!"

Suddenly, each scout stopped cheering when they heard what the others had said. When the words the other senshi had said kicked in, they instantly turned to each other before loudly saying, "HOW DO YOU KNOW RANMA/RANCHAN?!"

Anymore arguing was halted when police sirens could be heard coming from the distance. The Senshi looked at each other before silently agreeing to meeting up at Rei's house. After a quick nod, the girls leaped to the rooftops.


Ranma had just stepped out of one of the stores Kasumi had sent him too when he saw the news on the television in an electronics store go on about the fight with the youma. He couldn't help but smile in satisfaction at how the newscaster reported unknown male destroying the youma.

"Those Sailor Senshi don't seem bad if their aura's are telling me anything," Ranma mused to himself. "Kind of skimpy dressers though. I wonder if V-chan knows them."

Ranma then set out for another store, his thoughts turning to some friends he made during his long training journey.


Up on the Hkawa Shrine grounds, the Sailor Senshi in civillan form had met up for their meeting. Rei stood up and coughed to get everyone's attention.

"Okay," she spoke. "It seems that during events this afternoon, we all discovered that we had a common friend. What I would like to know is how you all met him."

"Before you tell your stories, perhaps you could wait for us?" asked a new voice.

The girls looked over to the doorway of the room and saw five new people entering. The one who had spoke was Setsuna Meioh A.K.A. Sailor Pluto. To her right were the two outer scouts Haruka Tenoh A.K.A. Sailor Uranus and Michiru Kaioh A.K.A. Sailor Neptune. Between the two outers was a younger girl named Hotaru Tomoe A.K.A. Sailor Saturn. To Setsuna's left was Serena's boyfriend and future husband Mamoru A.K.A. Tuxedo Kamen. Holding his hand was a younger girl that would be Serena's future daughter Chibi-Usa A.K.A. Sailor Chibi-Moon.

"We heard that there was a youma attack and that some guy beat it with his bare hands," Haruka explained. "You sound like you know him."

"Yup," Usagi smiled. "His name's Ranma Saotome."

"Ranma Saotome!" all the newcomers gasped except for Chibi-Usa and Setsuna.

"Are you sure?" asked Haruka, running up to the younger girls.

"Without a doubt?" pleaded Hotaru.

"Are you positive?" asked Michiru more calmly.

"Never thought I'd hear his name again," Mamoru laughed.

This just got Rei to gape in shock, "You all know him too?"

"I don't," replied Chibi-Usa "I only heard stories about him from Hotaru and Puu."

"Well then," Setsuna smiled, a rare thing these days. "Let's sit down and hear some stories then. Why don't you go first Makoto? You seem eager to share."

The Senshi of Jupiter smiled cutely.

--------Makoto's Story--------------------

A seven-year old Makoto could be seen leaning against a tree in the park. She was watchng the othe kids playing games and such with their parents. This just made her want to cry. He parents were dead and gone now. She was pretty much alone now with her relatives and it really hurt. She felt evious of the other kids who got hugs from their mothers or piggyback rides from their fathers. Thinking about having that just brought tears from to her eyes. Soon she just couldn't take it anymore and she started to cry. Suddenly, a snap of branches catches her attention and she looks up. Above her, sitting on one of the tree branches is a boy with black hair tied in a pigtail and wearing a gi. Her eyes wden at seeing the boy so high up. The boy notices her and smiles brightly.

"Hi!" the boy smiles. "Why are you crying?"

"Um," Makoto begins, wiping her eyes. "No reason."

"Okay," the boy shrugs. "My name's Ranma. What's yours?"

"Makoto," the little girl replies.

"Hiya Makoto," Ranma replied before leaping down to the ground from the tree. Lita gasps in amazement.

"How did you do that?" Makoto asked curiously.

"I'm a martial artist!" Ranma laughs. "Pop is teaching me all sorts of stuff."

"Oh," Makoto frowns, her sadness about not having a father returning. "What about your mama?"

"Um," Ranma suddenly frowned. "I dunno. I don't think I have a mama."

Makoto suddenly looked back to Ranma.Had she finally met someone who at least knewa littleabout how she felt? She could see a little sadness in his eyes when he tried to think about his mother. Deciding to tell a little more about herself, Makoto began talking again.

"I don't have a mama or a papa," she said sadly. "You're lucky to have a papa."

"I guess," Ranma shrugged. "I don't think pop is a good man though. He keeps getting yelled at by those police guys. Is that bad?"

"That's very bad!" Makoto replied with a nod. "If they get mad at you then you're in big trouble!"

"Wow" Ranma shrugged. "Then pop is really bad since they yell at him all the time before we have to run."

Makoto giggled, thinking Ranma was joking. She then looked at his white gi, "So you know Karate and stuff?"

"More than that!" Ranma smiled proudly. "I know Karate, Tai Kwon Do, and I'm learning Tai Chi too! I'm learnig Anything Goes!"

"Anything Goes?" Makoto asked in confusion. "That sounds cool! Can I learn too?"

"Well," Ranma pondered. "Pop says girls shouldn't do this but the teacher at the dojo I'm at teaches a lot of girls."

"I'll make you lunch," Makoto offered, wantng to learn this so badly.

"Okay!" Ranma smiled brightly, the thought of food sealing the deal.

That was how it all began. Everyday after his lessons, Ranma would come to the park to meet with Makoto. She would have a bento of food ready for him. It wasn't great at frst but she got better real fast. The same could be said for her fighting skills. Everyday she got a little better and she would preactice before school. Soon she was sparring with Ranma and the two were great friends. He even started callng her 'Mako-chan' while she called him 'Sempai.' Sadly, all good things must come to an end and Ranma was dragged off by his father. He did manage to say goodbye to Makoto, but she promised in her tears that she was going to get better. Ranam had promised that he was going to come back someday.


"Oh how romantc!" Minako sighed as Makoto broke out into a blush.

"So Ranma is your sempai?" asked Usagi. "I thought you were talking about someone in school."

"Well, I did have an old boyfrind in school but I never said Ranma was my boyfriend," Makoto replied. 'Not that I would mind. He's turned into a total hunk!'

"Who's next?" asked Setsuna.

"Me! Me! Me!" Minako said cheerily.

-------------------Minako's Story------------------

Minako was roofhopping as Sailor V back in England. There had been reports of thefts from a number of stores and even a church! Didn't this theif have any kind of spiritual values? Sailor V was determined to defeat this theif and make sure that everyone's valuables. Hopefully she would be back home n time to finish her homework. She had been falling behind since she became Sailor V. As she was passing by Buckingham Palace she heard people shouting.

"What did you do Pop?!" a male voice growled. "I can't leave you alone for one second without you tryng to steal something!"

"Quiet boy," an older voice snapped. "If I had gotten in there we would have been set for the rest of the trip!"

"Oh please, you'd blow it all in a week on alcohol and food!" the younger voice shouted. "You'd spend it all on yourself anyway."

"The life of a martial artist is filled with peril!" the older voice retorted. "It's training!"

"Yeah, while you get fat and lazy on my work old man!" the younger growled. "No wonder I'm so much better than you!"

"That's it!" the older shouted indignantly. "I will make you respect me!"

"Bring it!"

Sailor V heard some kind of fierce fight before it ended. She dared to look where the source was and saw two people hiding in an alley. One was an older man in a training gi wth glasses and bandanna. The man was out cold and on the ground. The other person was a boy who looked a year or two older than her and had black hair tied in a pigtail. He was also in a traing gi. Sailor V smiled brightly before stepping into view.

"This must be the thief that everyone was talking about," she said confidently. "Thank you for capturing him."

The pigtailed boy sighed as he shook his hed, "Yeah well Pops is always doing stupid stuff. Most of the things he stole are probably in pawns shops by now so I don't think I can get them back for you. Who are you anyway?"

Sailor V gaped in surprise, "You don't know me? I'm Sailor V! Champion of justice and punisher of evil!"

"Never heard of ya," the boy laughed. "I'm Ranma Saotome. Sorry 'bout this."

"Ah well," Sailor V shrugged before walking towards the unconcious man. "Thanks for helping me Mr. Saotome. Now I'll just lug this guy to the police station."

"Woah there!" Ranma said before stepping in front of his father. "As much as I know he deserves jail and stuff, he still my pop. Besides, he's kinda my ticket home so I really can't let hm get thrown in jail."

"What?!" Sailor V gaped while taking a battle stance. "But he's a thief! You have to let me take him."

"Sorry," Ranma shrugged. "Not gonna happen tonight."

Sailor V didn't want to hurt the cute guy but she knew she had to stop the thief. So, she attacked head on. Befor eshe could ht Ranma hough, he ducked and wrapped an arm arounf her wast, causing her to blush. Not many cute guys wrapped an arm around her like that. Before she knew it, he leaped onto the roof of a building wth here on tow. Everytime she tried to hit him, he would dodge and poke her in the side. He'd even give her pointers on how to fight. It went on until Ranma just leaped away. Thinking he had enough Sailor V went back to where his father was only to find him gone. Ranma had probably seen his father get up so had enededto fight. Sailor V hadn't been that steamed in a while, even though it was kind of nice to have a cute guy hold her or tickle her when he poked a ticklish spot.


"I know he didn't have a choice so I forgave him," Minako giggled. "He actually gave me some good pointers too."

"My turn!" Usagi smiled brightly.

-----------------Usagi's Story-------------------------------

A four-year old Usagi was toddlig along and playng with a five-year old Ranma. The two were having the times of their lives. Usagi was pretending to be a princess on the moon while Ranma was pretending to be a prince. He would protect her from evil monsters until her true love would rescue her. Ranma would sometimes pretend that he was her prince in shining armor. It was a little hard for him to be two people at once, but he managed. Usagi was enjoying the attention from her best friend though.

Sitting at the kitchen table were Nodoka and Ikuko, talking about what was going on in their lives.

"I can't believe you're even considering this training trip," Ikuko sighed. "Ranma needs more than just his father, he needs his mother too."

"But I just want Ranam to be the best he can be," Nodoka argued. "If he stays home all the time he'll never get that. Seeing the world will do him wonders."

'Not if Genma keeps leeching off him,' Ikuko thought sadly to herself.

Back to the toddlers, Usagi had just glomped Ranma for rescuing her from the evil queen and her soldiers.

"Wanchan," little Usagi whispered. "Pwomise to never go away."

"I pwomise odango," Ranma grinned. "I'll never go away."

"Yaaay!" Usagi cheered before she kissed his cheek, something she had seen her parents do.

Little Ranma just blushed crimson.


"We were the best of friends then," Usagi smiled. "When his mother called and told my mom she found him again I was so happy."

"Wow," Chibi-Usa giggled. "Are you sure he's not my daddy?"

"Chibi-Usa!" Usagi snapped.

"Okay, I'll go next," Rei smiled, defusing the situation.

-----------------------Rei's Story----------------------------

Little Rei was humming a small tune to herself as she brought out a blanket for a picnic. Her grandma and grandpa said they were going to have one today since it was such a nice day. Rei hadn't been on a picnic before so she wanted everything to be right. After she unrolled the blanket, she heard soemthing near the trees. Curious, she decided to see what it was. She didn't have to go far before she saw a boy who looked maybe a little older than her licking his hand like he was a kitty. The boy looked at her and smiled.

"Meow" Neko-Ranma called before shuffling over to her with a smile.

"Hello kitty-boy," Rei giggled as she pet his head. "What are you doing here?"

Neko-Ranma meowed some more before he saw Rei's grandparents walking towards the blanket with the food. The cat boy meowed happily before racing over to the two adults and meowed again, asking for food.

"Oh my!" Mrs. Hino gasped. "Just who is this young man?"

"Hmm," Mr. Hino pondered. "His aura seems a little off. Where did you find him Rei?"

"Near the trees," Rei replied. Before she could answer anymore questions, there was a gasp from the older woman which caused the attention of her grandaughter and husband to turn to her. She was sitting down on the round now with the cat boy nestled in her lap purring away happily. Apparently Neko-Ranma had pounced on her so he could get onto her lap.

"Hmm," Mr. Hino pondered. "It looks like the Neko-Ken to me."

"Neko-Ken?" asked Rei.


"Neko-Ken?" asked Hotaru.

"A martial arts technique you don't want to try," Rei replied sadly.

"He must have been so cute as a kitty!" Minako squealed.

"Ohh, he was so friendly and cuddly! He just loved to play," Rei gushed. "Ami, what about you?"

"Ummm," Amy blushed, recalling the memory.

---------------------Ami's Story-------------------------------------

Little Ami was walking next to her mother in the hospital. She just loved to visit some of the patients. They really enjoyed the company. The oldest people and kids liked having a new friend to talk to. Her mother had told her that there was a new boy in the hospital who could use a friend. Ami was still a very shy child, even for an eight-year old, but Dr. Mizuno was hopeful that thses little visiting sessions would be as helpful to her as it was to the patients. Her mother led her to a room where there was a boy with a black pigtail doing some kind of kata in his room even with all the bandages he had on. Dr. Mizuno gasped in horror before she stormed to the boy.

"Ranma! You can't be about now! The stitches will break." she cried. "Please get back to bed."

"But I'm bored!" Ranma whined.

"We have all these books next to your bed," Dr. Mizuno replied. "Why don't you read them?"

Ranma blushed for some reason before he reluctantly got back into the bed. Dr. Mizuno nodded in satisfaction before she gestured for daughter to come it.

"Ranma, this is my daughter Ami," Dr. Mizuno smiled. "Ami, this is Ranma Saotome. I thought you could use some company. I have to check up on some other patients so you two be nice."

The doctor then left the room. Ami looked down at her feet while Ranma looked at her curiously.

"You can sit in the chair if you want," Ranma suddenly spoke. "Pop never comes anyway."

"O-okay," Ami nodded as se sat next to Ranma.

Ranma twiddled his thumbs while Amy tried to think of something to say. Her mother said to just try to relax around other people and she would be fine. After another minute, Ami took a deep breather before speaking again.

"Ranma, you like school?" she asked.

"Um...I dunno," Ranma shrugged. "I've never gone to school. Pop says I'll never have to."

"But everyone has to go to school Ranma," Amy argued, surprising herself. "You learn all these neat things. You get to read books and play with frends too."

"I...don't really have many frends," Ranma frowned sadly. Ami was feeling pretty sad just by seeing the look in his eyes. She knew what it was like to not have many friends.

"I'll be your friend," Ami smiled, wanting to cheer him up. "If you want me to."

"Really?!" Ranma gasped with a huge smile. Ami nodded. "Aw, thank-you Ami-chan!"

The little girl blushed at the cute name she had been given.


"That's so cute Ami!" Serena cired to the blushng bluenette.

"I visited him everyday," Ami smiled. "It turns out his father hadn't really taught him to read so he wasn't that good at it so I taught him. I was really sad when he was let out. His father only came to get him. He never visited the whole time Ranma was there. He skipped out on the bill too if I remember correctly."

'That's just the tip of the iceberg,' Setsuna thought sadly to herself. 'No, more like the snowflake on the tip of the iceberg.'


"ACHOO!" Ranma sneezed for the fifth time. "Aw man, who's talking about me?"

Ranma landed in front of the Tendo Dojo with his arms filled with packages. They wer ebalanced perfectly so that he still had use of hs hands. He walked over to the front door and opened it.

"I'm home!" he called.

To Be Continued...

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