'Kokoro kara' … 'In the heart'… Based on the first IY dream I ever had… Really strange… Think I put in enough periods? It's not exactly like the dream, but neither was my other story based on a dream: Wind's Memory. Please R&R!

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"Kagome, I am tired," Shippou complained. "Are we going to have to sleep outside in this rain?"

"I hope not…" the miko replied.

"Ha! We'll camp outside if there is no one who will allow us room!" Inuyasha told the semi soaked kitsune.

"Hey, Miroku?" Shippou asked, ignoring the older Hanyou. "Are you sure we don't have enough money for an inn?"

"Sorry Shippou, we don't," the monk sighed regretfully.

"If no one will take us in, we could always make a shelter with what we have," Sango said. "Kagome, do you have anymore of those 'um-be-rei-las'?"

"No I don't, sorry…"

"Do you need help?" asked a soft voice from behind them. They turned and saw a young women looking at them.

She had long, straight, raven black hair, and deep blue eyes. Her kimono was made of a very pale green cloth and had darker blue butterflies on it. Her obi was thin and purple. Under her arm was a bunch of firewood. She wore an umbrella hat, like Sango and Miroku, on her head to protect her face from the rain. (A/N: if you watch episode 78, you'll know what kind of hat I'm talking about.)

"Yes, but first," Miroku said as he advanced on her, took her hand and crouched down in front of her. "Would you consider bearing my children?"

"Houshi-sama…!" Sango growled furiously, flames erupting from behind her.

Miroku sweatdropped. "It was a joke, a joke!" he reassured the pissed slayer.

"I am sorry," the girl said shyly. "But I happened to over hear your conversation. Would you like to come to my place?"

"Thanks, that would be welcome!" Kagome told the girl. "What is your name?"

"My name is Kameko," she replied.

"Well then Kameko-san, would you like to bear my children?" Miroku asked again, black and blue from Sango's beating. "I was kidding!" he said instantly when he realised that Sango was even more pissed and he did not want a beating fiercer than what he had just been dealt.

"Come, my house is just up ahead," Kameko said calmly as she began leading them down the road, then down a small side path. The smaller path was littered with sticks and roots.

"Uh, hey Kameko!" Shippou called out to the young woman from Kagome's shoulder. "Are you sure that this is the way to your house?"

"Shippou!" Kagome scolded.

"No, he has a point," Kameko said turning from Kagome to Shippou. "Young kitsune, this is not the exact way to my house. Merely a shortcut."

"Oh okay, that's a relief."

After less than five minuets later, Kameko lead them off the path to a lone house along the road.

"This is my home, or at least as much of one as I need," she said, pushing back the door. "Make your selves at home."

The shack was small but comfortable. It was made of wood and the door was straw, making it quite warm.

"You really don't mind us staying here?" Kagome asked.

"Not at all," Kameko replied, shaking her head gently.

Needing no more reassurance, the Inu-tachi decided to settle down for the night.

Quote taken from Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce.

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