Hey everyone. I knew this was going to happen hence why I was dreading ending this story very much. People hate my choice of an ending and it upsets me when I made it blatantly clear that there were NOT going to get together. I'm really grateful that you guys read my story and enjoyed the rest of it but c'mon, I'm very upset that you guys didn't catch on early enough. It means one of two things: you either didn't read my author notes and stuff, or you just totally ignored what I said. Now, people want an explanation as to why they didn't end up together and I'll gladly do it. First, I'll start off with my obvious summary and author's note then I'll go into just my logic as to why it wouldn't have made any sense for Draco and Hermione to get together. Sigh. I wish it didn't have to go through this. I don't want people hating it but I refuse to put them together or make a sequel, even though I'm tempted. It defeats the purpose.

1. My summary: "Do you like doing this to me?" Draco asked. "At worst, I feel bad for a while. Then I just smile," Hermione grinned at his tears. "I go ahead and just smile." She enjoyed making him hurt. Not your typical fairytale ending, atleast not for one of them.

Not your typical fairytale ending, atleast not for one of them. Enough said.

2. Chapter 5 Author's Note: Hey everyone. Before you read the chapter I need to discuss a little something, lol. I think people are getting the wrong idea and may be angry at my idea of an ending. As my summary says this story will not have the typical fairy tale ending and also if you read it closely it says love blossoms in only one of their hearts. This simply means what it says: only one person out of Hermione and Draco will fall in love. The question is who? Now I understand that many people may despise this and maybe some will stop reading it but that is the ending I wanted. It is my story after all and I mean I was pretty clear. The song "Smile" suggests towards my ending too. So, anyway, I'm not angry or anything because I have no reason to be. I just don't want people flaming me because of my ending later on when it was so apparent. Enjoy and review!

Once again, enough said.

3. Explanation: If you were Hermione, would you want to be with somebody that intended on breaking your heart like that? Throughout the entire story, I keep it perfectly clear that Hermione feels nothing but hate and anger (sometimes remorse) towards Draco. Had I made her fall in love with him at the last minute like in the last chapter, it would have made no absolute sense. It would have been underdeveloped feelings that appeared out of the mist. She can't just suddenly love him and then everything be okay. What about her love for Ron? It couldn't just disappear because that would have also been way too random. Along with that, then I would have had to explain as to why she didn't love him anymore and why she loved Draco (someone she hated throughout the entire fic). Now, I understand that people don't like the Ron/Hermione pairing; it was even weird for me because I write Hermione/Draco. If I had put them together, it would have gone against everything I built up in my entire story. It cannot be said that Ron had nothing in common with Hermione because in reality, we know nothing about their relationship. I never developed their relationship so basically, it's really not known how they interact. I wanted to write this because I wanted a different approach and I wanted to do something different for a change, where the ending isn't all peachy and perfect.

I thought my reasoning made sense but I guess not. I'm sorry to those who would like maybe a new chapter or a sequel but it really isn't going to happen. I'll be writing a lot more one-shots and a new story is coming soon where Hermione and Draco do get together, lol. I think it's going to be romance/comedy which is what I am best at. Thanks for reading and semi-enjoying, lol. Bye everyone!