Disclaimers and Warnings: Digimon Adventures and all its' characters do not belong to me and are taken without permission

Disclaimers and Warnings: Digimon Adventures and all its' characters do not belong to me and are taken without permission. They belong to a million people who I don't know. This is a non-profit Fan Fiction and is only meant for fun. Please don't sue! Secondly, this is a shounen ai, June, yaoi whatever you want to call it. Which means guys are attracted to guys. Don't like? Don't read! Duh!!!

Note: This story will constantly switch from the past to the present. Present being Daisuke at the age of eighteen and past beingwell anytime in his past. I hope this doesn't get to confusingmaybe I should find a way to distinguish time periods from the beginning. Also the Prologue is the only part that will be written in first person POV, everything other chapter will be in Omnipresent Narration (unless I feel a need to write one in first person).



I walked quietly down the hall; all of my senses were alert. Making sure no one would sneak up on me. There was a part of me that noted the tackiness of this place. Everything large and extravagant, while the colors were dull. Ugly statues and paintings went along both walls. The only thing I liked was the carpet, which was this beautiful shade of shade of red—maroon, I think it's called—and it seemed fluffy, like it would be comfortable to lay down on.

I pushed all thoughts tacky furnishings out of my mind when I heard a sound come from one of the rooms ahead. I walked even more quietly then before and stepped towards the room that had made the noise. Pulling out my gun, I placed my free hand on the doorknob and opened it. Now, you should know how I looked when I went in, should have seen it enough times on Cops or whatever, so do I really have to go through it?

So, I entered the room and looked around, gun in front of me when I saw the one who had made the noise. It was a little boy, no more then eight years of age. He looked at me and then at the gun in my hand, his brown eyes widen and filled with terror but he did not move or scream, he just sat there. He was dressed in practically nothing, which was expected in a place like this. He was a beautiful little boy though, his hair was the same color as the carpet outside which I found strange in itself and his skin was pale, well as pale as one with tan skinned can get, from lack of nutrition most likely.

I took another look around, aware that I was being watched by those chocolate eyes, and then put my gun away. I took a step towards the boy and again the boy didn't run off or scream. He just slowly began to take off his clothes, as if I was one of the clients that came here.

"No, don't do that." I said. He looked up at me with a confused look on his face. Then his face changed to one of understanding and I thought that he understood. I was wrong, he laid down on the bed, a soft sigh escaping his lips and I knew that he thought that I wanted to be the one to take off his clothes.

To be honest, I was pained at the sight of him. He seemed so nonchalant about the whole idea of being prostitute, he was even willing to help get on with it.

"How long you've been doing this?" I asked. I don't know why I asked that question. But I wanted to know.

He looked up at me again with that confused expression. Then he shrugged though he said nothing. That answer was enough for me.

"C'mon kid." I said taking hold of his small, fragile hand where I noticed a tattoo. It was the symbol of the place, I immediately thought of the brands that are put on cattle and it made me sick to think that they did the same to this little boy. "We're getting out of here."

He shook his head, his eyes wide with fear again. "No!" It was the first thing he had said to me during the whole exchange and it confused the shit out of me. "No, I can't leave this room without permission. Sir, we have to do this here."

I shook my head. "Listen kid, we're getting out of here and that's that." I pulled out my badge from my wallet. "Look kid, I'm a cop. Sergeant Motomiya Kiyoyuki, all right? We can leave. This place has just been shut down. You're free kid and I'm taking you some place where you can live a normal life."

He looked at me for a long time, his thin eyebrows pressed together as, I guess, he tried to understand the situation. I was quiet, giving him time. I knew this had to be unbelievable for him.

As I was looking at him I noticed something, his eyes. His eyes had changed, I don't mean that they changed color. But they changed, there was this light in them that wasn't there before. This light that made his eyes—no him—more beautiful. I picked him up then and carried him out that horrid room, out that disgusting place.

And when we stepped out into the night and he saw all the on goings, all the perverts and such being arrested and being taken away, all the children being checked and taken care of, he smiled. His smile was so large it lit up his face and for some reason I knew that this was his first time smiling like that.

I came home somewhat late that night, after giving the little boy to social services and doing some paper work and a million other things. I saw my wife sitting on the sofa, watching TV. I smiled at her.

"Where's Jun?" I asked. I had to see my baby, after seeing that horrible place I had to see her. Make sure she was safe. Yumi smiled and pointed at the clock.

"Where else would she be at ten o' clock at night, Anata?" I smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

"I wanna talk to you later." She nodded and I went to go see Jun.

I entered the room quietly (it seemed I was doing that all night), moving towards the green covered bed, Jun's favorite color, I looked down at the little terror turned angel sleeping soundly under the green covers. I smiled softly and thanked God that my Jun had never had to experience the things that poor boy had.

I smirked and kissed Jun's forehead before leaving the room. My mind had been on that little maroon haired boy ever since I had found him. I don't know how but in that short amount of time, that little boy had stolen my heart. He was so cute and so lost. I wanted to bring him home with me and protect him from the world. But I couldn't do that, for many reasons, one being Yumi.

"So what did you want to talk to me about, Anata?" She asked me placing my dinner on the table. I took a seat and she took the one in front of me and began to peal the skin off a peach. She hates the skin.

"We went to that place where they prostitute children today." She nodded and continued to peal, placing the skin on a small plate. She hates messes too. "I met a little boy, a few years younger then Jun, there. It was funny, he thought I was one of the clients." She smiled at me. It was one of those smiles where I would wonder if she really cared or was only humoring me. "But when I told him that he didn't have to be there any more his eyes lit up, koi. They were so bright and Gods his smile was magnificent."

"And you want to adopt him." She said not once looking at me. She was slicing the peach then.

"Yeah." I nodded. I wasn't even surprised that she knew. She just always knew what was going on in my head. "I know that it will be this huge responsibility and he'll be more difficult to raise then Jun because of his past. And Jun might not like him and so many other things but if you just look at him, koi. He's—he's, I don't know."

She raised her head and smiled at me. Then took one of the peach slices, placing it in her mouth. Yumi said nothing to me for a long time and I knew she considering all the pros and cons. That's the way it was with us, I acted on impulse and she thought it out first. We were perfect for each other.

"We'll need to move." Was all she said as she picked up the plate with the seed and peals and walked towards the kitchen again. It took me a second to register what she meant and when I finally understood, I jumped up and ran after her.

"Arigato, koi." I cried out and kissed her. She laughed and swatted me away, but I didn't leave her side for a while.

Both Yumi and I told Jun about adopting the boy and she seemed fine with it. But she said she wanted to meet him before he stepped foot in our home. I laughed at her, she was just like her mother. So on the day we were to finalize the adoption and pick him up I took Jun with me.

The boy's name was Shun from what I had been told, though it seemed that it wasn't really his real name. Just something that he was called. When asked, he said that he didn't have a name until a client of maybe two years back named him that. He said he cared very little for the name, so when I went to visit him about three weeks before I asked him if he had wanted to change his name.

He gave the oddest look and asked me why.

"Well, I heard you cared very little for the name." I had said. "And I thought that it would be nice if you had a name that you liked." He continued to look at me like I had grown another head and it looked like a salamander.

"Do whatever you want." He said. It had taken forever for me to get him to say anything past monosyllables to me, let alone have a conversation with me. It made me happy though he was still apathetic about the things that were done to him. When it came to making decision he didn't expect to make any and was always shocked to hear someone ask for his opinion. He would answer the same way: "Do whatever you want." It annoyed me beyond belief but I knew I had to be patient with him.

"Iya." I said to him. "It's your name. You're going to be the one living with it for the rest of your life, so it should be something you like."

He looked at me for quite a long time. I guess he was thinking about it. He smiled sheepishly and looked away.

"Can I really have any name I like?" He asked me and I nodded. Then remembered he couldn't see me and answered him out loud. "I like the name Daisuke." I had nodded and smiled at him telling him to get use to being called that, because that was going to be his name form now on.

So as I was saying before I started to babble about the kid's name. After I signed all the papers, Jun and I went to find Daisuke. He was sitting by a window reading a book, how he learned to read I have no idea and he didn't tell anyone when asked. We walked over to him and he looked up at us even before we reached him. The boy was even more alert then I was, there was no way one could sneak up on him.

He placed the book down and looked at me, then at Jun. He was once more very confused. Poor thing, his world had been turned upside down and now he didn't know which way to go. But I think it was all for the best and he seemed to cooping very well to what went on around him.

"Daisuke." I began, I was worried about how they would react towards each other. And I hoped dearly that they would like each other. "This is Jun, my daughter. She's going to be your new oneesan."

They looked each other over, neither one saying anything. Jun stepped towards him and took hold of a strand of his hair yanking it hard, though Daisuke did nothing but stare at her. I was about to say something to her when she spoke.

"Why didn't you scream?" Jun asked. She was now running her fingers through his hair.

"'Cause it didn't hurt." He replied.

"Aren't you mad that I did that?" She asked. I was so perplex at that one moment that I couldn't say a thing.

"No." he replied.

"You should be."

"Why? You can do whatever you want to me."

"You're pathetic." She said. "I'm going to have to make sure no one picks on you in school." She sighed. " Any one that picks on my otouto-chan is going to get it." She made a fist, with one hand then slung her other arm over Daisuke's shoulder. He gave her an odd look, something I realized Daisuke likes to do a lot.

I was happy that Jun liked Daisuke so much. She found him "positively adorable" and decided to make sure everyone knew that he was her little brother—not adopted, but blood relation—and that if anyone picked on him she'd beat them into the ground. Which happened because she was suspended three times for fighting with a few boys.

Jun was very protective of Daisuke. Making sure that he never was hurt and if he were, there would be hell to pay. She had made it her prerogative to make him lesssubmissive and apathetic about the things that happened to him. I remember one specific fight she had with him because of the way he addressed her.

"Oneesama." Yes, that's what he had addressed her as, and she was angry because it made it seem like they weren't on the same level, as she put it.

"Iya!!!" She had screamed out, this had been in the living room so both Yumi and I ran into the room to find out what was wrong. "Don't call me that!" Daisuke's eyes were wide with fear and confusion.

"But isn't that what you are now?" Daisuke asked quite timidly really. "My oneesama." She shook her head furiously and I was afraid that Jun had changed her mind that she didn't Daisuke around anymore.

"Don't call me oneesama. I am not your oneesama!" She walked a little closer to him. "I am your oneechan, maybe oneesan but not oneesama!" She took a deep breath and sat down right next to Daisuke. "Call me anything but oneesama, okay?"

He nodded. "Even Aneki." She smiled when he said that and held him very tightly.

"Hai, even Aneki."

He never called her that though, only on special occasion, he began to address her as oneesan, and then oneechan and finally neechan. It took forever but he finally did and Jun was extremely happy.

And I think it made Daisuke even happier because he's always had this yearning to be normal. He's always wanted to forget his past and be a normal boy, and now at the age of eighteen I think he achieved it—to some extent. Honestly to me, it's like he hides a large side of himself from everyone else but us. Playing more the part of a normal teenage boy while keeping his real self a secret. It bothers me but Yumi tells me to leave it alone.

Yumi has been so much to Daisuke. She's been the mother he's never had. Always there for him, always holding his hand and showing him new things. It was she that got him interested in soccer and it was she who got him his first punk rock CD. Though I am slightly pissed at her over the latter, that noise keeps me up at night and annoys the neighbors. She smiles at me and tells me that if you don't show him it's all right to experiment with different things, then he'll stay the same forever. He has a thing about not trying new things because of a fear of upsetting us. Though he knows that nothing he does will upset us so much to hate him but it's still a subconscious fear. One that I think will never be rooted out.

I think he's progressed nicely over the years though. He's made some wonderful friends and gets into all sorts of trouble these days. Though he's still very closed in. He doesn't let many people in and it worries me. Jun tells me not to expect any grandchildren from him.


"Because he fears letting people get to close to him." She tells me absentmindedly as she flips through a magazine. "He doesn't want them to get to close because they might go away. That's why he's had so many girlfriends and boyfriends—"yes, my son's Bisexual and I'm okay with it (it had taken forever, and a few beatings from Jun to get him to just admit it). "—because he's afraid to let them in and he turns them away when they get to close. Natural defense really. One that I don't think most people will want to get by and he'll want them too. Really he only dates because he thinks it will make you guys happy."

I sigh at what she tells me. It's true and there's really no way of changing it. That's my son. I love him to death but his past has really screwed him over. I find myself hating the people who had done this to him, and I have come to hope I met these people one-day so I can kick the crap out of them. They deserve it after what they did to him. Now you know where Jun's over protective-ness comes from.