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Chapter Twenty-three

Harry knew that for most people bad things happens in threes. But if you're Harry Potter, Murphy's Law seemed to be your best friend. He should have known that everything wasn't going to be better until he and Hermione were safe inside the castle.

Moony wasn't safe. Harry didn't make the wolfsbane potion. He had planned on making it yesterday. The others would forget about the potion until it was too late, forcing Remus to transform outside.

Running wasn't an option. Harry knew he was fast under normal circumstances, but with his mangled and bleeding, he knew that he was barely able to walk more than a few more meters.

The tunnel they just escaped from was now collapsed. They couldn't hide under they tree… not that he wanted to. There was no going back.

He couldn't change. The risks were too great. The amount of blood he was losing could kill him if he transformed. He promised that he would survive this night.

That left one option and he didn't like it.

"Hermione, you have to get to the castle. Fluffy can get you there fast enough." He looked into her eyes, trying to tell her how important it was that she did this.

"I can't leave you. There's a werewolf out here." She was nearly sobbing.

"The sooner you get to the castle the sooner you can get me back to the castle. 'Mi you have to do this."

"Please don't make me leave."

Harry wasn't used to Hermione being clingy. She always had been independent. This confused Harry. Losing her parents altered her personality in ways he never expected. He thought she would have accepted their deaths by now.

"Hermione, go." Harry was nearly at the point of begging. "Just go.

Finally Hermione changed into Fluffy. She took off with a slight limp. They both knew that she didn't look back because she would run back to Harry and would refuse to leave his side again.

Harry went to work on his leg, hoping to stop the bleeding. He removed the handkerchief the wound and tore his pants up to his thigh. Harry was thankful that he had his wand as he cleaned the wound. The stab was deep but it wasn't severe, Pettigrew missed stabbing any of his blood vessels. But it was still bleeding. Harry tore up his shirt, vowing to learn more first aide spells over the summer, and wrapped it around his thigh after making sure it was clean.

Because of the fact that his leg wouldn't stop bleeding, Harry was reminded of when Mr. Weasley was bitten by Nagini, Voldemort's snake. It was possible that that the dagger was laced with the snake's venom. Pettigrew probably hoped that he bleed to death.

Harry heard another howl. It was closer than before. Moony must have caught the scent of Harry's blood. Harry knew that he had to move. Sitting in a puddle of your own blood wasn't the best idea when you knew that there was a werewolf nearby.

Harry struggled to stand up and immediately fell back to the ground. He screamed out in pain when he landed awkwardly on his thigh. When he gained his bearings, Harry saw that Moony was less than a hundred meters away. He knew that the werewolf could sense he was there.

Then Moony charged him. Harry believed this to be the end. He couldn't believe that he survived Avada Kedavra only to be killed by his own uncle's alter ego. Thirteen, fifteen, or eighteen, he knew he was too young to die.

Suddenly Padfoot rammed into Moony. The large dog stopped in front of Harry. He hoisted himself onto the dog's back and made sure his grip was sturdy.

"I won't let go." Harry remembered his promise from the summer.

Padfoot ran as fast as he could. The castle was in sight when Harry sensed Moony was right behind them. The werewolf was gaining on them when Harry shot sparks in its face. It was a distraction but it forced the werewolf to slow down.

Harry didn't even bother thinking that the night was finally over. Instead he gripped his wand tighter. Only if he were lucky he wouldn't have to deal with the Dementors on top of everything else tonight.

Of course, being who he was, Harry wasn't that lucky.

He felt the Dementors' presence long before he saw them. It took everything within him to keep his magic from acting out. His magic was trying to force him to protect himself no matter how dangerous it was to im. However, he refused to let his magic control him.

He forced the spell out of his wand; not caring about what Prongs was doing to the Dementors. He really didn't want to know. He just wanted to get back to the castle.

Harry didn't notice that Pad foot had stopped running when the Dementors were near. Now that they were gone, Padfoot was running again but at a much slower pace than when Moony was chasing them. Harry was exhausted in every sense of the word but refused to even close his eyes until the doors of the school were in sight.

It was sunny when Harry woke. He quickly snapped his eyes closed from all the pain his head was causing. He had never had a headache this bad before.

"What happened?" he called out to the room not sure if anyone was there.

It seems that you had quiet the adventure last night," said the second most unwelcome voice next to Voldemort. Harry would have rather discuss the usefulness of flobberworms with Draco Malfoy than listen to Dumbledore talk about the night before as if he actually knew what happened. It was obvious that he was fishing for information.

"What did Hermione tell you?" This was a true test on how much he could trust her. If she could lie to Dumbledore she would lie to anyone for him.

"Miss Granger—" Harry interrupted him.

"Lupin. Hermione's last name is Lupin."

"Forgive me. I sometimes forget these things." Harry knew that meant that no one told him about the adoption. "Miss Lupin informed me that you had a little run in with Peter Pettigrew."

"If by 'little run in' you mean that the bloody rat tried to kill us, then yes we did. It wasn't exactly pleasant." Harry smiled because Hermione only gave him minimal information that he most likely already knew.

"She believes you saved her life." Again that wasn't too much to go on.

"I could say the same of her. That's what friends do, they rely on each other no matter what." Harry faked a yawn and closed his eyes hoping that the headmaster would get a hint and leave. Fifteen minutes later Dumbledore was gone and Harry was snaking on some Chocolate Frogs that the twins had given him. He checked them for pranks before he at them.

It was three days later when Harry and Hermione, who was in the bed beside him, were released from the Hospital Wing. It was Harry who told Madam Pomfrey that they should draw some blood and let Fawkes heal his leg since they did have a close bond. They could find a cure for the venom without making him suffer. Hopefully this will save Mr. Weasley from spending Christmas at St. Mungos.

When they were released, with an order that they can't use magic again until the day they leave, they had to sit down for the rest of their exams that they missed. Divination was the only class that Harry had a 'practical' exam. He told her some inconsequential stuff that he knew that was going to happen. It wasn't what she wanted but he wasn't going to take the class next term. He had too much planned that he didn't need the extra stress of a useless class.

But then Trelawney went into a trance.


Harry didn't bother telling her she made a prophecy. From experience he knew that she wouldn't believe him. Instead he told her she had fallen asleep. He ran from her tower as soon as he was dismissed.

He made it back to Gryffindor Common Room in record time. He went straight to grab his mirror and ran back out again with his friends following after him. They met Susan on the sixth floor and Ron told her to come with them.

It didn't take them long to realize they were going to Remus' office. Most of the teens were out of breath when they got there. Ron and Ginny were clutching their sides while Neville was bent double.

"How did you know I resigned? Snape only told the Slytherins 15 minutes ago." Remus allowed them all to take a seat.

"Is that why you brought us here?" asked Luna.

"No, something happened in Divination. Dad, Tonks, and Professor McGonagall need to hear this. Hermione, grab Uncle Remus' mirror and enlarge it. Uncle Remus, call McGonagall down here. If she claims to be busy tell her it's a matter of life or death that she's here. As soon as she here sound proof all your rooms and set up a proximity spell. No one outside our group can know what's going on… not even Dumbledore."

Of all the students only Hermione wasn't surprised when Remus did as he was told. Fortunately McGonagall was only grading exams that could wait a few hours to get done and came at once.

Meanwhile Harry also enlarged his mirror and called Sirius on it. Taking Harry's cue, Hermione called Tonks. Harry flashed her an appreciative smile.

"Tonks, are you in a secure location?" Tonks raised an eyebrow at that but decided to play along.

"No boss, I'm at the Leaky Cauldron."

"Get somewhere secure and call Remus' mirror back." The mirror went blank as she followed his instructions.

"What's going on, Pronglet?" asked Sirius. He was feeding Phoenix and had dark shadows under his eyes.

"Wait for Tonks to get back and I'll explain everything that I can."

It was moments later when Tonks called back. Harry told them everything that happened since he and Hermione were kidnapped. He even told them what happened when he was hit with Avada Kedavra. Not even Hermione knew the whole story behind that. The girls all had tears in their eyes when he told them about Lily.

"We are here for you Harry," said Susan.

"Yeah, we'll help in whatever way that we can."

It was silent for a few moments but the proximity alarms went off. Harry and Hermione shrunk the mirrors and stuffed them in their pockets. Less than ten seconds later Snape walked into the office. He looked at the students and a wide creepy smile crossed his face.

"The seven of you are out of bed after hours. I think that would be twenty points each from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff," sneered Snape. Remus started to protest but Snape interrupted. "You are no longer a professor here and have no authority to keep them out late."

"But I still work here and have authority to keep them," said McGonagall. "They are with a teacher and I have given them permission to be here. Why are you here?"

"I was told to make sure that Lupin had everything and was ready to leave." With that Snape left.

It was only a few weeks later that it was time for everyone to go home. Susan and Luna had made plans to stay at Grimmauld place a few weeks into summer. Ron and Ginny said that they would come over as much as possible. Neville had Remus make a mirror for him before he left the school and would be in touch whenever he could. He knew his Gran wouldn't let him stay with Harry.

They were a bit surprised when a tiny owl came through the window of their compartment. Harry couldn't stop staring at the creature. It was Pig. He had a letter to Ron saying that he was his. The owl even had a nametag. No one claimed it was from them but Harry knew that it was Sirius.

Not long after that they were walking out of King's Cross, wondering what was awaiting them during the next term.

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