Chapter 8: Waking Up In the Basement

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Chapter 8:

The basement was cleared out. there was no carpet or tile or anything else. There wasn't even wallpaper. The room was completely blank.

I didn't care about the room, however. I was thinking of one thing, and one thing only. Why was Fred involved?

That answer was told to me soon enough. The door burst open and in came Fred and a special and unexpected guest. Swordfish Sanders. He was out of jail.

"Hello Sponge, long time no see!" Fred said, cheerfully.

"Why?" I asked. That was all that could come out of my mouth.

"Why, it's quite simple actually. I'll explain. You see, that whole thing about me being a 'God worshiping, punishment seeking, born again Christian' was all just a lie. Also, that whole thing about Swordfish here wanting to use you to escape, that was also a lie. We just happened to make a deal to escape, we saw you, and used you."

"Why?" I repeated.

"Well, you came around looking awfully helpless. I couldn't resist. I simply made up all of that punishment crap and made up that Swordfish plan just to get you scared. Then, we actually put the plan into effect."

"But, how did you live? You got shot!" I protested.

"Ever hear of bullet proof vests, retard? Swordfish just ordered out for a bullet-proof vest in a cake and got it. And I simply acted like I was dying. I'm a good actor, aren't I!"

"Well then, why did Swordfish track me down and make me do that job?"

"Well, you see, we didn't count on you escaping. So, we made the most out of it and sent you to your death from Mr. Plague. We knew he'd attack you, but we didn't expect you to kill him. After that, Swordfish here had to put matters into his own hands and attack you. Your pal was just an unnecessary casualty."

"Well then why did you only shoot me in the arm, Swordfish?"

Swordfish answered this time.

"I missed. And unfortunately, I had to serve two years in prison for that mistake."

"Well, why didn't Mr. Fred here bail you out huh? I take it he didn't think he needed you." I said. I knew what I was doing.

"Good question!" Swordfish replied, looking at Fred angrily.

"There is a good reason for that!" Fred defended himself.

"Well what is that reason?!" Swordfish was furious.

"Um…" Fred didn't have an answer.

"I'm gonna friggin blow your head off! You better pray to the lord above that I have mercy, but it won't matter because I'm gonna beat you to within an inch of your life! Then, I'm just gonna rip your head off with my bare hands! With my bare friggin ha…"


Fred fired at Swordfish with a magnum. That didn't end well for Swordfish, as one can imagine.

Blood sprayed all over the walls. I was actually quite happy, seeing my longtime mortal enemy get his brains literally blown out.

It was my time to strike.

I charged at Fred with all of my anger over the last five years. I threw a punch. It hit Fred like a steel ball flying at one-hundred miles per hour.

He wasn't dead though. He reloaded his gun and began firing.

I dodged the bullets and punched him in the jaw. It didn't hurt him. He fired a couple more times, but I grabbed the gun from his hands and shot him in the chest.

It hurt him.

Fred collapsed onto the floor, coughing up blood.

"Kill me." He said.

"I ain't done yet."

What I did next is a little too graphic to explain in this story, so lets just say, "he won't be impregnating a woman ever again."

He wasn't dead yet. I had removed about every limb he had except for one arm. It was time to finish the job. It was then that I realized that I'd made about one mistake. A big mistake.

His one arm felt around and grabbed his gun. He threw it at the door. It shut.

I finally took the gun and shot him to oblivion. I ran to the door.

It was locked.

Now, lets flash to now. I'm in my second year in the basement. Every Tuesday, Mr. Krab's daughter Pearl stops by and gives me the latest news. Mr. Krabs is dead from a fatal heart attack. The door apparently jammed and there is no opening it. I feed myself rats every day. They are all that is available. There is a mouse hole in the wall down here.

Today, now that I'm finishing my story, it is time to add the end. I am now pulling out Fred's old gun. It is cold against my head. Time to pull the trigger.


The End

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