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Inuyasha blinked his eyes open and twitched his nose. An odd scent was coming into the hut, brought in by a light breeze.

"Is something wrong?" Kagome asked the hanyou, now awake.

"It's nothing, just a strange scent. Go back to sleep."

"Okay…" The miko was about to obey, but they were startled and the other three sleepers were awakened by the sound of snapping twigs from the outside.

With a rush of air, the top of the hut was cut diagonally from its base. Without thinking, Inuyasha grabbed Kagome and leapt from the ruins of the small shelter. Sango and Miroku leapt to the side, Miroku bringing up his Shakujou in a block position and Sango flinging off her yukata, revealing her Taijiya clothes beneath. Shippou immediately jumped to Kagome's shoulder.

A golden-yellow praying mantis demon was standing over the trashed hut and the five travelers. In its multi-faceted green eyes was reflected Inuyasha, who had drawn Tetsuaiga.

"Half-breed!" the mantis hissed.

"Oh? So you can talk? Great!" Inuyasha remarked sarcastically back. "Because I have a few questions to ask you! Like who the hell are you?! And why the hell are you attacking us!?"

A few feet away from the arguing beings, Shippou remarked to Kagome, "Where's Kameko?"

"I don't know, but I think we should be concentrating on the battle," Kagome replied.

To Inuyasha, the opposing demon said nothing, but attacked with its front claws.

Inuyasha dodged one, and blocked the other with his sword. The mantis attacked relentlessly, and Inuyasha dodged or blocked each blow, none landing on him.

"Why don't you fight back?" Inuyasha asked, smirking

The mantis hissed and aimed another blow at the dog-eared half demon. Again Inuyasha dodged. He swung Tetsuaiga in an arc, the yellow energy of the Wind Scar filling the air in the wake of the blade. The blast severed the youkai's right pincer.

The beast shrieked in agony, and charged Inuyasha once again.

"One more should do it," Inuyasha growled, smirk still in place.

He swung his sword diagonally. This time, his Wind Scar hit the praying mantis square in the chest as it raced towards him.

At the moment the youki attack hit Inuyasha's opponent, the sun began to rise.

The mantis screamed in pain, and transformed.

Kagome's eyes grew wide as she realised what it was turning back into.

"Houshi-sama…" Sango murmured. "Is that…"

"Kameko?" Shippou half shouted.

Indeed it was. Kameko, the young woman who had given them shelter for the night was now where the giant mantis had been moments before.

Instead of looking as if she was in pain, Kameko turned to Kagome and yelled something that the miko barely heard over the roar of the wind.

"Be careful… one like me…"

Before Kagome could fully register what the dying girl had said, a voice spoke in the back of her mind:

"Higurashi! Higurashi!" it called.


Kagome opened her eyes, looked up, and saw her history teacher glaring down at her.

"I would like to think that my class is not boring enough for you to fall asleep in the middle of it," the teacher muttered, more to himself than to the time traveler. "Higurashi, could you please read the next paragraph?"

"Ye-yes sir," Kagome stuttered as she stood up. She looked down, and realised that she had no clue where her class was in the textbook.

"Page 175, paragraph four," hissed Eri from beside the confused girl.

Kagome thanked her friend silently, and started reading from the correct pages.

Later, as Kagome walked home from school, she only half listened to her friends' chatter. Her mind was still on her dream. She had dreams about the feudal era every once in a while, but none of them had a warning like that one.

"I wonder what it means…" she thought.

"I'm probably thinking about it too hard," Kagome added as she continued walking home, and to the Sengoku Jidai.

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