He was having such a nice dream. Back in the days, nice was used to describe his dreams where he'd scrape the skin off his brother's back. But now...nice meant peaceful thoughts, trivial memories that let his mind ease into the night and morning.

He had her to thank for that.

And speaking of her...

"Sasuke..." With such a small voice, it fluttered away before it ever truly reached him.

"...Sasuke.." It was softly louder but still hesitant. He caught it this time though.

"...Sasuke?" Knowing it was not a figment of his imagination – her sweet scent told him so – He kept his eyes closed, feigning sleep just to see what she would do.

A sigh left her, he noticed, before she murmured something and crawled out of the bed. For a moment, the Uchiha wanted to reveal his dark eyes and set them on the slender figure leaving his space, noting that she wore his favorite pair of boxers leaving fair legs exposed to his desire.

But nevertheless, Sasuke remained still a smirk playing in his conscious as he wondered what she would do and what she wanted. She was still there, he realized. She was right in front of the bed just standing there.

What are you planning...

"Sasuke!" She squeaked.

Before promptly racing back to the bed.

And lunged herself at him.

"OOMPH!" His eyes snapped open, not at the light impact but at the giggling that escaped his lover's sweet lips, her skin feeling wonderful against his.

"You're trying to kill me." He hid a chuckle but smirked, wrapping his arms around her petite form before setting his eyes on the young woman.

Bright eyes gleamed of joy, shimmering with the color of skies from the reflection of light hitting blue in their room. "Sorry..." she apologized yet a sweet smile lingered only to have her lips break that formation to allow another squeak to escape.

"Mmm..." He deliberately ignored her gasp of innocent shock, nuzzling his face into the sweet spot of her neck after having sporadically rolled them over, his body over hers now.

"Sasuke!...Don't go back to sleep!" Came her light laughter, slender fingers softly poking his sides. She promptly received a teasing bite on her neck for that.

"Why not?" The raven haired shinobi lazily answered, closing his eyes as he lay against her, his hand holding her own above her head in a warm grip, his other hand at the side of her waist.

"Because it's Valentine's day!" Came her response, trying her hardest to move from under him but only achieved him gripping her waist as a sign of him never letting go.

She began once more, exasperated childishly, "Sas--"

But he interrupted casually, his breath tickling her skin.

"Shut up, Hinata."

He knew she was pouting after hearing her sigh but paid no mind as he felt her relax under his touch. Calm silence stepped into the room gracefully for a moment before Uchiha kicked it out.

"I'll make love to you in a little while."

There was no need to look at her to know that she was furiously blushing.

She made no objection either.




My first ever SasuHina fic! I love this pairing to death. I'm originally a NaruHina shipper but the pairing between Sexy Sasuke and Hinata is just impossible to not like! I do hope you liked it, please review and let me know what you think!